Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Leaving Old Baggage Behind~

Today I would like to share with you about a book I read in preparation for the birth of my 6th child.(Oct.07) The book is called Birthing From Within by Pam England CNM,MA and Rob Horowitz PHD.

Do you remember the songs that were playing on the radio during the time when you first met your hubby?

Do you remember the smell of the cologne he was wearing?

Does the smell of OLD SPICE make you think of your dad?

Do you remember the smells of your childhood?

The songs on the radio when you were in JR high?

I bet you can even remember what you were doing when a certain song was playing!

Songs and smells have the power to take our minds back to where we've been. Both positive and negative experiences can be dredged up....just from a song or a smell. A video can start to play in our minds. So we will use this to our advantage. We will be reprogramming our minds in regards to labor and delivery. Conquering our fears! God gave us our 5 we will use them for our good!

I found this book to be very helpful in getting me mentally ready for labor and delivery. Outlined in the book are exercises that I did to help me erase past bad experiences and fears! My 4th delivery was a planned home birth and was extremely traumatizing.
My 5th delivery was also a home birth and went much better(different midwife) than my 4th but I was scared during the whole process. (The after delivery was a nightmare!but that's another story.) I let my fears of the past control me. I was afraid what happened last time would happen again. I was tense with FEAR! I carried my old mental baggage with me into this birth experience. Not good!

A tense body make things more painful. Not fun especially when going drug free. So with baby #6 I planned a hospital birth from the start. (I will be writing all the details of my past trauma's in MY JOURNEY posts,not yet published.) I mentally and spiritually needed to prepare!
Leaving the past in the past!

The book Birthing From Within is so worth the money and covers a ton of things. I will only be touching on a few things that really helped me. There were exercises outlined in the book,designed to help a person leave the PAST old baggage(trauma) in the PAST.

Reprogram your thoughts....and learn to relax. A person must prepare physically and mentally as well as spiritually for labor. Many people think you can go into labor and turn on a "relax" switch..... but we really need to learn and practice relaxing ahead of time!

Rounded up some materials to use during your relaxation practice time.

Materials Needed

1. Sketch pad and pencils
2. Sculpting clay from craft store (the kind that you bake in home oven to dry)
3. New Music to use for your labor and delivery
4. CD player
5. A water fountain (not required but I loved it)
6. Quiet Place and Time (15-20 min. is all)
7. A drink of some sort (herbal tea or water)

I also liked to smell essential oils..rose,geranium,lavender are some of my faves.
I would massage a few drops on my arms with some jojoba oil.

Once you have your materials ready,its time to begin.... grab your drink,go to your quiet place and turn on your soft music or fountain. (I took both to the hospital).

Choose what art you will do for the next 15-20 minutes. Mold clay or sketch? Think only of your BABY you are carrying within as you do your art. Imagine your birth...let your hands work to make what comes into your mind. If your thoughts change....mold the clay in to something different. If you are sketching let the pencil flow. Don't feel restricted!
If you are sketching you could draw a collage of things you will want at your birth? Maybe you will draw yourself holding your new baby? What ever comes to your mind? Be free with it...even if art is not your thing!

Its important to keep the sessions relatively short 15-20 minutes or so. You want to only focus on your baby that you are carrying within during this time. Do not think of housework,or the other kiddos. Make this time special.... a time to remember fondly in the future. You and your baby deserve it! Just think of the new positive birth experience that lays ahead! Relax to the soft should be a new CD that will not bring your mind back to a traumatizing memory!

With each session you have (2 or 3 times during the week) doing art to soft music in your quiet should find that the art changes....your thoughts change...your mind and art will find the excitement in a new positive experience. Thinking about the up coming birth with excitement....leaving fear behind! What does your birth look like? Who is with you? This is your time to imagine the coming of your new little child!

I took my art,music and fountain into the delivery room with me.
The time I had spent at home in my quiet place doing my art made me happy....feeling my baby wiggling inside me! It was a very relaxing time. My art pieces and drawings were a pleasant reminder of my special time thinking of my new baby. During the transition of labor I remembered the special time I had taken in the weeks prior to get my spirit ready. My art was a precious reminder of that treasured time.... when I had to solely focus on my baby within. WOW great stuff!

