Friday, June 15, 2012

I'd like you to meet a little someone........

Ian Matthew

June 12 2012   9:34pm

8#11oz   21in.

Thank you for all your prayers.
We are having some major nursing issues.
I hope to resolve them over the next month.
Please keep me in your prayers. Thanks!


Monday, June 11, 2012

The night before baby

and all through the house we all scurry about. Getting all the last minute things ready to go in for a early morning induction. Nerves are running high....I had a good cry last night. I miss the baby we lost to a miscarriage last year. Though we are have a new baby soon, nothing or no one can take the place of the baby whom has gone to heaven before us.
I no longer take things for granted. I pray every thing goes well tomorrow and baby arrives safely.
I can't wait to meet my newest baby I now carry inside. I have loved every minute of being pregnant with this baby. A constant companion who will soon emerge into this world for us all to see. He or she will soon ride next to me. Pregnancy will soon be over.
The excitement is over whelming at times. The fear of the pain that lays ahead has me wanting to run.
So many emotions........Lord please help me.

Please keep me in your prayers if you will???????  I thank you!

Well I'm off to bed as we have an early morning (4 or 5am) and a long long day!

I will post again soon!


Friday, June 8, 2012

Pregnancy Update: 39 weeks

Hi all! I just got up from my nap and took a few pics for my undate!
I have been trying to keep rested up!
I wished I would have put on some lipgloss or something!!


I went to my OB Dr.E yesterday. All is well.

I gained 1 more # putting me at a 23 pound gain this pregnancy.
Blood pressure is awesome and baby looks and sounds terrific!!!

I was hooked up again this week to the machine for a stress test on the baby (who kept trying to nap)lol
This baby has been the BIGGEST napper!

Oh I wanted to let you all know that my bellybutton usually sticks like a turkey timer.
But I had my herniated bellybutton fixed when I had my gallbladder taken out.
Olivia was 3 months old when I had my surgery.
My bellybutton is so cute now! :)

So whats the verdict you may want to know?

Dr. E wants to induce me on June 12 (Tuesday).
I thought it was his day off, but he said, Tuesday he is in the hospital not in his office!

The hospital will call me at 5:30 am the morning of June 12
to let me know what time to come in for my induction that day.
We will be using Cytotec (taken orally) not pictocin. At least at first.
I will be able to use the tub,walk and move around!

BOY or GIRL ???????

I know some of my readers made a guess that they think we are having a boy.
If anyone else wants to make a gender guess and a guess at baby's weight there is still time!

If I have time I will try to post my families gender and weight guesses!
We will all find out at delivery!

You can also make a guess if you think baby will come earlier than my induction date.

I lost my plug this morning and am 2cm and 60% effaced.
I was having lots of pressure and mild contractions this morning!

Peace and Joy,

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy and Content

I want to write a post and share some thoughts today.......

For most of my pregnancy I had thought I would be in having baby with an induction on
Thursday June 7. With a history of 3 babies over 10#'s I was just planning on having baby 1 weeks early.
Plus my oldest son was to graduate high school on June 13......but he has to take a summer class so he will not walk in the ceremony. I was disappointed but its not the end of the world. It has taken the pressure off being on a time schedule, to give birth, heal and make it to the ceremony....with lots of walking.

Pregnancy at 38 weeks

I'm am now very happy and content to have baby tucked safely inside for the next week.
Wednesday June 13 at the least unless baby comes early on his/her own.
Baby passed the stress test last week and is not overly big. Baby is moving around great.
With a whooping cough epidemic here in our area and state, I don't want to take my new baby out and about more than I have to.  So having baby safely inside makes me happy. I'm just really savoring my last week being the family that we are RIGHT now!

Whooping cough (pertussis) facts slide show.

My schedule for the next week is very busy.

I have 2 more baseball games to go to. (the weather has been cold, overcast and rainy)
2 end of season trophy parties.
End of home school co-op and party.
A flute concert to attend.
Noah turns 10 on June 11!
June 15 we have end of year Catholic Little Flowers/Blue Knights during the morning and family awards dinner that night.
My kiddos have school until Monday June 18th.
My older 2 boys have finals and such and can't miss any school.

My husbands parents arrive June 7th and my folks will get here June 9th. Neither are staying at our house.
But I only have 2 more days to get the house ready. My nesting thing had flown away for this I keep praying to GOD to give me the motivation and energy to get the house picked up and clean. My microwave is really bad!

My mom will most likely stay at our house a few days before and after baby arrives to help get the kiddos off to school and cook meals. So we have to get the moterhome aka spare room cleaned up and aired out as well.

Baby at 20week ultrasound.
I can tell this baby is a real cutie!
(the black lines on the screen are contractions being picked up)

Does baby look like a boy or a girl to you?

Our family has put together a pool to guess!
I will post about it soon!

In the mean time, do you have a guess?


Friday, June 1, 2012

Pregnancy update: 38 weeks

Yesterday I went for my usual once a week Thursday visit to my OB. A day that I look forward to so very much! Over all things went very well, baby is doing great.
Words every expectant parent wants to hear!

I only gained 1 pound since last blood sugars have been high every now and again. So Dr. E wanted to hook me up to a stress test monitor to check for contractions and baby's heart rate. I was hooked up to the machine for about 30 minutes or so.
 All was/is well. Baby is still in good birthing position and is not overly BIG at this point as far as Dr. E could tell. Baby tolerated the stress test with flying colors!

With all that in mind........since I still am only 50% effaced and 1 1/2 cen. dilated. ( I was 1 last week...I think Dr.E just gave me the 1/2 cen this week to make me feel like something was going on!!!!!) lol
 I'm not due for another 2 weeks. (June 14) so an induction this time is not due to a large baby getting bigger by the day. It would be due to the need to control things because of my use of blood thinners.
I need to stop taking them 24hrs before labor.

So the verdict from Dr.E is that I will come back next Thursday (June 7) for my regular check to see if my cervix is more favorable for an induction.
If so, he will schedule the induction for THE FOLLOWING WEEK!

Dr. E will be out of town Friday June 8 after work until Monday night June 11 and then has Tuesday June 12 off. So Wednesday June 13 is a possibility to be induced if I don't go into labor before then on my own. I will know more next Thursday!

I will be working hard from now until the finsh line to keep my blood sugar under control hence growing a smaller baby than I have in the past!

Peace and Love +