Monday, October 4, 2010

Celebrate The Harvest

~Flat Out Good Veggie Pizza~

In a skillet with a tad of olive oil,
toast both sides of Flat-Out flat bread until crisp!

Cut and Saute Veggies:
Mushrooms,Onion,Swiss Chard and Zucchini
{You could also use a bit of garlic}

Oh the yummy smell of fresh garden veggies~
To your pizza {add tomato sauce if you wish} I did not
Then top with veggies and a bit of cheese!
I also added some fresh sniped herbs:
Parsley and Chives!

Pizza should be crisp.
Cut with pizza wheel and enjoy!
 Veggies used in the recipe that were from my garden were:
 Swiss Chard zuchinni,onion and herbs parsley and chives.

What recipes have you come up with to uses up your garden harvest?
If you did not grow a garden, I still invite you to share wholesome recipes if you wish!

Did your friend give you 100 boxes of apples,pears or plums? How did you use them up?
Do you go to a farm co-op for your veggies and fruit? What do you cook up?

My hope is that this meme "Celebrate The Harvest" will be a way to share good eats(recipes) from things God has provided us with.

If you'd like to link that would be awesome!

Peace and Love,

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