I also hired a doula with my 6th birth. I totally recommend having a doula. She was a valuable part of being able to relax...she kept the music on and got me the things I needed during labor and delivery. She was such a comfort..just her presence there helped me focus and relax. My husband was freed up to enjoy the birth and pace around during the labor. We were Both very happy! My doula was Awesome! Money well spent!

Happy Labor and Delivery to All you Pregnant Mamma's! What a blessing....bringing a child into the world! God is truly there with you....lean on HIM!

Peace In Christ,

Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Reading Corner Tradition~

Reading to your children is beautiful thing!

There are countless benefits of reading to your children.
Snuggle time,increased vocabulary,memories of well loved stories..... oh did I say snuggle time, just to name a few! Reading to your children is an over all way to RELAX! Even my older children love for me to read to them. They enjoy the short stories as well as chapter books. What kiddo doesn't love the sound of a parents voice as they drift off to sleep? The memories you help them create is priceless.

Well it's almost time to get ALL the Christmas stuff out!
One of my favorite traditions is to get All the Christmas books out. Each year we buy a new book for our Christmas collection.
For many years I would put a basket with All the Christmas books next to the fireplace....for our cozy reading times. (We change our books out with the seasons and different holidays.) The last few years we have done something new and really FUN!

We now take 24 of the Christmas books and wrap them like gifts....presents. Each night one child picks a wrapped story from the basket for our bed time read! Its a count down to Christmas! The kiddos find the whole thing very exciting! They rejoice when they open the wrapping off to find one of their favorite books! I really like the scratch and sniff books! We have a whole pile of Nativity stories!

We still put the books in the basket next to the fireplace. A friend of mine uses her wrapped books to decorate window ledges and up high on kitchen cabinets. Its a fun and practical way to count down to the coming of Christ the King!

What ways do you and your family prepare for coming of the KING?

Do you have any fun holiday traditions you would like to share? Please feel free to leave me a comment!

Peace in Christ,

Friday, November 21, 2008

I Love Wearing My Baby~

I love wearing my baby in my Sling EZee. I bought it online at the Quiverfull website. It is very padded and comfortable. My baby feels secure in it. At church if she wants to be nursed she grabs at her she goes then when she's asleep my arms don't hurt from carrying her. I just cinch it tight,so she's snug to my chest. My sling does the work for me!

I have also used a Over The Shoulder Baby Holder. I sadly miss placed it. When I first started baby wearing I was wearing the wrong size...I had a NOJO. I purchased it at a second hand store. It was to small and cut into my neck. Baby wearing can and should be enjoyable and comfortable....but you need a proper fitting carrier or sling. Don't give up if you have not found the right one!

I love the benefits of wearing my baby. There are to many to count! It is important to have the correct size carrier for your body size...if not it can be uncomfortable. If you are having trouble finding a comfortable carrier ask around.... talk to people...many mom's at La Leache League baby wear and are a great resource of info. on comfy slings and carriers to try.

So if you are a mom that knows the endless rewards of wearing babies and tots but haven't found that perfect sling or carrier...keep lookin'....ask around. It should never hurt! It can and should be comfortable. You can go here to and read more.

Happy Baby Wearin' to ALL~

What sling or carrier have you tried and loved.....which ones have you tried and not liked?

Peace in Christ,

Motrins Bad Ad...On Baby Wearing

UPDATE Nov.22 2008~ Motrin has removed this ad.....and gave All mom's a written apology. You can read it on their website here.
Motrin deserve our forgiveness. We all make mistakes!
Thank You Motrin for hearing our voices and listening!
Feel free to watch....But we did get an apology from Motrin!

This video clip is of an ad made by was done in very poor taste. They have no idea the benefits of baby wearing! They did not do their homework! A sling or carrier that fits properly will not and should not hurt!
After watching this video I have a follow-up video of mad mom's that have emailed don't get to spun up....Motrin knows they were WAY off base!

Please remember to turn off my music before you start the video ad~

Baby wearing Mom's email in their outrage!

Happy Baby wearing to all! Motrin you are the source of my headache, not my sweet baby! You got it wrong! (Motrin has apologized)

Peace and Blessing,

What is your favorite baby carrier?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Picture Of Santa~

Jackie loves to paint and make art. Last week while I was writing a post for my blog, she was painting.....the house was quiet.....each of us busy into our work....then Jackie started to laugh. The laugh soon turned to a giggle,she could not stop. Her hand was in front of her mouth,as the sound of squeals of joy came from within.

