Wednesday, September 28, 2011

40 Days start today!

The 40 Days For Life Campaign starts today!
Sept.28-Nov.6 2011.

Together lets put and end to abortion!

I had heard of the 40 Days For Life Campaign a few years ago.....but silly me never asked what it was.
I now know it is a Campaign of prayer and fasting! This can be done from home or at your church,but many folks go down in front of the Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics to pray.  This is done in a peaceful non violent way. You can go here to see where they are rallying in prayer should you want to join them.

Did I mention this is a PEACEFUL event?? Well it is.
You WILL be asked to leave if you are disruptive to the mission of The 40 Days For Life Campaign.

Last night we kicked off this 40 day event with a Mass to protect those that are about to battle the devil in this spiritual battlefield! It was awesome to see my many friends from around the area last night.

There are volunteer Angels from The Gabriel Project there to help as well, should a women reach out to the fence at Planned Parenthood for help.

On a side note: I want to very much thank my blog land friend Suzanne who informed me about 8 months ago that Girl Scouts of America is partnered with Planned Parenthood!

Read here
 here and here!

I had posted a picture of my daughter selling scout cookies.
My blog friend e-mailed my privately to let me know about what the modern day Girl Scouts are being taught. One might think that the very young girls are not affected and that since you are "there" at the meetings that nothing like that would/could happen to my girl. But the Journey books that are now used are teaching other things I do not agree with. The views are very liberal.
Have you read through your daughter book?
After the year finished out last June and after prayerful consideration I decided not to sign my daughter up for scouts this year and WILL NOT have my family involved with Girl Scouts ever again.
The troop disbanded it lessened the impact on my daughter, and made my parenting job a bit easier.
It is not the same organization as it was when I was a girl!

What happened to learning domestic skills and wanting and loving to being a stay at home mom?
Camping and cooking?
Just wholesome learning of skills?

Now they teach its better to work outside the home to prove you are a women.
Hold off on children. Abort if an "accident" happens.
They teach the girls (from the new Journey books) all about the "cool" gals in which this lifestyle has worked for! Just sickening!

Peace and Love,

Monday, September 26, 2011

Book Review:: Stanley Seagull

Book Summary and link to Stanley Seagull website.
Meet a young seagull named Stanley. Follow him as he wanders far from home and tries to find his way back. Join Stanley on his journey as he learns how humans affect the balance of nature.
                                Stanley Seagull  

                                                       Auther Cathy Mazur 
                                                   Illustrated by Colleen Gedrich  

This is a delightful story and the 
pictures are vibrant with color. The illustrator did a great job bringing Stanley to life with her
drawings! It was fun to read of Stanley's adventures, as greed took him far from home and how friendship directed him back. Many lessons to learn from this wonderfully written children's story. For instance the abundance of wasted food and other trash from the human population and many others. So go read for yourself and see what message you get from the story. You won't be disappointed!

Book Review By Georgiann (me)

You can read more about Stanley Seagull author Cathy Mazur at her facebook page.
Cathy Mazur's Bio:

Born in Scranton, Pa., Cathy Mazur is the daughter of Gary and Catherine H. Errico. She was educated in the Dunmore public school system and graduated from Dunmore High School in 1971. She received a bachelor’s degree in Library Science from Mansfield State College in 1975. She received a Reading Specialist Certificate from the University of Scranton in 1978. Cathy was employed as an elementary school librarian for the Mid Valley School District from 1975 until her retirement in 2010. While at Mid Valley, she instituted and coordinated the RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) program for 33 years helping students to develop a love of reading outside the classroom. Cathy served on the Board of Directors for the Valley Community Library in Peckville, Pa. for over 20 years acting as president for one year and board secretary for 19 years. She presently serves on the library’s Developmental Committee chairing various fundraising events. She resides in Dickson City, Pa. with Frank, her husband of 31 years. They are the parents of two children, Gary, 27 and Gia, 19. Now in her retirement, she is focused on writing books for children like Stanley Seagull.
Colleen Gedrich's Bio

Colleen Gedrich, a lifelong resident Throop, Pa., earned a BFA in illustration from Marywood University in 2002. She is a freelance illustrator specializing in animal-themed work. She enjoys creating her art using mostly watercolor and pastel. As a dedicated animal rights activist and full-time program coordinator for International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR), Colleen lives her dream of joining her passions for animals and art to promote a more harmonious world with a touch of beauty. Recent works produced by Colleen include t-shirt and invitation designs, children’s book illustrations (A Different Kind of Hero), and book covers (With God There Is Hope). Colleen has also teamed up with her very talented artist mother, Kathy Holmes Gedrich, and paints murals for children’s nurseries.

