Friday, October 29, 2010

{this moment}

 - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments over at SouleMama for all to find and see.

Jaspers inner puppy came out! He just jumped on my hubby to sit on his lap!lol
We don't allow him on the furniture! I guess he just wanted some LOVE!

Have a safe weekend!

Peace and Love,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Herbal Remedy Kit {for the cold and flu}

Here are some of the things I have in my herbal kit for helping my family during the cold and flu season.
I want to make a disclaimer: herbs are medicine, though natural.
Talk to your doctor before starting a herbal remedy.

Click on the links in this post to read the health benifits of the herbs in each remedy I have in my kit.

Here are a few things I have in my cold and flu season kit:

A variety of herbal teas by
Gypsy Cold Care
Echinacea Plus
Throat Coat
Breathe Easy

Warm Herbal drink
(has vitamin C, zinc and echinacea)

Chest rubs
Vicks and a Little Colds Baby Rub

Tinctures by
 Herb Pharm
Children's Echinacea tincture
Adult Echinacea tincture
(I learned these are to be used once you are sick and only for 1 or 2 weeks max.)

For when the kiddos are feeling rundown or have
body aches, chills and fever

Chestal cough syrup

Homemade Elderberry Syrup {recipe tutorial}
keep in the refrigerator

You can read here about the health benefits of elderberries

Lavender oil

A can of Echinacea and roots to make a decotion or tea: blend;
 we drink it at the first signs of colds and flu symptoms.
Contains: Organic Echinacea purpurea root, Pau d' Arco, organic Dandelion root (raw and roasted), Sarsaparilla root, organic Cinnamon bark, organic Ginger root, organic Burdock root, Sassafras ...
You can read more at Mountain Rose Herbs is also a great resource.

Still reading.....always more to learn!

I have 2 kiddos with a youngest has to use her Nebby from time to time.
So while I love my herbal teas,tinctures and syrups, there is still a need for western medicine.
I do use Tylenol and Motrin at times and my daughter needs her Nebulizter.

We try to prevent colds and flu by washing our hands after using the bathroom and after we come home from being out. Also before meals and cooking!
We do not use antibacterial soaps.....just regular soap and water!

We also try to get plenty of rest!

What do you do have in your Cold and Flu kit?

Peace and Love,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

After Pictures Of My Henna Adventure!

This is a picture of me BEFORE dying my hair with Red Henna!

This is AFTER my second bag of henna.
{the final shade I ended up with}'s the story!

For some time I had wanting to do something to my hair.
Not really sure what I wanted to do? Maybe a foil? Just a little something to jazz things up,cover some of the grey that is starting to appear and add some depth.

Well since I have been visiting the herb store close to my house, I spotted the henna isle. I had heard of the stuff but had never used it, so
I bought a bag of the RED
{they were out of the STRAWBERRY Blonde}

When I got home I threw the henna in my bathroom drawer.
{not sure how or if I really wanted to do through with coloring my hair with the henna?}
After a few weeks of pondering and waiting for just the right time.
I did not want a repeat of the time I dyed my hair "red" with an over the counter brand.
My nickname for a few months after that one was Ronald McDonald!
I'm sure you can picture how it turned out! To make things worst I had school conferences with my kids teachers the next day.
So timing is everything when choosing to dye your hair.

After a bit of research of HOW to use the henna I decided it was time and went for it.
I read: to use an egg in it to help the henna color stick to the grey.
I also did not know to use boiling water the first go round {I used warm tap water} and was possessed to add the juice of a lemon?
So you ask why lemon juice? I just told you! I was possessed!
I learned a lot when I went back for my second bag of red henna!
I also heard on the Internet to leave the goop

{it smells like creamed spinach} on as long as you can stand it.
I left it on for 2 1/2 hours!

.....Oh yah I forgot to mention the first go round with bag #1 of my henna did not cover all my hair. {I have long thick hair} I should have bought 2 bags for the first go!
So I dyed my hair again several day later.
When buying my second bag of henna down at the herb store, the store owner said adding the lemon might have been why my hair was orange not red??  I also should have used boiling water...that is what released the plant dye or so I'm told.
So bag 2 of my red henna was applied and only left one for 1 hour.

This is my hair after the first bag of red henna!
It was a bit brassy and dark....not what I was hoping for;(
I quickly bought more henna and dyed it again~
Used boiling water and no egg or lemon juice and left on for only 1 1/2hrs!

I did not get full coverage in the back at the crown and the underside
in the back {my hair is thick}. The ends in the back were not good either.

As you can see in the  photo at the top of the post, after the second dying, using boiling water (and no egg or lemon juice) and a week of washing,my hair has softened quit a bit and has a more natural look to it!

If I do this again I will:
buy 2 bags of Strawberry blond color
add boiling water
leave it one for 1 1/2 hours.

after the first 45 minutes
 I would add some water to my head and rub the goop around some more in case I did not get it covered the first time.

So have do any of you have a henna story you want to share?
I'd love to hear from you!
What color did you use?

Peace and Love,

Monday, October 25, 2010

Raking leaves and piles of chores!