So I turned to see what she took so much delight was her painting. It was a picture of Santa...he had slipped on some ice and his nose was pointing up. She could barely talk she was laughing so hard! Then we both laughed.

Anytime she looks at her painting and talks about it she laughs and giggles all over again. This piece of art will be framed a hung in the front room to remind us of our cherished memory! I love children's art...they are so free with their expression!

Can you see Santa in the picture? I can...its a sort of abstract art...good job and she is only 3 1/2.

Peace and Prayers,

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Happy Book~

I wanted to share today about my Happy Book....its like a book of blessings. I started this book a few years ago,after watching the movie The Notebook. The movie was of a lady with Alzheimer's. It was also a beautiful love story.
I wanted to keep a record of times I saw God in the little things. I want to have a book to read when I'm old,so I can remember and relive the joys of my youth if only in my mind. I wanted something for others to read when I'm gone from this earth,to remember the moments in time,I held dear in my life. I want my kids to read and see the JOY they bring to my life as they grow and change through the years!

When I write in my Happy Book, I try to make a entry soon after the event or moment happens,while its fresh in my head. Its the little things that bring me such joy and make my heart warm and fuzzy. Sometimes its something that is said,or an activity done,by myself or as a family. My family always knows and tells me,"Mom that was one for your Happy Book!". They know what makes me Happy!

I try to give details,descriptions,and feeling in what I that years later I can relive the moment! Remember the happiness and joy my heart felt.
If I'm having a bad day I can read though my Happy Book and do something from it.... or just remember the things that make me happy.

Having 6 kiddos things can blurr together. Who said what cute thing or did what?
So writing things down is a good thing!
This is different than a journal in that it only has happy moments. The entries are usually short.

Here are some examples of some entries from my book:

I like to watch old movies on stormy days. They make me feel secure and safe. I can just drift of to movieland...I love a good movie!

I like when Jackie skates in the house. She will not take those Spider man Skates Off for anything! I love her spunk!

I love watching Jackie cook in the kitchen. She takes things serious,its fun to watch her being so particular about things. I love that girl!

Jackie is very careful stirring the gravy, she is excited to cook for dad and his friends for the Thanksgiving potluck. We made the potatoes and gravy.

I love listening to the music as I skip down the sidewalk on my way into the Olive Garden restaurant to eat. I want to go to Italy someday! I love everything Italian.
I love the stone work in and around the building. The food is awesome too.

I love the drive to church...seeing all the old farms and gardens in the Fall make me feel good. The corn,dahlias,pumpkins and sunflowers are beautiful and I smile big.

I like remembering the past...the wild west! The moss on the old barns is just a sweet reminder it was not that long ago. Many barns are sadly gone now. A sad reminder of growth.

I love taking the long way home and looking at old houses. Just looking at them brings me great JOY it can make my day! All the ginger bread,nooks and crannies,gardens,landscape....I soak it all in. I love old Victorians and homes in the old town.

I love going to the State Fair in the Fall. I like to vote on the Grange displays and looking at the art and quilts.

I love window shopping at the antique shops! My heart swells seeing things from the past....some things I remember from my childhood!

I love the smell of Turkey cooking on Thanksgiving Day! (and any other day). I like knowing that we will all be together. The day is a lazy day of visiting,sipping wine and eating comfort food! Mac and Cheese,mashed potatoes,gravy,bread stuffing and pie. Yummo!!!

I like the taste of butterscotch...oohhh is it sssoooo good! Smooth,buttery goodness. I love anything butterscotch.... pudding,ice cream topping,lattes,cake frosting,candy and the list goes on. Yummo!

I like the smell of is a clean smell to me. It reminds me of swimming at the pool.... After the kids are sick I clean the bathrooms with it and that makes me happy....the smell of clean. I feel like I'm doing good!

I love taking pictures with my digital camera! I take about 30 pictures a day...sometimes as many as 100. The kids are growin to fast!!!!

I like to go to parties with great food! Baby showers,weddings,birthdays etc...

I like it when Jacob(10) makes his "Fred" puppet with his hand. I smile big!!!
He writes lips on his hand and makes him talk.... I laugh.

