Thursday, October 7, 2010

Birthday celebration {part 2}

Auntie {my sister} made this cake for us to take home and celebrate with!
After a nice tea party over at her house we came home for a nice family salmon dinner,cake and a few more gifts!
 {my hubby caught 2 large fish}

We had a hard time finding candles so we lite super tiny one and it kept going out!

Olivia got the Melissa and Doug cupcake set to add to our growing collection!
My now have the cookie, apple pie, sandwich and cupcake sets!
So fun!

Olivia decorating her wooden cupcakes!

This is the shirt my sister bought Olivia for her birthday....she totally loves it!
After recieving it,she striped her dress off and wore just her shoes,tights and her new shirt!
Life is Good! lol

Olivia can hardly wait for me to wash her new favorite shirt!

Olivia walking Jasper in her new birthday shirt!

 Peace and Love,

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