Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More on Nursing

Some of you have emailed me with questions about weight gain and such for Ian.
I also forgot to thank ALL of you that have kept Ian and I in your prayers as we have tried to resolve or breast feeding issues.

I will start this post with a BIG thank you.
Your thoughts and prayer have been much appreciated.

Ian was born weighing  8.11
         24 hours old       8.6
         48 hours old       8.1

     1week old              8.4
    3 weeks old            8.10
At his 4week check    9.5

Ian goes in on Aug.12 for his 2mo check.

We have upped his feeding to about 6-9 oz of formula a day, along with breast feeding.
Ian tends to get fussy and teeter on the edge of sleep in the evening and a few ounces of formula helps him sleep.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Have you ever just sat around on a Saturday and spent most of the day trying to decide what you want to do?

Well hubby wanted to drive to the mountains to go see a waterfall and have a picnic with me,the dog and kiddos.

Well the problem with that idea is he could not find exact directions to the falls.
SO I could just picture:

Getting lost
big fight
hungry momma and kiddos

SO we ended up with my plan for now....and hope to get directions to the falls and an earlier start to the day on another weekend.

So what was my plan?

A chicken picnic at the beach.
A walk along the pier with our dog and kiddos!
Then go watch Jarett's baseball game.

Just moment after dressing Ian in his new shorts outfit and taking this picture, he spit up all over it.

I pray you all had a fun and safe weekend!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

I need your vote!

My blog.....The Garden Gate was nominated again this year for
Top 25
Mom's With Large Family Blogs!

So if you would like to vote for my blog, go here to Circle of Moms and though it looks like the page is still loading (you just need to scroll down to my blog.)

The Garden Gate 
(I'm at about 37th place as of today)

There are 8 days left to vote and you may vote once a day!

Peace and thank you for your vote!

In Love.........

I can't believe its been 6 weeks since Ian was born.
We are all in such complete and utter LOVE with this boy!

Hoping to write his birth story soon??
We have VBS this week and again the 2nd week of August.
So soon is all I can say for now about the birth story!

Here is another favorite picture I have of Ian.......I call this one

Little Man BIG world.

Peace and Joy+

Monday, July 23, 2012

Breastfeeding: The Rough Start!

Ian trying to nursing at 5 days old!
He loves to suck his thumb and keeps getting it in the way.

When most people think of breastfeeding their baby they think you just stick baby on the boob and all will be great!
Nursing is a natural thing right?
Nursing takes learning for BOTH baby and momma.
So this means even a seasoned momma of many can run into bumps in the nursing road!
Some babies have trouble learning what to do!
Even if the momma knows how to get on track..... the days and nights are VERY tiring and long!

My Nursing story:

Ian was born into this world in a dimly lite room late in the evening hours.
It was a quick delivery (after a day of being induced but that's another post for another time).
My baby was very alert and ready to nurse. He eagerly latched on and went to town at the breast.....but there was a problem in paradise. My nipples were WAY to BIG for Ian's tiny mouth. After nursing 6 other kiddos into toddler hood they were huge. So Ian tried really hard to eat his milk at first it seemed to be going well.
Remember though, it was late, had been a LONG day and I was floating on LOVE and adrenaline.
I really was not paying attention to whether he was latched on correctly until a few hours later when things settled down a bit.
Just hours old Ian started fussing and was acting hungry.
I tried to put him to the breast again, but he would rear back after only being able to get just a fraction of my nipple in his mouth. The ends of my nipples were already sore and a bit swollen from him trying to nurse right after birth. Poor Ian was fussy on and off all night.

In the morning every time Ian would awake he gurgled up foamy stuff.
The nurse said, he might have swallowed fluid during his quick birth.???

I soon asked the nurse for a breast bump and to speak with the lactation consultant.
I tried to relax as I painfully pumped small amounts of colostrum and fed Ian with a dropper....then switched to a small bottle with a NUK nippy.

(i NEED TO come back and add a few more pictures as my computer is acting up)

The lactation consultant was not real informative.....I think she was intimidated by me?
She was about my age and when she found out I had 7 kids must have figured this momma knows what she's doing. She did not stay long or answer my questions.

I soon was feeding Ian formula along with what I pumped.