I love to watch the movie, Yours,Mine and Ours starring Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda!
I love to watch it at night in my room...I watched it everyday for 2 months as I fell asleep! I could watch it 1000 times and love it every time.

I love the smell of fresh cut grass on a sunny spring day!

I love my morning cup of coffee with my french vanilla creamer.True Heaven!

I like round table pizza! Their pizza is wonderful. The crust is different than the other places. Yummo!!

I like looking at all those cook books you buy at the checkout stand...I have 100 or so. I never make anything from them...just dream and get inspired. I like snuggling in and looking through them.

I loved watching my oldest son on his first day of Jr. High waiting for the bus. I was in the laundry room on the 2nd story of our house...watching him out the window. He was funny trying to act cool! He thought he was getting to old to have mom at the bus stop with him.

I like the smell of homemade hot cocoa on the first snow day of the season! Seeing the kids squeal as the snow is falling. School is usually delayed so I make hot cocoa and pancakes with syrup and butter!

I like sitting on the back patio with my hubby,watching our kiddos play on a hot day while eating a frozen coconut fruit pop! I love coconut!

I like eating a BIG piece of white birthday cake with extra frosting and vanilla ice cream.

I love driving through the mountains and seeing a just makes my heart dance....Breath taking....even the small trickling kind. Each time I see one it feels like I've see it for the first time! WOW!!! I love feeling that way!

I like the smell of fresh bread baking in my bread maker! and beef stew in the crock pot!

I like digging in the dirt....planting the pony packs of colorful flowers in the porch containers. It looks so fresh. I really like the peppermint petunias.

I like listening to the sound of my fountain as I fall asleep in my warm bed. Its very soothing!

I love watching the prisms on the wall as the sun shines into the house after a rain.
The rainbow of color is beautiful I get happy every time I see it.

I like clipping coupons from the Sunday paper (I never use them) as I'm taking a soak in bath tub. I through them off into 2 piles on the floor being careful not to get them wet. The keep pile and though away pile!

I like when the boys Nick(7)and Noah(4) dress up in their Church cloths and play butler. They work together and the camaraderie is fun to watch.

I like watching the chickadees in the winter,eating the seeds we put out. We eat breakfast and the kids and I stare out and just watch. Nature watching is so fun seeing the birds hop around and talk to each other!

I liked watching Jackie (3) in with the chickens...she would pick them up and their legs would be straight. She had such a good time! The chickens would have this look in their eyes....Jackie smiling ear to ear!

I like going to MOPS...the breakfast casseroles are yummo...the smell of all the yummy food and the excitement of a morning spent with friends!

I loved watching Olivia(13mo.) roll around on the rug....playing with the warm patch of sun that shone through the window on this cold Fall day! She was trying to figure the whole thing out!??

I love turning on a few small lamps in the living room during the creates a warm inviting atmosphere on cold nights. The reflection on the ceiling is soothing to watch. The soft light is calming.

I also like the raffles they have at MOPS. We all say wwwwooooo in between each number called. As the numbers are called the wwwoooo slow down as people don't have the numbers. Very fun. Great prizes! Even if I don't win,I still have a fun time with it.

I love going to the Turkey BINGO at the church...its exciting and the fellowship is great. The older kids and I go every year. Dad stays home with the babies. Moms night out! They have 8 or so raffle baskets and 2 money bingo's during the night along with the turkey prizes.

Can you tell I love to eat and be with good friends???...most of my entries involve food and people!

I just bought my husband a red and black notebook to use as his Happy Book! He was always telling me that's one for your Happy it was time for him to let others "SEE" what moments bring him JOY....what makes him HAPPY!!!

So what makes you HAPPY????? Will you remember in 4 years what made you happy today?

Life goes to fast some take time to slow things down. Get yourself a pen and a notebook and start writtin'. I ask, again....

What makes you HAPPY???

Peace and Blessings,

Friday, November 14, 2008

Roller Girl~

Jackie, my 3 1/2 year old would not take these skate shoes off! She wore them everyday for a week! (its been a few weeks ago). She cried when I told her she could not wear them to Church! The skate shoes came from the neighbor, a hand me down....thanks? LOL

Actually, it was fun to watch her skate around the house. I took loads of pictures and made a entry in my Happy Book. I will try to put a post together soon,describing my Happy Book and why I do it! I knew that the PHASE would not last long...I'm kind of sad it over!

