Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Buffet For The Sickies

Hi All,
Well after posting on Thursday things got worse! My oldest son (14) came home from school and was very sick...body aches,etc..he went straight to bed! It was not long before he was really sick! I will leave out the gruesome details!

I had body aches and mild nausea for a few days but it was now worse. My husband called home and was complaining of the same thing! The younger 3 kiddos all were having a relapse!

I knew we were in for a rough night but I could never have imagined how it all would play out. It was like a scene of a scary movie!
By 7 o'clock their was 6 out of 8 family members weak and very sick running back and forth to the bathroom. This virus was showing no mercy!

I gave my 9yr old and soon to be 12yr old sons (Feb4) permission to stay home Friday to take care of us "sickies". The two that were not sick "YET" were such a great help and a blessing, bringing people water,Gatorade,crackers,apple slices etc. They helped watch the baby as she was not sleepy due to a long nap. I was in bed with the chills and very sick running to the bathroom and could not watch her.

The boys brought the baby into bed at 11:30pm. I was thankful she was asleep because the thought of having to nurse her in my condition was not pleasant! By 12:30pm both boys that were NOT sick were now as sick as the rest of us! Every child had a barf bucket next to them.

The house was very quiet except for the washing machine that we had to keep running all night...and moving things along,despite how sick we felt. The laundry was piling up quick as some of the blankets took a hit.

Most of the kiddos sleep in our room so it was fairly easy to keep an eye on them! We prayed this illness would not last long and tried to get some rest!

Friday morning it was everyone for them self as far as food and drink went. We put out easy food and drink. The "Sickie Buffet" as we like to call it....all you feel like eating? if you even feel like it? All 8 of us stayed home praying and resting... still feeling very weak.

It is now Saturday and we are now all feeling much better but not 100%... Jackie my 3 yr old daughter is still getting sick unable to hold things down. Please keep us in your prayers!

How is everyone else in the world doing?
Are any of you sick?
Many people we know here in our area have suffered the same illness!

Leave in a comment and let me know~

Peace in Christ,

After posting[It is now Saturday evening and I'm starting to feel nauseous again...this virus does not want to let go!]

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Update On My Sickies~

Well Jackie is starting to feel a little better~ yesterday she went to the doctor and got a anti-nausea shot! She has been holding things down! Yah! We are taking things slow!

Olivia was up most of the night with her cough and now has the intestinal ick! So we will be taking a break from the cloth diapers!

Last night Noah decided to get the throw ups!.....Our peaceful family bed was anything but! LOL :) Nick had to find a different place to sleep as the bedding was well you know?! And his brother Noah needed some space. I was doing
2am laundry and we had to sleep with the night lite on!

I can't wait to see how tonight goes? LOL
Having a BIG family has its challenges but is truely worth it!

Oh I forgot to mention last night...our fat Beagle dog decided to get into the kitchen garbage. He also decicided it was warmer to "sort" through his treasures on the carpet! LOL

Peace and Thanks For ALL Your Prayers,

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I would like to thank Christine G. over at The Real Life Home for giving me such a nice award! THANK YOU!

I am supposed to pass the Award on to 10 other blogs...its a great way to let others know of kreativ/inspiring blogs to check out. Some people don't except blog Awards?! That's OK...I just want to lead other readers to blogs that are worth their time. I also want to say thank you for all the time put in to make your blog so enjoyable!

I would like to give this Award to the following 10 Kreativ/Inspiring blogs:


NaDa Farms

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My Romantic Home (This blog was already awarded this award! Good job!)

So I would also like to give The Beauty Of It All this Award!

Congratulations, ladies! Thanks for all the wonderful and inspiring reading material! To claim your award, you need to:

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Blessings in Christ,

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Under The Weather!

Could you please keep Jackie in your prayers. She has had a cough and cold for about 4 days. She was up most of last night and all of today running to the bathroom to be "sick". She is now sleeping!
She does not have a fever but has not kept anything down...what little she did have to eat.

Olivia also has a mild cold and is resting soundly. So far her breathing has been great!

