Monday, June 20, 2011

Dealing with secondary infertility~

Infertility is a subject that I was hesitant to share here in blog land to a bunch of strangers!
But I decided to finally share with you.....maybe it can help another?

As some of my readers may know, hubby and I have been TTC for a few years now!
We did conceived with Christian Alexander in Dec. of 2010 and at 8 weeks 4 days had a miscarriage.
I have been to see numerous DR's to see if my hormones might be out of balance. 
Every Dr. I have seen just laughs and make me feel inadequate.
Each doctor I have seen thinks I am crazy!
Why would a lady with 6 kids in her 40's want another child?
The Dr.'s I have seen, sadly tell me that "my eggs are old..... and after all I am considered peri-menopausal."

That is not good enough for me...... so after reading this book 
Fertlity, Cycles and Nutrition from CCL I decided to take the bull by the horns and loose some weight by eliminating ALL white sugar ,potatoes,pasta flour and rice!
Being at a good weight can help with fertility and is a good idea regardless.
I went cold turkey! There is a detox process that happens I think?
I am on day 4 and feel SICK!
Did I mention that I also am only taking in 1500 calories instead of the 2500 plus calories I once was???
Today I am running a low grade fever :(  and feel run down.

I have also started taking a grocery list of vitamins and herbal supplements recommended in the book
Fertility Cycles and Nutrition.
{I might share what those are at a later date!}

I have also begun learning to chart using the Creighton Method.
My appoinments are done via SKYPE.
With the Creighton Method  certain bio-makers are charted to give you a bigger picture of whats going on with ones overall gynecologic health.
I want to mention that we have never used chemical birth control.... I did learned to chart NFP many years ago, but never really did (chart)....we have always allowed God to plan our family. 
My reason for charting with the Creighton Method is that there's much knowledge to gain about my infertility in doing so. Its not about birth control, it is about total gynecological health.
Do I have low progesterone? A luteal phase defect? Or some other issue?
I can take my chart to a NaPro Dr.  that knows how to read the Creighton charts.
NaPro Dr's are fellow Catholics that will pray with me and and seek the reason for my infertility not think I am crazy! 
I go see my NaPro Doc for the first time July5th. He is 4 hours away!
Yes, it is more than a day trip away!!! Please Keep me in your prayers!
Everything they do is in keep with the church and what the bible says!
He can then order the proper blood tests at the right time in my cycle to find answers about my hormones and get them corrected!

The Pope Paul VI institute has been studying women's reproductive system and progesterone for over 30 yrs.
All the concepts that are taught with Creighton and NaPro are in following with biblical teaching and the Catholic church!

If you are a diabetic you take insulin.
If you have a thyroid issue you take medicine.
If your hormones are out of balance you can take replacements and in doing so fertility may return.
After health is restored it is up to God for the rest.
(Also if your progesterone is low you could still actually conceive but then miscarry soon after!)
One miscarriage is to may in the eyes of the church so there is help available!

Lately I have been reading a few (many) new books and my computer time has been almost zero.
So I have officially decided to take a bloggin' break.

During my break I plan to put into practice the many good ideas in the
Large Family Logistics Book I have been reading. Lately have been tired....very tire thus retiring to my room early to read many of my other new of them being,
A Love That Multiplies by the Duggars!

Here is a short clip of the Duggars talking about their family and sharing their new book!!
I have really enjoyed reading this book! Well done!

I pray you all have a wonderful two weeks or so until I make my return to the computer.

Feel  free to brouse my blog.....become a follower if you wish. Leave me a comment too.
I will do my best upon my return here to this space to come say hi back to all that leave me a comment!

Peace, Love and Prayers!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Legion Baseball~

Legion Classic baseball, using only wooden bats!

My hubby is a one of the 4 Coaches!
He is on the far right,wearing blue!
This is Jarett warming up for the Big game in Cheney Stadium!
Rainer's VS Cobras!

This summer will be full of games and tournaments for his team.

The next few months will be filled with.....
VBS X2 some of us help out, some kids are enrolled!
We are doing some major home remodeling and cleaning out.
I plan to take a few of the kids to Canada for a week to visit my uncle!
I am also planning a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Luncheon to be held Oct. 15 at our church and there is a lot of things to do to get ready for the registrations in Aug.
I have a few other big plans for over the summer months, but you will have to wait until I post about them!
I love a little suspense? Don't you?

I still plan to blog, just not as much over the next few months, but do hope you all will stop in and say HI.
I do check my email for comments~

The season is a very busy time here with a large family!

Peace and Joy,

Friday, June 10, 2011

Life through the lenz~

                                                         Field Day Fun~

Peace and Love~

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hi to all that read my blog!
Just a few days ago I bought a web cam and set up a SKYPE account to make video calls!
I have some up coming appointments that I needed SKYPE for! Yes, I will have live video call appointments!!!!! I can sit at home with my coffee and not have to drive anywhere. (with gas at over $4.oo a gallon who wants to drive?)

When setting up my account, I thought it would be difficult and confusing....but it was not!
I thought if my sons 70 year old Godmother could use SKYPE so could I. She has been wanting me to get an account for 3yrs now!

Step#1 Buy and then plug in a web cam.
(I got mine for $44.95 at Walmart)

Step#2 Google "How to set up SKYPE" and follow the easy directions for the free download.

Step#3 Find a friend that has SKYPE, have them call you and test it out!

I then watched the video on how to find other friend that SKYPE.
Your computer can search your email contacts and facebook friends and let you know who has SKYPE accounts.

You have to OK the people that can call you.

Today I looked for friends in my email contacts that had SKYPE (some how it can search for me)
Eager to try out my SKYPE and  seeing that Amy from Raising Arrows blog was online I nervously called. She answered! It was such a joy to talk with her even for just a few minutes! SKYPE is so cool!
Thanks AMY!!!!!!

Are there any blog friends that want to SKYPE out there?????

Oh if you are wondering about the picture at the top of my post and what it had to do my topic?
Well it doesn't have a thing to do with it! I just love clothes lines and wanted a picture at the top of my post! :)

Peace and Joy,

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Music to my ears!

It was the day of the BIG band concert......

Nick dressed up in his Sunday best....minus the shoes and
He wore a white shirt, black jeans and his dirty tennis shoes!
After a quick stop for a snack at QFC/Taco Bell (the restaurant owed me food from the day before)

Long story for another time! I just knew Nick would have his taco all over his shirt by the time we got to the concert! Yes the bottom of his shirt is all stained up!

I'm so proud of you Nick!
Your songs are music to my ears!

Peace and Love,