I love the spunky independence that most 3 and 4 year old display! They seem to know what they want and go for it...isn't that what we what our children to do? As a Mom I like to nurture this quality in ALL my children. It does take Love and Patience!

I hope you enjoy these pictures.
Please let me know a FUNNY PHASE one of your children had? Leave a comment in my box!

Peace in Christ,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Costume Giveaway~

There is still time to go over and enter for this cute costume giveaway hosted by Grosgrain!
Go here to enter to win both a Lamb and Nortic Bo Peep costume! The winner is said to be picked Nov.16 2008.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Longest 45 Minutes Of My Life~

It was the beginning of last week....I was sitting in the recliner with my 3 year old on my lap watching a show. Olivia was playing on the floor. The boys would be home off the bus about 3:10 or so. My three boys ride the bus home. There are about 16 kid at their stop. The bus drops all 16 kids off then drives behind my house to drop off a few more.I saw the bus go behind the house,so I knew the kids would be barreling through the door any minute!

I usually go out and watch all the kids walk down the road and to their houses. This day, I just did a head count as they came in. Sometimes the kids straggle in...talking to there friends,catching bugs etc.. I was still sitting in the recliner with Jackie on my lap.

Jacob (11)came in and sat in front of the computer,Nick (9) went to get a snack in the kitchen. Aaron a friend of Jacob that comes over most days after school(he's a latchkey kid)was by the front door,so I told him to call Noah in. Noah is my first grader and is only 6.

Aaron looked out the door then closed it. So I said it again. "Tell Noah to quit dilly dallying and come in!".
Aaron replied, "No one is out there"! So I jumped up and ran for the front door! What do you mean no one is out there? Jacob said, "Noah got into trouble on the bus, that him(Noah) and Adam (his best friend and our neighbor) got into a tiff and the bus driver had to talk to them both.

I ran outside...there was NO Body out other kids walking home or anything.
Just quiet...everything was still. It was cold and dreary out! I called out his name several times turning my head back and forth to look up and down the street. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a car I did not recognize driving out of the coldasak.

I started to PANIC. Where was my NOAH? I was beginning to feel numb and light headed!
I ran back into the house,telling the boys I could not find Noah! To PLEASE stop what they were doing and help me. I grabbed up the baby and went back out side to call for Noah again!
Nick said,I don't think he got off the bus. Jacob said,yes he did get off I saw him down at the neighbors mail box. Noah only needed to walk 2 houses, where did he go?

I called Adams Dad,then ALL the neighbors to see if Noah went to their house.
The answer was NO,NO, and NO!!!!
I then called the bus barn to see if maybe he was still riding on the bus? I got the answering machine. So I tried the school to see if they could try calling the bus barn for me,to see if Noah was some how still riding on the bus?

While the school secretary was calling the bus barn,my neighbor (Adam's Dad) told me to just call 911, its better to get a search on NOW! I could not believe this was happening! Where was he? God please help me find my Noah, I pleaded!

Did that car drive away with him? My mind just raced from one thought to the next!!!
My hand trembled as I dialed 911. I started to cry when they asked " What is your emergency?". I can't find my boy....I can't find Noah. He never made it into the house from getting off the bus! One of the boys said he had a tiff with a friend...then I thought maybe he's hiding some where? Then I didn't know what to think? I tried to keep my focus and to push those negative thoughts out of my head!

Would I have to wait days, months, or even years to have my Noah back? Will I get the worst news of my life... that someone did the unthinkable to him? Will I be on the 5 o'clock news....will people be in there living rooms going she did it...I bet she knows where he is? Did that car drive away with him? Is someone hurting him?

It was only a matter of minutes and ALL my neighbors formed a search party. Two of the Dad's searched the woods near the house,and talked to the phone guys that were working on a pole down the road. The kids were searching all the bushes in the front yards. My kids looked in every room in our house in case he slipped in with out being seen. Then the two Dads started looking in ALL the cars one by one. Then one of the Dad's said lets check their back yard in the moter home! By now we had been searching for 45 minutes.
As the two Dad's headed into the back yard they spotted him! Noah was found! He was curled in a ball next to the boat...cold and crying! He would not talk..just sobbing came from his little body.