Peace and Prayers,

Monday, January 26, 2009

Well I just wanted to post really quick...Today is my wonderful Hubby's Birthday!
The girls and I have been cleaning house and baking his cake! He likes carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! I was going to post the recipes on my food blog " The Rustic Kitchen" but am in a hurry to get things done! I want to start posting more on my food blog....there are only 3 recipes so far.

Today I have cleaned all 3 bathrooms top to bottom! Ran 3 loads of laundry. Wiped the kitchen counters and ran the dishwasher twice. Cleared the table and put on a new table cloth. Swept the floor and straightened up the living room.
I have fed the chickens and the children a nice was 2 hours late because we got snow! I made them fryed eggs and toast with hot cocoa!
I baked a cake,thawed out the prime rib for dinner tonight (Winco $2.98 a #)
read stories and took a break for some lunch...left over turkey lasagna.
Well the both the girls have the sniffles and its nap by for now!


Friday, January 23, 2009

The Comfort Of The Family Bed!

OH the comfort of a bedroom. Its a place of peace after a long day in this World. A place to snuggle and relax.

The kitchen and the master bedroom get the most use at our house! The kitchen is a place to warm up with good food and share what happened during the busy day...we tell stories,pray and get nourished!

After a long day it nice to retreat to mom and dads room! We all snuggle into the cozy Master Suite!
Most nights we have 4 of the 6 kiddos in our room for sleep! The girls sleep in our bed and lately my 9 yrs old that usually sleeps next to our bed on the floor with his brother has asked to sleep in the bed. After he begged and said how scared he was my husband caved. So for the last few nights there have been 2 adults and 3 kiddos in the bed!

The older 2 boys both share a room and sleep there...age 14 and 11 almost 12. At about the age of 10 they choose to sleep in there own room.

All the kiddos have a bedroom (2 kids per rm) and each room has 2 beds! But most of the kiddos choose to sleep in our room! We don't mind....we love our bed time routine! We enjoy the talks. We are not rushed or busy with other tasks...just listening to what is on our children's hearts! Its a time we all look forward to. Bedtime is not a fight. We ALL go up together at the same time,about 8:30 or so.

It is fun to have us all together at night in the same room. We talk,read stories,watch movies and pray. My husband and I cherish our children and we both know they are growing up so quick. These times are not going to last we would wish. We know our house is not the norm but we love our life and our family and would not have it any other way. We give God Thanks and Praise!

I will admit some nights with so many in the bed.... when its more than the girls, sleep for me can be a challenge. I still would not have it any other way! I'm glad to bring such love and comfort to my children so they can rest!

We are a family that loves a good snuggle! The family bed is a good thing! Children are such a blessing from God!

Oh I almost forgot to mention that we allow snacks in the bed...that can be really fun....have you ever tried to sleep on crumbs? LOL My husband uses his pillow to dust off the bed...sometimes the boys on the floor next to our bed get stuff in their eyes. Last night Nick got some in his mouth. Yuck I know,but everyone including Nick thought it was funny.LOL

My husband and I laugh....others probably think we are strange...but our house is a happy home! We love our kiddos and I know they will remember and cherish our night time routine.

Peace in Christ,

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spider Girl~

Jackie loves to dress up and climb the walls! Just looking at her makes me smile! Thank you Lord for All my kiddos! God is good!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who Says Breakfast Can't Be Fun~

This is a happy face breakfast! Noah used his toast for the ears! I made a BIG breakfast Monday for the kiddos as there was no school. Cooking for 8 can be a challenge at times. Trying to find pans big enough for the job used to be tricky ex specially at breakfast!

For the past few years I have cooked my bacon in the oven on a cookie sheet. I can cook the whole package at once!

The whole package of hash browns cooks on my Large Black and Decker Grill that sit in the counter. I also use it for pancakes. I can make 5 pancakes at a time!(I used to use a frying pan and could only make one at the time!)

I have a egg poacher that cooks 4 eggs at the time..they do make a 8 egg poacher I think?...but I don't have one. Sometimes I do fried eggs on my large grill. I can make 4 sets of and easy,once the hash browns are done.

I also have a large pan with high sides that has a lid. I use it for scrambled eggs. I can cook an 18 pack of in it!

