Friday, September 14, 2012


Life here in our home is always busy. We do not lack for things to do. In fact we have to decline invites much of the time, because things change here rather quickly. (my older kiddos often need rides to places).
My house is often a mess so I rarely have friends over. I am trying to change that for this year.
I'm making hospitality a goal. I want to have more friends over for lunch and play dates.

Most of my kiddos are back to school. I have 1 son that graduated high school back in June OK July because he was 1/2 credit short :( He was not able to walk in the ceremony or anything. I was heart broken but I learned it was not the end of the world. Plus it relieved the stress of having to figure out how I would get to the BIG event. I was induced with Ian on June 12 and the graduation was June 13! My son did a online class to finally earn his 1/2 credit. He is now an official 2012 grad!
I must confess I feel like a big loser sometimes because with the birth of our new baby Ian I did not do much in the way of celebrating my other kiddos birthdays. My oldest son turned 18 back on June 2 and Noah turned 10 the day before Ian was born. Nick just turned 13 Aug. 1! Lots of milestone birthdays this year!
Olivia will be 5 on Oct.4 and Jacob will be 16 in Feb. (My birthday is next Tuesday Sept. 18th! and I'm proud to say I will be 44!)

So now that most of my kiddos are in school (I have Olivia,Ian and my oldest home) we are settling into a new routine. We are all up by 7:30am and after the kids are on the bus I hit the coffee pot and make breakfast. 9am is when we start home school preschool for Olivia.
She has workbooks,a picture journal,story time and games we play. The structured time goes from 9am-10:30am followed by **quiet blanket time. In the early afternoon we play outside,go on a walk,paint or do some other art and read some more stories. In the late afternoon when my school kiddos get home they have 40min. snack and homework/reading time before playing outside (in our back yard) with the neighbors.

**We do a quiet blanket play time with special toys.(she must play by herself while I get some stuff done.) Olivia does not have a nap time but her bed time is 8:30pm this year.  ALL my kiddos have to go up at 8:15pm to brush teeth and settle in with a book on their bed. Our girls have their new (Craig's list) bunk beds set up in their own room.

I love spending time with Jarett my oldest son. We eat our meals together and he travels with me sometimes to run errands. I can have him watch Olivia if I need him to though I have not had to yet.
But I will when I get my hair cut next Thursday!

Today I'm taking Jarett to look for a job.....picking up and filling out job apps.

Thanks for letting my ramble today. I have lots to post about and many many pictures I want to share but it seems life is flying fast and I'm living it! That is a good thing. When I do have a minute to share and write a post, I never know where to start!  I hope soon to post daily but it seems that I rarely get any comments so it feels like maybe everyone is just a busy as me and is not interested in my life?

Things I want to post about: Ian's birth story, my new weight loss journey,park day,our trip to the fair, and some summer fun in our backyard!