Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Looking Up!

Remember to silence my play list!

This is a music video of "The Voice of Truth" by Casting Crowns. I really needed to hear the message in this song. This was the inspiration I needed! I have had this video posted at the bottom of my blog for a while now...but like most familiar things it was over looked until this morning. God is good....he knew I really needed to hear this song! (I was inspired by my own blog!)LOL

I hope you enjoy it....the message it great!

I will concur this messy house! The dusty blinds. Wall that need painted. Carpets that need cleaned etc. Clutter that need given away! I will do it one thing at the time with Gods help!

I will win this battle I have with my house. I will learn from this experience and keep better care of the house work....not put it off. Even if we don't end up moving I really needed to be cleaning things up.

Today is a new day! Its a gift from God and I will use my time wisely!


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  1. That was beautiful. I listened with my earphones since homework was going on. My daughter looked over at me and wondered why I was crying so we sat together and watched again. The music is nice but with the video it's beautiful.

    Regarding your cleaning, as Dory from Nemo would say, "keep swimming, just keep swimming."


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