I thanked everyone for there help. Everyone was glad he was found and went home. I was relieved to have my Noah back! I was exhausted! My head hurt.
I hugged my boy for a long time then we went in the house. I told him how scared I was and how much I loved him. I called 911 back to tell them we had found Noah..he was safe. The sheriff did arrive moments later,and had to question Noah,ask him what happened. He would not speak. The sheriff finally left and I let Noah talk when he was ready!

The bus barn called me to tell me that Noah and Adam had been pushing to go first off the bus. Both were told to stay and go last. Noah has hidden before when him and Adam have gotten in to it,but only in our house. We do not spank our kids so I don't know why he was so afraid of getting in trouble. Maybe his brothers said OOOOOHHHH your going to be in tttrrroubbble! That was the reason he hid... he did not want to be in trouble. We both had a LONG talk about things!

We told him to never hide like that again and to come to us if someone is mean to him or he thinks he might be in trouble. We told him how much we LOVED him. He is an important part of this family.

I'm glad we have him back,I thank GOD that I get more time with him....I thank GOD for ALL of my neighbors that were there for me. How quickly they came to give of their time to search for my boy! I am truly grateful!

Peace in Christ,

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Rollercoaster Of Life~

Our Friday trip to the Children's Museum!

That will be $27.00 for that plastic melon! Would you like two? LOL

Mom and Olivia~

I really do like playing with my sister! Can you tell I'm havin' a blast! Thanks Mom for the picture... I will have to scrapbook it for later! Teenagers? LOL He was a good sport about it! Hey Mom,can I order another plastic sandwich?

Jackie our budding artist!

Dad giving Olivia her breathing treatment.

Our 13 month old baby Olivia started out Wednesday night with a runny nose. She was restless and fussy so we slept in the recliner ALL night.

Thursday morning, I drove my 3yr old to pre-school. I got the baby to take a nap toilet started flowing over. I didn't realize right away... what a BIG MESS!!! I moved the laundry along and went to start the 5 yucky towels still on the bathroom floor. I pushed the "GO" button on the washer and no go?. Washer broken. It stayed broken for the next 2 days.(Hubby just fixed it) Rocks and some change was stuck in the pump! It did not take any money to fix(yah!), just time to clean and put it back together. I started to feel behind on the laundry..(I feel like I'm cleaning when I stuff the wash machine full.) All the miscellaneous clothes are gone for a while. Things look tidy. I could not do this so was starting to feel anxious.

Thursday night,Olivia started in with a cough. Her nose was better and she did not have a fever but was up most of the night. We did manage to sleep in bed and not in the recliner!

Friday morning I debated whether or not to take the girls to the FREE Friday at the children's museum.Olivia was not feeling good and I knew she would be tired.
Jackie begged, so I caved....I decided I would just
carry Olivia in the sling,not let her play. Maybe she would just sleep?
My 14 year old son had 1/2 day. We waited for him to get home so he could go with us and help me out with Jackie.

Jackie (3dd) had a great time playing with her brother Jarett. She played make believe and got to make art. My oldest son Jarett, was a good sport and played with his sister! Can you tell by the look on his face,in one of the above pictures? LOL

We parked FREE and took the FREE trolly to the other side of town. We had lunch at Subway,$5.00 foot longs. We ate FREE cupcakes! My favorite bakery was giving out FREE cupcakes because they were featured on a Best In The Northwest Show. They were Yummy!!!
I got Olivia's birthday cake there last month. It is sssoooo worth the extra cost and drive to get there.

Olivia stayed in the sling all day and cried on the car ride home. We live 45 minutes from the city, it seemed longer. When we arrived home I nursed Olivia to sleep. She took a 3hr nap!

After dinner I was nursing Olivia and noticed she was having labored breathing along with the cough. Our house was quieting down for the night,so I decided to take her to the doctor. Convenience care was open until 10pm. Hubby stayed home with the rest of the kids.

The nurse said,I made a good call bringing her in. Her oxygen levels were way down. The doctor saw us right away and Olivia was given a breathing treatment. She responded well to the treatment so we were given a nebulizer to take home and continue with more treatments.

The doctor said, Olivia would have had a really hard time breathing during the night and things could have been tragic had I not brought her in. Her chest was really tight.

We all slept good and had a peaceful night.
She is doing much better today. Praise the Lord!