I still make toast in my 4 slot wide mouth toaster....but toast can be made in the oven for really large crowds...but needs constant watching,so you don't burn it!

Well happy breakfast making! Now that I'm done writing my post for today...its coffee I'll talk to you later. Have a great day. And remember God loves you!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Before and After

This is the After!

This is the before!

Well I have had a really busy day and I'm typing one the baby is nursing to sleep. This is a before and after of the kids bathroom. The color is not the blue I was expecting but o well!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

This and That~

Cleaning has been going good! I got some pretty blue green inspired, to paint the kids bathroom! I might try to do that after church tomorrow.

I also want to get a new light fixture for my bedroom (instead of the BIG ceiling fan) and a new light for the kitchen.

Tonight for dinner I made breaded chicken patty, mashed potatoes with country gravy and green beans.

Well Hubby and I are going to watch a movie called "Step Brothers"...I just found out its rated "R". I don't really like that so we'll see? It's supposed to be funny? It has Will Ferrell.

Peace and Blessings,

[editors note: We only watched the first 10 minutes of the movie! It was not the kind of humor we were looking for! The values were not there and it was very vulgar! What did my Hubby expect with a rated R movie? Live and Learn! I don't recommend this one!]

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Looking Up!

Remember to silence my play list!

This is a music video of "The Voice of Truth" by Casting Crowns. I really needed to hear the message in this song. This was the inspiration I needed! I have had this video posted at the bottom of my blog for a while now...but like most familiar things it was over looked until this morning. God is good....he knew I really needed to hear this song! (I was inspired by my own blog!)LOL

I hope you enjoy it....the message it great!

I will concur this messy house! The dusty blinds. Wall that need painted. Carpets that need cleaned etc. Clutter that need given away! I will do it one thing at the time with Gods help!

I will win this battle I have with my house. I will learn from this experience and keep better care of the house work....not put it off. Even if we don't end up moving I really needed to be cleaning things up.

Today is a new day! Its a gift from God and I will use my time wisely!


Monday, January 12, 2009

I Will Keep Going~

Well......I was not going to post today because I don't want to be negative! So I decided I will share what I am feeling. I feel like crying today!

I need to keep reminding myself that if I start one thing (clean one area) from start to normal people I would not feel the way I do! I have done a lot but feel like I have not completed anything.

Today I did the dishes, wiped the counters, cabinets and appliances. I did 2 loads of laundry and went through the house and managed to get 4 bags of Goodwill and 2 bags of trash. There is still so much to do. This is not just regular house cleaning.... I'm trying to stage my house. I sometimes feel like I'm going backwards....the little ones get in and stir things up.

I call my cleaning style fluff and stuff....get things out in the open and stuff it in a bag for Goodwill. When getting rid of clothes I say "The blouse or the house?" LOL
Well I just need to keep doing what I'm going and the results will come! Tomorrow is a new day!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Silent Sunday~

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cleaning Update!

I just have a few minutes....I have been working all day on the decluttering. I managed to get 2 bags of cloths for Goodwill and 1 bag of trash. I did 4 loads of laundry! And put it away and got rid of a lot! Yippee!
My 9 yr old son has play try outs I will be heading out in just a minute.

For dinner the kids will have pizza and Hubby is taking me out to dinner! He is very proud of me and my cleaning attitude.

Today I also got rid of 2 pieces of art and a toy rack and ALL the toys on it! I did the dishes and cleaned up the living room.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Whats Under Your Bed?

Well I found 1 bag of trash and 1 bag of Goodwill under my bed!
Out of my room I also got rid of a very large mostly broken stereo (the only thing that worked was the CD player). I also parted with a swiveling TV stand that was housing books and had a really dusty fan on top! I am also giving a friend of mine my black book case.

I will also be taking out the toddler that Jackie was supposed to be sleeping in... her and Olivia both sleep in our California King! My bedroom is starting to feel really BIG!
Now you know why I'm not taking sound bad enough!

Tonight for dinner we are having mini meat loafs with brown gravy and mashed cauliflower (instead of potato's) and green beans.