For those who is a trailer of the book!
Be sure to silence my play list!

I would like to thank Tribune Books for the chance to give a book review for Stanley Seagull!
Peace and Joy,

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Look no training wheels!

****Silence my play list before starting the video****

I get great JOY out of watching my kiddos grow their relationship by helping
 each other learn something new!
I beam with such warmth in my heart to witness such LOVE coming from my kiddos.

Olivia has kicked her training wheels off and has been doing awesome!

I have so much I want to share here on my blog but life here has been so busy! (but fruitful)
I still have not finished posting about our 2 week vacation or the past few weeks at the farm.
I have much on my plate for the next month but things should slow down by November!

October's busy schedule

I am planing a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Ceremony and Luncheon to be held at our local church in mid October.

MOPS starts soon!

Olivia will be 4 in a few weeks and there are many sports and back to school activities to attend.

The weather here has been very warm so we have been spending time outside before the autumn rains arrive. I have been trying to weed and clean up my garden. (pull up all the dead stuff from not watering)

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On a serious note:
Can all you prayer warriors pray for my friend Kim and her family?
Her daughter Clara (age 16) was killed in a tragic car accident last week. She left behind 2 siblings.

Peace in Christ,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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This is Hubby and I

~Our kiddos~
Jarett,Jacob, Nicholas,Noah
Jacqueline and Olivia
Christian miscarried at 8w4d on Jan.20 2011

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Our field trip to the fair.

September is finally here. My kiddos are back in school after a fun summer together. Everyone except Olivia who will soon be 4 (Oct.4th).  Her and I plan to go on many all day field trips.

Our first field trip of this school year was to the State Fair.
(we do not ride the rides on homeschool field trips)

{then to pick up our veggies from the CSA farm.}
I will post about that soon.

No sooner did we arrive at the fair it was snack time!
Pre-schoolers need to eat every few hours!

Olivia got to many fun things.....

Like pet many animals such as goats, rabbits, horses, cows, ponies, pigs and ducks!

She also got to play at the hands on pioneer farm!

Though we did bring our own snacks and drinks it was fun to buy and share some
yokisoba and chicken.

Olivia also got to milk Betsy the plastic cow in the dairy barn as well as get some free chocolate milk!
So fun!

We also enjoyed so much more of our time at the fair seeing, smelling and listening to all that was around us!

The hobby hall was chalk full of cool stuff..... so many collections to see.
A real blast from the past!
We got our free rock and coin from some of the hobbyists!

  One of our family's favorite things to do is vote on the best grange displays and peoples choice awards for paintings and photos in the main pavilion. Since the kids can actually vote they really like to look at the stuff.

There is so much free stuff to do at the fair....we only had time for a few.

After a long day at the fair it was off to the CSA farm to get our produce and flowers!

Have a great day~

Peace+ Georgiann

Monday, September 5, 2011

{notes and pics from the farm week 3and 4}

Olivia was yelling for me to hurry uuuuupppp!
It was HOT and I was taking to many pictures! LOL

Week #3 at the farm
.75# greenbeans
2 onions
2 squash
1 cucumber
1# baby red potatoes
1 pint cherry tomatos
2 vine tomatoes
1 head of lettuce
1 bundle of greens
1 cabbage
1 pint of blueberries

u pick herbs
We also buy the flowers and bag salad mix.

WEEK #4 at the farm
1# Purple string beans
2# vine tomatoes
1 cucumber
2 squash
1 onion
1 head of lettuce
1 bundle of greens
2 pints of blueberries

u pick herbs

We also buy the flowers and bag salad mix.

Our Friday trips to the CSA farm have been nutriously rewarding! I pray to have time soon to post some of the yummy recipes I have been making with our garden harvest.
I have taken a ton of pictures of all my original recipes I have come up with.
 I just need some time to get the posts written up.
Have a great weekend!