I will write the story of the "Longest 45 Minutes Of My Life" tomorrow. That was the beginning half of last week! That was a very stressful day and will take up a whloe post!

Peace in Christ,

Jackie threw up last night (Saturday) and has a fever! I did not go to church today and may have to take a few days away from blogin' to tend the sick kiddos! Olivia did not look as good as yesterday, so please keep her in your prayers!Blessings, Georgiann

Christian Western Movie Series~

Its been a long and stressful week......I will write about that later tonight,when things calm down a little!

Right now I am watching TV and holding my sick baby.

I'm watching "Love's Abiding Promise" on the Hallmark channel. It is a movie marathon. They will show many movies in the series,all in a row. The series is of full length,Christian westerns. There are values and lessons to learn. They show Faith in GOD and the people pray though out the movie. These movies are not the violent type of westerns!

It is a lesson in the true hardship the pioneers endured back in the day! A testament of true Faith in God. How the people prayed and God worked in there lives.

My children really like all the movies. I think there are 8 or more movies in the series. Loves Abiding Joy, Loves Abiding Hope, Loves Long Journey,etc...very wholesome watching. Some of them were directed by Micheal Landon Jr.

TV watching well spent!

So if you get a chance today (Nov.8 Saturday) check it out...Hallmark Channel.I have also seen them for rent at the video store. So if you miss them today its worth renting!

Peace in Christ,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Is The Cookware You Use Safe?

Are We Serving Up More Than Food For Dinner??

I was thinking: How healthy was it to cook in a cast iron dutch oven? I have 2 of them; one regular black and one enamel coated. I cook with both most of the time. I have only been cooking with the black one for 3 months or so.
The sides are getting some rust on them and I get black residue in my food. I figure that can't be good for my family? Is it just iron getting into the food or is there bacteria? Studies say "YES" it is very safe to cook with! Read here to find out more!

One night I left the remains of a cooked chicken in the black pot, the next day I cleaned it out with soap and hot water. I gave the pot a sniff and it still smelled of the I put baking powder in it and let it sit and washed it again..that seemed to have done the trick.
I don't think I cleaned it right?
You can read how to clean cast iron here.

I also read here about a study done on the safety of ALL types of cookware,from glass,aluminum,terra cotta,Teflon coated and cast iron etc...
Researchers found Teflon chemicals in umbilical cord blood of a baby. I found that startling! I thought it was information I should share with my readers. Do you know if the cookware you use is safe?

If anyone whats to chime in? Please do!


Monday, November 3, 2008

My Journey ~ Part 2

A Journey In Motherhood Part2

It is now February 3, #2's due date.

After a long very cold day of walking around the neighborhood playing with my 2 1/2 year old son and talking with neighbors about my up coming birth... I thought I was peeing in my pants. So I excused my self and went inside. It was around 7:30 pm. I made some calls,and was told to come in and get checked,that it could be my water broke! or was just trickling??
I was in no pain so I thought I would wait a while at home to see what happened.

I got things packed in the car,got my sitter in place for my toddler and decided to eat a snack. I craved PB&J sandwiches and plain Lays Potato Chips.

My hubby had worked all day in the cold (he does construction) and was taking a nap, so I gave him a nudge and told him tonight would be the night,then let him go back to his nap!

I was flooded with last minute fears and doubts...Could I love this child like I do my first? What if I don't make it to the hospital on time? What if I can't read my body and I can't tell if the baby is coming? Should I leave now to the hospital like I was instructed?

I went up upstairs to watch the Melrose Place Movie. I tried to get some rest and keep my thoughts and fears at bay!. I started to get nervous...this was it. I soon would be the mother of 2 children. I had enjoyed my pregnancy and it soon would be over! Would I be having a boy or girl?

I never got to watch the ending of my movie...with 15 minutes left to go,my water was not a trickle like earlier! It was a title wave.

It took some doing to get my hubby up from his slumber... after all it was 10:45 pm.
and he had been up since 4:30 am working hard outside in the cold! I LOVE my man!

After some beautiful chaos,we were on our way...back to the hospital were our first child was born. I still was not in any pain. I was worried that the baby would come soon... now that my water had broke. With my last labor I had little to no pain. I began to wonder if I should have left for the hospital earlier? How quick will this baby come?

