Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting Ready {before and afters}

So far my pregnancy is going well......and tomorrow at 7w 2d I will get a sneak peak of my tiny baby growing within. I am quite mind says "what if my baby is not growing, what if there is no heart beat?" I told myself I was not going to do the whay if thing, but find myself  doing it!!!!!!  I hope that hubby can slip away from work to come to my first ultrasound! (Hubby works 2 blocks away)


I spend the day cleaning my room and moving the crib/toddler bed from the girls room into my room, as well as a dresser that will be for baby.  I have misplaced the side rail for the crib (I do have 7 months to find it). lol  For now Jackie will sleep in it as a toddler bed in our room and Olivia will sleep with us in our bed. (they were both with us for the past 4yrs) The California king is a bit crowded and with my belly growing.....we all needed another arrangement! The girls will be getting bunk beds for their room over Christmas.

Here are a few before and afters of the space in my room set up for baby. (I know its early to be setting stuff up for baby, but I have a busy schedule over the next few months and needed to clear out the girls room making room for bunk beds!)


This is the mess in my room on my side of the bed!
I have a clothes/book case!


Little Miss Jackie asleep in the toddler bed/crib!

I still need to vacuum and tidy a few more things...
I am trying to hang my clothes in my closet so the black bookcase can be for baby things!
The box next to the crib is trash. (like I said I still have some tidying to do)
In that spot I will get some plastic drawers to keep my cloth diapers.
(just ordered some in a small size...I can't wait till they get here)
Oh and I want to get a new throw rug for next to my bed!
Above the black book case will be a wooden shelf with hooks.
(I still need to paint it....not sure what color I will use)
The shelf will be for toys and the hooks for hanging baby's clothes!

Keep me in your prayer as I am a bit nervous about my ultrasound appointment tomorrow!

Peace and Love.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy to be nauseous! and recipe for a yummy treat!

Most folks think I'm crazy to want to be nauseous, but feeling sick means that things are going well.
For the past few weeks I have been retiring early to bed to sip Pregnancy tea and read books from my many stacks of Maternity books.

The butterfly mug in the picture was one I bought from the pharmacy 2 weeks ago when getting my progesterone picked up. Butterflies remind me of Christian.

I also made a few batches of watermelon freezer pops over the past week...
great for combating nausea!


Watermelon seedless 3cups
Plain Greek Yogurt   1/2 cup
Honey 2 table spoons
Lemon  juice from whole lemon

Blend up in blender and pour in freezer pop holders.
Let freeze over night and then enjoy!

Well I'm off to get ready for my blood draw and pick up a few things at the store before the kiddos get home. The younger 2 have 1/2 days this week.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big News {wink wink***} and Funny Story~

This is the family picture from Olivia's birthday on Oct.4th
The baby is now 4yrs old!

We hope and pray to add a new baby to our family in Mid-June.

I had gone to MOPS the morning of Olivia's birthday and was feeling queasy and so I decided to take a pregnancy test upon arriving home......even though I used afternoon pee the test came back + positive!!!!! :)

I took about 6 other tests using 3 different brands over the next week....Why do us girls do that????

I have since had my pregnancy confirmed with 2 blood tests....
My hCG levels were 245 and then 48hours later 394.
So its on the low end of normal and I am pregnant.
DR.O ordered me to take 200mg of progesterone once a day at bedtime starting on day 14.
I have another blood test on Oct 24.

I called DR.O on Oct.5 and he sent my blood order and prescription for my compounded meds.
The mail (my paperwork) arrived at the wrong address and it was hand delivered by the people (1/2 mile up the road) 3 days after it came to their house! I was over due for my blood work!!!! I had called my DR's office (4 hours away) because I did not have my papers and my DR was out of town for 2 weeks on a family emergency!! I was beginning to really stress when the doorbell rang and this guy was holding my mail! He said my dad told my to bring this down.....he thought it looked important!
 Praise God he brought it! My baby's life is at stake!
It all worked out!

On Oct.5th I told Olivia the good sweet daughter had been wishing on dandelions seeds all summer long for a new baby.....she lights candles at church and prays.....she even used her birthday wish on wanting a new brother or sister....OK
the wish was really for 2 sisters and a brother.....hee hee!

I told Olivia to keep the news a secret.
My daughter.......was so excited but she told NO ONE!
But called me on it when I shared the news with a church friend at daily Mass!

Now here is the funny story I promised....

On Friday Oct.7 I called the whole family together and had Olivia give Hubby the red box with the pregnancy test that said PREGNANT!!!!
There was also a wash cloth in the box to serve as tissue paper.

Hubby takes the lid off, holds the test stick up and says
"What is this?"

Jackie yells, "Its a wash cloth, its a wash cloth!!!"
as she's standing in a chair trying to get a look inside the box!

Hubby takes the pregnancy stick and walks into the kitchen for more light then said, I need my glasses as he squints to read the word PREGNANCY!!!!

The kids were in the living room yelling and all excited. Hubby was in shock.
Not sure why, but that is how he always acts in the first few moments!

I have told a several people the good news and a few have said,
shouldn't you wait to tell people until you are at least 3 months along???

My answer to them is
"This is the day the Lord has made rejoice and be glad in it !!"

This baby is precious from the moment of conception whether I get to hold this baby in 9mo or in heaven like Christian. This baby needs prayers and love!
I know there are no guarantees....not even after the 3mo mark!

Life is precious!

Peace and Love,

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Taking a little break until next week.

