Wednesday, September 28, 2011

40 Days start today!

The 40 Days For Life Campaign starts today!
Sept.28-Nov.6 2011.

Together lets put and end to abortion!

I had heard of the 40 Days For Life Campaign a few years ago.....but silly me never asked what it was.
I now know it is a Campaign of prayer and fasting! This can be done from home or at your church,but many folks go down in front of the Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics to pray.  This is done in a peaceful non violent way. You can go here to see where they are rallying in prayer should you want to join them.

Did I mention this is a PEACEFUL event?? Well it is.
You WILL be asked to leave if you are disruptive to the mission of The 40 Days For Life Campaign.

Last night we kicked off this 40 day event with a Mass to protect those that are about to battle the devil in this spiritual battlefield! It was awesome to see my many friends from around the area last night.

There are volunteer Angels from The Gabriel Project there to help as well, should a women reach out to the fence at Planned Parenthood for help.

On a side note: I want to very much thank my blog land friend Suzanne who informed me about 8 months ago that Girl Scouts of America is partnered with Planned Parenthood!

Read here
 here and here!

I had posted a picture of my daughter selling scout cookies.
My blog friend e-mailed my privately to let me know about what the modern day Girl Scouts are being taught. One might think that the very young girls are not affected and that since you are "there" at the meetings that nothing like that would/could happen to my girl. But the Journey books that are now used are teaching other things I do not agree with. The views are very liberal.
Have you read through your daughter book?
After the year finished out last June and after prayerful consideration I decided not to sign my daughter up for scouts this year and WILL NOT have my family involved with Girl Scouts ever again.
The troop disbanded it lessened the impact on my daughter, and made my parenting job a bit easier.
It is not the same organization as it was when I was a girl!

What happened to learning domestic skills and wanting and loving to being a stay at home mom?
Camping and cooking?
Just wholesome learning of skills?

Now they teach its better to work outside the home to prove you are a women.
Hold off on children. Abort if an "accident" happens.
They teach the girls (from the new Journey books) all about the "cool" gals in which this lifestyle has worked for! Just sickening!

Peace and Love,


  1. Georgiann,
    I cannot believe all we have in common. I have been connected with praying outside of PP for many years and with 40 Daya for the past 6 campaigns here. I am responsible for signing up the members of my parish! :) I also am the Chair of the Gabriel Project in my area! How neat that you posted about both of these things..not to mention giving me some sort of credit about the Girl Scout situation. Believe me, Georgiann, I would never have imposed myself on you if I had not just read the awful things I had about Girl Scouts and had recalled learning things like this in the past and had questions their motives when my girl was a scout. I feel bad that we have to remove our children from things like this and I guess it broke your little one's heart to have to leave G.S. I hope that you have found some replacement that helps. Have you ever thought of having a little girl's club of your a little Catholic one? I bet you could do it..knowing you! ;) Anyway, you are a dear friend and now I know we are sisters in the faith more than ever! Hang in there! :) We must!

  2. Wow thats great about all the groups your in. I hope to soon join The Garbiel Project as an Angel. I have much on my plate right now.
    TTC and working with my DR. I have a senior in high school and am planning our churches 1st
    Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Ceremony and Luncheon to be held Oct. 15. I when to ALL the Masses at 5 churches over the past 2 monthes to personally ask women to sign up to come.

    As far a Jackie not being a scout she is not at all heart broken. Last year when we homeschooled she was in the Little Flowers group for kids.
    Its a saint study with badges and sash ect.

    With my 2 homeschoolers now in school,they have homework and a early bed time. We are OK with less nightly activities. We are focusing on family time before my oldest graduates this spring. My 2 football players did not want to play and had my blesssing. (practices were 5 days a week all of AUG. then 3X a week once school started 6pm-8pm getting home at 8:45 then wanting dinner at 9pm bed at 10 eeekkk) :)
    I'm now a very happy woman!!!!!
    Nick plays Soccer for a select team but my neighbor takes him as he helps coach. I just attend the Saturday games.

    Any whoo.

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Don't forget to vote for my blog! 8 days left!

  3. Georgiann,
    I used to volunteer for our local Birthright many years ago. Have always been passionate for the unborn. Miss it nowadays. Seems that I've just drifted away from any of the activism. Just an off season for now.

    I've been thinking about embryo adoption a lot lately. God would really have to pull some strings. I love this idea though.

    Yes, the girl scouts just ain't what they used to be. So sad. :-( I confess that I do love the cookies!!


  4. I have voted almost everyday, sweetie! :) Also, guess what? The lady that started Little Flowers, is my good friend, Joan Stomberg! ;) She used to live in Bloomington and we were in the save homeschool group for several years. She lives in Kentucky now. I use to go to conventions with her to sell her books and the club items for the girls and boys clubs! Small world, eh? Joan is a pretty amazing woman with a huge family too!
    You are doing fine..I am sure you will join good groups as time comes for it..just keep working pro-life in the best ways you can...that is what it takes..a little here and a little there
    God love you! Suz


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