The nurses hooked me up to the monitor to check the baby and put in the routine hep lock. My contractions were showing very strong readings on the rector scale (that's what I call it), but I was not feeling anything and had no pain. (I go drug free)

The nurses told me to walk around a bit.... to get things going. It was now 12:30am Feb.4 . I walked 1/2 way around the hall on the maternity floor.... then out of no where,like being hit by a train....the pain came. I could barely walk back to the room. My contractions were coming every 2 minutes. It took deep inward focus to manage the pain.
The nurses thought I was joking about the pain; I was talking a few minutes ago? It was like night and day. I endured the pain for about 1hr and 20 min.the contractions came one after the other with little break. After a quick check, I was 10 centimeters dilated and told to PUSH with my next contraction!

We did not know the gender of this child until his birth. After just 4 pushes he was out. All 8#6oz of him. Yes, it was another boy! His hair was the color of a shiney penny. He went staight to the breast to eat. We locked eyes and it was true love. WOW! I was the mom of 2 now!!!

I never once thought about not having a girl. I was just glad the pain was over! My hubby and I tried to get some sleep.(it's hard to do in a hospital). My folks went over to pick up our toddler from the neighbors house. They would keep him over night until we got home.

Soon it was time to go home. The breast feeding went much better from the start than it had with my first child. Life was good! (I nursed my second baby through my next pregnancy,with baby #3. and then tandem nursed both.) I weaned baby this baby (#2) at 3 1/2 yrs.

I decided that I would give cloth diapers a try. I got my first batch though a catalog (Natural Baby I think). I got the pre-shaped ones made of unbleached cotton. They needed to be laid in a water proof shell and there was no folding. I purchased the waterproof covers at Fred Meyer of all places,for about $7.00 each. I only used my cloth diapers for about 4 months on and off.
I did not ordered enough diapers,so it seemed like a chore to use them.
I was washing them every 1 and 1/2 days. If I was busy,they did not get washed. I then grabbed for disposable ones.
Lesson learned :order plenty of cloth diapers or it may feel like more work than it really is.

Things get tricky going from one child to two. There are two schedules to juggle.
There seems to be a love,hate relationship between the two kiddos. My toddler will be nice one minute then hurtful the next. My first was an only child until his brother arrived on the scene. Things did get figured out and everyone found there place in the family. OH the Joys of being a mother!

I forgot to mention that we ALL started co-sleeping after our second child was born.
It did not feel natural to have One Boy in his room and the new baby in ours with us..he felt left out! That was not the kind of family we wanted to have...anyone feeling left out. Our decision to co-sleep just felt natural,so we all slept in one room on the California King from then on! We loved it!

It was fun to watch the two boys grow in their relationship. I would just glow with love as I looked on... both boys playing nicely together and saying loving things to each other.
I liked spending the day playing with them both. I started going to a mom's group at church and a play group called The Mother Goose Program. We enjoyed many outings to the parks and children's museum etc.... With my first child I felt restless at times,somewhat board I might add. Now that I had two children,I was becoming more settled in my role of being a mother. I now had a 3 year old and a 20 month old.

We were still using the BOMA method of birth control. I thought since I did not have a girl and would be trying to have our third(and maybe our last and final child) I would get the book on what to do to get a girl! Dumb idea I know,but my story is a journey...a growth in faith. I read the book over and over and then we tried to get pregnant. I was REALY hoping for my girl!!!!

It did not take long and I was pregnant with baby #3! I was due August 1, 1999. Would God give me my girl this time? I don't like to find out the gender by ultra sound so I would have 9 months to wait. I love the surprise of finding out at the birth.
I did pray for God to give me a sign....

to be continued.........

I hope you all have enjoyed reading about my journey so far~ to read Part 1 go here!

Like always feel free to say Hi and leave me a comment~

Peace in Christ,

Harmful Chemicals In Baby Lotions?

Remember to silence my music play list~

This video is of a study done on potentially harmful chemicals that are in lotions and other product we use on ourselves and our babies! The study took place in Seattle at the University of Washington. I hope you find the information helpful~

So remember the next time you think you are pampering your baby,you could be doing unintentional harm.
Do you want to take the chance when it comes to your baby's reproductive system?
I know I don't! I dream of the day I have grand children!

Peace in Christ,