Boy we are certainly in to fall.
These pictures were taken a few weeks ago when the weather here was still kind of warm!
Here in the Pacific Northwest the rains have officially arrived {not that they left for very long}lol
Most days here in our region will be dark and grey :(
Today is going to be a soup day......
Olivia has a cold and has had to use her Nebby (nebulizer) 2 days in a row.
Jacob has had the barfs since Saturday night......200 kids went home sick on Friday from his school!
He is home today~

My to do list for today:

Wash towels 2 loads
Wash the dishes 3 loads
Homeschool Noah
Tidy house from weekend:}
Put 3 baskets of clothes away
Clean all 3 bathrooms
Wash Jacob's bedding

Oh and..... I will be making time
to lock myself up in my room so I can practice my new found knitting skills!

Peace and Love,

Friday, October 22, 2010

{this moment}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see.

To see other {this moment} posts or to participate go to Soule Mama.

Peace and Love~
See ya back here on Monday, for my recipes share meme
"Celebrating The Harvest"

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Faith and a box of henna.....

Not really sure what I was thinking!
Maybe I just had a bit to much time on my hands and a box of henna burning a hole in the bathroom vanity?  I decided to fix me a mug of Butterscotch Kisses Hot Cocoa {Tastefully Simple}for a little comfort.
I love all things butterscotch! 
I said a few prayers and loaded the stinky goo on to my head.
There was no backing out now! lol
Stay tuned for the after pictures.......I will post some soon!

Peace and Love,

Monday, October 18, 2010

Celebrate the Harvest {herbal tea}

Cottage Blend {herbal tea}
my creation

2 kinds of mint {spearmint and ?}
Rose petals
1 cinnamon stick
lavender buds

Dehydrate flowers and herbs in food dehydrator or method you prefer

Place in a mason jar or canister.
 {store in a cool dark place}

Herbal teas are fun to make and most herbs are so easy to grow.

Other herbs and things one could {grow or buy} for use in a herbal tea are:

dried citrus peels
lemon balm
cat nip
ginger root

****If you have a recipe to share please leave a link in the comments box!
Also leave a link back to my blog in your post so others can join in the fun!****

Peace and Love,

Friday, October 15, 2010

{this moment}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual.
A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week.
 A simple, special, extraordinary moment.
A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

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or to participate.

Peace and Love,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting To Know My Local Farmers {part2} The Cranberry Farm!

After a fun morning at Terry's Berries Organic Farm we were off to a Cranberry Farm over in my neck of the woods! I never even knew there was a Ocean Spray grower out here.
WOW how cool is that?

The berries are floated then picked by machine. Once picked the berries are trucked to Aberdeen a few hours away to be processed into sauce etc.. The machine can't get the berries that are along the irrigation ditches or the sprinkler heads,so my Self Reliant group was notified.
Bruce the farm owner said,we could come pick for a few hours on Saturday.

Here's a look:

Cranberries grow in mushy airy compost in 5 soil from clippings.

Rufus the farmers bloodhound, kept chasing the kids,knocking them over and 
trying to do the  humpty dumbty on everyones  leg.......EEEKKK!

Me and my Little's at the Cranberry farm!

~Cranberry Fields~

I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at a cranberry farm that grows for Ocean Spray.
We had a bundle of fun getting to pick {even though Rufus was a bit of a pest at times}.
Now its time to make a batch of cranberry sauce! I only had time to pick about 1 large bowl full,
before we had to leave to get ready for church. (we go to the Saturday Mass and CCD beforehand.)
We had a FULL day~

The herb class I took the other night was fun and informative.
It only cost me $1.00 for the hand out. The class was offered at The Free University in my area.
 At the Free University they have all sort of classes from painting, guitar, beading and gardening.
The next class I'm signed up for is a Herbal Tea class!
I bought the Herbal Remedies For Dummies book while I was there. I will share more when I post on the subject!
As for nose is in my new book!
{and a quick stop for a sip of tea and a bite of fair trade chocolate.}

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for my Friday post of

Peace and Love,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Getting to know my local farmers! {Part 1}

The air was crisp outside when early Saturday morning I roused my three Little's out of their warm beds for a day of Farm field trips!We all  dawned our rubber boots and headed out for a days venture to several local farms. The first farm we stopped at was Terry's Berries! I had always thought this farm to be just a berry farm, the name IS Terry's Berries. This place was much more than JUST a Berry farm, I once thought it was.
I had heard from a church friend about this farm (just last week). So when the Daisy Scout troop my daughter just joined said, Saturday we are going on a field trip there, I was thrilled! My friend was sharing with me how she goes the the farm once a week to pick up her stuff! (not really knowing what she meant) Just thinking she meant shopping there! But she belongs to the CSA food share co-op.