How To Make A Retro Handbag!

Remember to silence my play list!

I found this really groovy craft....its a handbag made from a hard book cover! I probably will never make it but thought it was really cool! If anyone does make this craft let me know!
What book cover would you use if you were to make the handbag?


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cleaning Out!

Well I have just a few minutes to blog before the rest of the kiddos get home from school.

My cleaning and decluttering has been going great. I have a goal of 3 large trash bags of Goodwill and 2 bags of garbage each day! Every time I do the laundry and take things out one by one I have a goal of 5 pieces of clothes to get rid of....even if the kids like it and seem to wear it. We have way to much stuff.

I see how much we spent on things that never get used...I pray before I start cleaning for God to help me let my things go. I want to bless people with things I like...not just my left overs!

Yesterday I took 5 bags to the Goodwill truck. Most days I average 2 bags. I'm am starting to feel free of all the clutter...I have a little ways to go before I really feel Awesome about things...Sometimes it feels overwhelming. There is still way to much stuff and I bounce from room to room putting things in the bag. I can see the life I want and I will have it!

I got rid of 2 bags of really nice baby clothes I had been saving...I took it to MOPS for the free table. The gal in charge said for me to take the stuff out of the bag and lay it on the table.....I took a deep breath and my heart started to race. I told her that I couldn't do that...I could not see those clothes again or I might not get rid of them. I had forgotten what was in the bag...and it need to stay that way!

We have had rain for 3 straight days and nights and the rain is still coming down hard! Many roads are closed and most of the state is flooding. My girls are feeling under the weather. There are no after school activities tonight and...the kiddos just came in and said school is 2 hour delay tomorrow because of all this rain!

Tonight for dinner is beef enchiladas and salad!
It is defiantly a cozy in day! I pray my Hubby has a safe drive home as many roads have water over the road Hubby has worked out in the cold weather ALL day! I love my man!

Peace and Blessings,

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not Sure Of Much~

except God is good and with me every step of the way!

Hi there all~
I wanted to say happy new year! This new year brings some exciting changes to my life! I have always wanted to live in an old Victorian! There is a great possibility this could happen!

I don't want to say to much about it because we have not made any offers yet! We first have to get our house ready to list on the market. Then make a contingent offer on the house we want that they might not accept??! If they do not accept a contingent offer then we will stay here and not move. I do like my current house! If they do accept the contingent offer we still would need to find a buyer for our home!

To get our house ready for the market(a slow one at that) I am feverishly getting rid of 1/2 of what we own...I was supposed to be cleaning this past fall and then found blogging to be much funner! I am getting rid of more stuff than I would have now that the new house might happen.

Now that the new house could be a real possibility I am so motivated! Blogging is now going to have to take a back seat! I will still be posting but not as often...and I might not take time to visit or leave comments quit as life here is moving at lightening speed!

I have been packing things as though we will be moving. In order to list our house much of what we own must be taken out and either given away or stored some place. We are a family of 8...with more than our share of stuff. God is good and we have been very blessed. Its high time I share my blessings!

Did I mention that the New house would be a major fixer upper but after all the numbers are said and done we would owe less on the bigger newly renovated house. My Hubby is in the construction business so that would save us considerably. But like on many Hollywood movies it could be a total money pit after all the house is 109 years old! We could find something we did not see that puts us over budget. It could be the worst thing we ever did! Or it could be the best thing ever!

There is a new energy in the air...a wind beneath my wings!

I was going to do before and after pictures of our current house...but things are too messy. I have been sorting and packing... things are everywhere. We have taken countless bags to the Goodwill! My house has been unearthed! It feels great!

Please pray for us! There are many things that have to happen before we know anything for sure....we are just taking things one step at a time. I know God will take care of us and if the new Victorian is not what is best for our family it will not work out.... but I am human so I will cry a few buckets of tears should it turn out that this does not work out. I know that God ALWAYS looks out for me and my family. We know that He knows the ultimate plan...He can see around the corner!

I do pray that this will work out! Its seems it will be a great move! I hope God see's to Bless our family with the Victorian! Time will tell!

Thanks for your prayers!

Peace in Christ,