On day 2 I asked to speak with lactation again.
The same lady came by and this time listened to my problem.
She suggested I buy a nipple shield when I got home.
Then said, after hesitating......she had some and that she'd go get me one.
I tried it but it just rolled up around little Ian's face. I even tried to stick it down with the lanolin cream.

When it came time to check out of the hospital and go home I should have been reminded I could rent a pump......but instead I headed home on Thursday for a rough night with Ian and having to feed him formula. YUCK I know! I could no longer pump and feed.
Friday afternoon I was back at the hospital renting a pump.

With sore and very swollen nipples (that were rubbing on the flange as I pumped)
I persevered and pushed tough the pain.

It was a challenge to hide in my room and pump every 2 hours with a house full of teen boys and company. At night I was to tired to pump. my pump schedule was quite sporadic.
My milk did not come in until day 6. I would pump when I could but there were times I was out running the kids around.

Week 2 of nursing:

My mom sat me down and told me to focus on just ME and BABY.
Pump EVERY 2 hours and do little else.
She was here to help and hold down the fort.

So I took her advice and really made strides.
I was pumping 6oz out of one side and 2oz from the other. Lopsided I know. lol

I was also putting baby to the breast for some practice time. My nipples were still a bit big for him.

Week 3

My mom had left to fly back home so I was now on my own.
I thought since my milk was now fully in and my nipples not swollen or in pain....I would now only offer Ian the breast! No more formula or pump and feed.
I figured Ian could easily pull the milk down.
But after 4 days of just eating from the breast I spotted what I thought was blood in his diaper.
It turns out after a quick search on the Internet, that little Ian had brick dust in his diaper (not blood). Cause was being dehydrated. (Brick dust is concentrated urine crystals)
Ian had not been overly fussy and slept fine during the four days. I was shocked when I counted his only 10 wet cloth diapers for those days and zero poos!


 I was back to pumping and feeding......when I did so I was now only pumping 1 oz from my good side and just drops from my weak side. So I started taking Fenugreek supplements and drinking Mother's Milk Tea to help increase my milk supply. My doctor suggested putting baby on the breast for at least 5 minutes each side then pumping them. Baby will causes a better let down and is better at the pump at getting the milk out. He said, I could top the feeding off with a small amount of formula or pumped milk until my supply is back up to par.


I'm happy to report that we are now into week 5 and things are going well!
He feeds from the breast for the most part but is given 2 oz of formula or pumped milk from a bottle once a day for safe measure. And my girls love to help feed him and its nice for the car. Also if we are out running errands its nice to have a bottle handy..... with pumped milk of course.
I think I will rent the pump for another month and see if I can get ahead and store some milk for use in September????

Remember to eat healthy food, drink lots of water and get as much rest as you can!

Have any of you had any breastfeeding woo's?

Feel free to share them with me in my comments box!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chicken and stuffing casserole recipe!

You will find this delishish recipe over at my food blog!
I love how quick and easy this recipe is.
Life here with a new baby and 7 other people to feed, I need quick and easy!
Its also a great way to use up left over chicken.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ian's Baptism

Ian Matthew was baptized on his first trip to Mass in June.
It was a very special Mass for a baptism because it was the Feast Day of John The Baptist.
Ian (means John in Scottish) was only 1 1/2 weeks old.
We had a our beloved Fr. Matthew officiating, also in attendance was a visiting priest from
Dublin Ireland.

When it came to finding/buying a baptism outfit for my sweet Ian we only had 1 day to find something.
I decided that Burlington Coat Factory might have the best prices.
I took Ian and the girls to meet my mom and sister for a day of shopping and lunch.
I was disappointed to find ALL the baptism outfits on the rack at Burlington had brown formula stains on them! Yes, they were used for someones special day then returned! Yucko!

I was never a big fan of the silky boy outfits.....I was hoping to find a none girly cotton gown for him. Something Victorian but no such luck. What I ended up getting was a simple $8.00 cotton onesie with a embroidered cross on the front. He wore white sock I already had and a $2.00 pair of white silk shoes. Oh and I also bought a white keepsake blanket ($14.00) with a large embroidered white cross on the front.

Ian is a simple cotton t-shirt and jeans kind of guy I can tell already!

Ian Matthew 1 1/2 weeks old!