What is a CSA co-op?
Community Supported Agriculture    
Terry's Berries is a local organic farm that has a CSA co-op program. For a fee of X amount of dollars (paid at the beginning of the 8 week season) you go on YOUR pick up day and get to fill your basket with what is there in the co-op area and the quantity specified.
Though the idea sounds tempting I have my own veggies I grew in my own yard! (I might join in the spring or summer because you get more food for the money and a bigger variety in the share.)
I will now definitely shop there for things I do not grow! Though this years growing season was a bit rough, I do have plenty to feed my family. The winter list for the winter co-op share is mostly squash,potatoes and winter greens (I grow Swiss Chard and the other). So no need to join the
pre-pay co-op,  I will just shop for what and when I have a need!

You can also go and shop (and not belong to the co-op).
She sells fruits and veggies,eggs,honey,breads,nuts and knitted wears.
{On a side note: I will be learning to knit soon, so be prepared for me to post pictures of some really poorly knitted things! lol}

Also Terry is sell a few of her layer hens for $8.oo each....I'm tempted to get a few but they are not as pretty as the ones I can get if I just wait until spring! Hubby wants me to just wait.

Call me weird, but there is just something sexy about an eggplant!
It looks like its wearing a hat!

Most of the stuff is grown right on the farm or from a local farm in the area. All organic!

We had a awesome time. The kids got to take a hay ride,pick a pumpkin, press and taste some fresh apple cider!

I bought a jug of cider, an eggplant,some blue potatoes and a loaf of Artisan Bread (Sweet Perrin).
 It is made with pear,hazelnuts and figs! It is yummo for breakfast!

Noah found a twin pumpkin!

After we left that farm, the kids and I went to pick cranberries at a little farm a bit closer to our house!
My Self Reliant group was invited to glean from the cranberry field for a few hours! Only myself and Rhonda came from our group! (She brought her mom and I brought my three youngest kiddos!)
Bruce the farmer is contracted by Ocean Spray.....I will post more about the cranberry picking venture soon in {part 2}. (I will shoot for tomorrow) It was cool that Terry from Terry's Berries knew Wayne the founder of the Self Reliant group I belong to.

Tonight I will be going to a Herbs for Flu and Cold season class.
I can't wait to share what I learn!
I will be posting soon about my stash of Homeopathic remedies!

Lots of fun and exciting things happening here at
The Garden Gate!

Peace and Love,

Monday, October 11, 2010

Celebrate The Harvest {stuffed zucchini}

Stuffed Zucchini

In a large pot boil zucchini WHOLE for about 5 minutes.
{I used one medium sized for this recipe.
I was cooking for just me.}


In a skillet brown a small bit if bulk Italian sausage {I used 1/3 of a small tube}
You could also use a vegetarian sausage.
once browned add
1/4 cup frozen kennel corn
1 tablespoon chopped onion
1 tablespoon chopped red OR green bell pepper
1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
2 tablespoons cream cheese

Cut steamed zucchini in half and with a melon scoop or a apple corer hollow out the center.
Place on a cookie sheet and add filling.
Top with dry Panko {a Japanese breadcrumb}

Bake for about 30 minutes at 350.


If you have a recipe to share of how you use up your garden goodness, please leave a link in my comment box!
{I will not be using Mr. Linky today}

Peace and Love,

Friday, October 8, 2010

{this moment}

Olivia on our bike ride....she was thirsty, so we stopped to pick a few blackberries!

To enjoy more {this moment}'s go here!

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Have a great weekend~
See you Monday for my "Celebrate The Harvest" meme.
(recipe share)

Peace and Love,

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Birthday celebration {part 2}

Auntie {my sister} made this cake for us to take home and celebrate with!
After a nice tea party over at her house we came home for a nice family salmon dinner,cake and a few more gifts!
 {my hubby caught 2 large fish}

We had a hard time finding candles so we lite super tiny one and it kept going out!

Olivia got the Melissa and Doug cupcake set to add to our growing collection!
My now have the cookie, apple pie, sandwich and cupcake sets!
So fun!

Olivia decorating her wooden cupcakes!

This is the shirt my sister bought Olivia for her birthday....she totally loves it!
After recieving it,she striped her dress off and wore just her shoes,tights and her new shirt!
Life is Good! lol

Olivia can hardly wait for me to wash her new favorite shirt!

Olivia walking Jasper in her new birthday shirt!

 Peace and Love,

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Celebrating Olivia's Birthday {Part 1}

Tea Party at Aunties {my sister} House!

We went to my sisters house to celebrate Olivia's 3rd birthday~
{Jackie bringing Olivia her cupcake}

Olivia, Jackie and Noah {my 3 home-schoolers}
Stash tea with Moon Valley Honey~
Homemade chocolate cupcakes....yummo~

Jackie trying to "take over" things! {She IS the oldest girl! lol}

My kiddos love Melissa and Doug wooden toys~ we now have several sets!
Stay tuned for part 2 of Olivia's birthday celebration! {Salmon Dinner at home}
We had a great time at my sisters house! We ate lunch,had tea and sweets,walked our dog {yes,Jasper also got to go!} and played Frisbee. It was a nice warm day!
We came home in the late afternoon for more celebrating {salmon dinner at home} and a few more gifts! Tomorrow I will post the other fun Melissa and Doug toy Olivia got for her birthday!

Do you have any Melissa and Doug toys?
If so I love to here from you!

Peace and Love,