Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Rollercoaster Of Life~

Our Friday trip to the Children's Museum!

That will be $27.00 for that plastic melon! Would you like two? LOL

Mom and Olivia~

I really do like playing with my sister! Can you tell I'm havin' a blast! Thanks Mom for the picture... I will have to scrapbook it for later! Teenagers? LOL He was a good sport about it! Hey Mom,can I order another plastic sandwich?

Jackie our budding artist!

Dad giving Olivia her breathing treatment.

Our 13 month old baby Olivia started out Wednesday night with a runny nose. She was restless and fussy so we slept in the recliner ALL night.

Thursday morning, I drove my 3yr old to pre-school. I got the baby to take a nap toilet started flowing over. I didn't realize right away... what a BIG MESS!!! I moved the laundry along and went to start the 5 yucky towels still on the bathroom floor. I pushed the "GO" button on the washer and no go?. Washer broken. It stayed broken for the next 2 days.(Hubby just fixed it) Rocks and some change was stuck in the pump! It did not take any money to fix(yah!), just time to clean and put it back together. I started to feel behind on the laundry..(I feel like I'm cleaning when I stuff the wash machine full.) All the miscellaneous clothes are gone for a while. Things look tidy. I could not do this so was starting to feel anxious.

Thursday night,Olivia started in with a cough. Her nose was better and she did not have a fever but was up most of the night. We did manage to sleep in bed and not in the recliner!

Friday morning I debated whether or not to take the girls to the FREE Friday at the children's museum.Olivia was not feeling good and I knew she would be tired.
Jackie begged, so I caved....I decided I would just
carry Olivia in the sling,not let her play. Maybe she would just sleep?
My 14 year old son had 1/2 day. We waited for him to get home so he could go with us and help me out with Jackie.

Jackie (3dd) had a great time playing with her brother Jarett. She played make believe and got to make art. My oldest son Jarett, was a good sport and played with his sister! Can you tell by the look on his face,in one of the above pictures? LOL

We parked FREE and took the FREE trolly to the other side of town. We had lunch at Subway,$5.00 foot longs. We ate FREE cupcakes! My favorite bakery was giving out FREE cupcakes because they were featured on a Best In The Northwest Show. They were Yummy!!!
I got Olivia's birthday cake there last month. It is sssoooo worth the extra cost and drive to get there.

Olivia stayed in the sling all day and cried on the car ride home. We live 45 minutes from the city, it seemed longer. When we arrived home I nursed Olivia to sleep. She took a 3hr nap!

After dinner I was nursing Olivia and noticed she was having labored breathing along with the cough. Our house was quieting down for the night,so I decided to take her to the doctor. Convenience care was open until 10pm. Hubby stayed home with the rest of the kids.

The nurse said,I made a good call bringing her in. Her oxygen levels were way down. The doctor saw us right away and Olivia was given a breathing treatment. She responded well to the treatment so we were given a nebulizer to take home and continue with more treatments.

The doctor said, Olivia would have had a really hard time breathing during the night and things could have been tragic had I not brought her in. Her chest was really tight.

We all slept good and had a peaceful night.
She is doing much better today. Praise the Lord!

I will write the story of the "Longest 45 Minutes Of My Life" tomorrow. That was the beginning half of last week! That was a very stressful day and will take up a whloe post!

Peace in Christ,

Jackie threw up last night (Saturday) and has a fever! I did not go to church today and may have to take a few days away from blogin' to tend the sick kiddos! Olivia did not look as good as yesterday, so please keep her in your prayers!Blessings, Georgiann


  1. Oh sweet mommy! Bless you for giving in to the museum. What a great free day.

    Sorry to hear about your house problems. Those days after days make me anxious too. Try to remember these shall pass! MOPS is in another week and you can relieve some stress with us!

    Praise the Lord Olivia will be ok. Breathing problems are so scary. We had to do the treatments with our first and now he's doing the asthma thing 2x a day....

    See you next week! Much love!

  2. Hi Kristina~

    Thanks for stopping by. I adding more to the post as you were leaveing me a comment!
    Jackie is now with fever and throwing up!
    I have some time to get the girls feeling better before MOPS!
    I still have not had time to write about the beginning 1/2 of last week.
    Noah went missing for 45 minutes...we had to call the Sheriff.

  3. Sounds like a very nice day at the museum. Your poor baby though. Our youngest uses a nebulizer daily for her asthma maintenance medication. Good maternal instinct taking your little one in when you did! Sorry things have been so rough. Keep up your spirits!

  4. Hi Trudy~
    Thanks for coming by. When did your youngest start in with the asthma? What age?
    The doctor said this might be a isolated incident. Out of 6 kiddos this was the first time this kind of thing ever happened.
    My hubby has asthma,some of it is brought on from allergins during spring and summer.

  5. Tried to leave a comment yesterday but it wouldn't go through!! Anyway, we know what it's like having to do the breathing treatments since several of our children have had trouble in the past. Not fun!! Praying for peace and wellness for your family!!


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