Thursday, June 16, 2011

Legion Baseball~

Legion Classic baseball, using only wooden bats!

My hubby is a one of the 4 Coaches!
He is on the far right,wearing blue!
This is Jarett warming up for the Big game in Cheney Stadium!
Rainer's VS Cobras!

This summer will be full of games and tournaments for his team.

The next few months will be filled with.....
VBS X2 some of us help out, some kids are enrolled!
We are doing some major home remodeling and cleaning out.
I plan to take a few of the kids to Canada for a week to visit my uncle!
I am also planning a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Luncheon to be held Oct. 15 at our church and there is a lot of things to do to get ready for the registrations in Aug.
I have a few other big plans for over the summer months, but you will have to wait until I post about them!
I love a little suspense? Don't you?

I still plan to blog, just not as much over the next few months, but do hope you all will stop in and say HI.
I do check my email for comments~

The season is a very busy time here with a large family!

Peace and Joy,

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