Hi all,

I want to thank all of you who voted for me over at The Top 25 Big Family Blogs.
I came in 22nd.....just behind the Duggar's blog! It would not have been possible without your votes!
I have to fill out a interview form and a picture. It needs filled out by Oct.18.
I will be listed on the Top 25 Circle of Mom's website. More folks will be able to find my blog!

I will be taking a short blog break.......until the middle of next week. (Oct. 19 2011)

I have had a real busy month with Olivia's birthday (Oct.4), the death of my friends daughter,sports games, back to school open houses, daily Mass and MOPS. Oh and I went to audition for Wheel Of Fortune 2 night in a row (Oct. 5th and 6th)! My name was not drawn!

 I am also hosting a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Ceremony and Luncheon at our church to be held Oct. 15.  It has been 6 months of planing and now its crunch time. It should be a healing time for all the ladies that attend!

I have also been busy with Weight Watchers (I lost 6# in 4 weeks).  My W.W. leader Becky is the mother of an old acquaintance of mine,a girl named Rachel. I just found out tonight that Rachel's husband was killed in the war yesterday! Rachel and her 3 kiddos are stationed in New York....but she will be moving back soon and holding his funeral.

 I am also a part of the 40 Days For Life Campaign and pray at the Planned Parenthood once a week to end abortion.

I have had to go to the lab for a few blood draws to monitor my meds I have been on from my NaPro Dr. I also have had some drama from a blood order slip and med prescription that was delivered to the wrong address! My mail was hand delivered 3 days after it should have come!!!!!!!
 I was totally stressed.....but thankful it was delivered!

Next week I have to cook for our MOPS meeting and take dinner to a gal from our table that just had her baby.

I also might need to help watch a pregnant friend's home schooled kiddos.
Christine B. is in the hospital with a blood clot.

The fall weather has really set in here in the Pacific Northwest!

Rain, rain and a bit of wind and grey skies!
I have not been feeling to good this past week, my stomach has been queasy and I am just drained......I think it has been all this busyness. I look forward to some blog time sometime in the middle of next week when life slows down a bit! See ya when I get back to this space!!!!

Peace and Love,

Monday, October 3, 2011

One Last Day To VOTE!!!!

There is one last day to vote for The Garden Gate.....a Big Family blog!

You have until 5pm PST today October. 3 2011.
It seems that the voting still says OPEN and 
that it ends today October 4?
So I guess there is one more day! So please go vote!
You can vote once a day, so vote again if you have not voted today!
I really thank you!
(there are prizes for the Top 25 blogs.)

 Just go here to
 The Top 25 Big Family blogs and vote!
(tap this link)

Scroll down to my blog name The Garden Gate 
(you will see my picture) then tap the vote button.

I am coming in at 26th place.... the name IS the Top 25 blogs.......I really need some more votes.
I'm trailing by 5 as of now.

Thanks so much to all of you who are voting!
Thank you Thank you!

Peace and Joy,

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A look inside!

A few weeks ago I went to see Dr. Tom Curran's talk about encountering Jesus in the Mass, he touched a bit on the new translation that will start soon.
The talk was awesome (4 hours over 2 days) but he told me nothing new as I already have a true understanding of the Mass and the Catholic faith that I paractice daily (not just on Sundays).
 Dr. Curran did say that most Catholic teens often stop practicing their faith as an adult because they do not fully understand what the Mass is and where the different prayers etc. come from and what they mean. They have not connected themselves full to what is going on during the Mass.
I was awe struck as I entered Holy Rosary Church (located in the BIG city)
It was BIG and spacious and very blue with a large white alter! 
The blue was a dusty blue that reminded me of Christian Alexander (my baby I miscarried in Jan)!
As I steped inside Holy Rosary I felt such peace! So much so I wanted to share it on my blog!
Also I wanted to share my Catholic faith with those that read my blog that might misunderstand my beliefs. I have met some folks in real life that think Catholics don't have a  relationship with the Lord.

I think that folks not having a "relationship" with the Lord can take place in any church or faith background.
But to say "Catholics" as a whole don't have a real relationship is just crazy.

Some folks are just waiting for their ears to be tickled!
They skip around from church to church (even changing faiths) looking for some magic to happen.
I find that to be very sad.....a relationship with Jesus does not happen that way.

As Catholics we celebrate Mass and the Holy Eucharist.
Jesus spoke at the last supper and commanded,
"Take and eat, this is my body that I have given up for this in memory of me!" 
As Catholics we do this daily. (though not all folks can attend daily Mass.)

Our places of worship have many pictures and visual reminders of God's love for us.
We do not pray to statues....they are reminders that they were people just like us.
We have Holy a reminder of our baptism.
Mass is a real living reminder....a real connecting the past to the present.
Very powerful stuff!

We believe in the Trinity. God is three in one. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
All of the Mass is word for word in the bible and Jesus asked us to continue his mission in this way.
Mass is a reliving a retelling of the story that lead to Jesus's death.

I am proud of my Catholic faith and very much have a close relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on a daily basis. Jesus is not just a Sunday thing!

I pray you are having a great weekend.

While I am talking about faith related matters......
I went down to the Planned Parenthood to pray yesterday (for the first time)
and while I was there praying/singing a car pulled up driven by a guy and 2 girls got out and went inside.
After about 10 minutes the girls came back out and hopped in the car. As they were driving out of the parking lot the driver flagged our 40 Days For Life councilor over to his vehicle and said....
He and his girlfriend just decided to keep their baby. They had come to schedule an abortion.
There was only 5 of us praying.....along with my adorable daughter Olivia (almost 4yrs)
So powerful......our presence (in the light of GOD) helped changed their minds.

Peace and Love,