Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Wedding In The Blackberry Meadow!

Our current family picture!
My hubby and youngest daughter having a peacful moment outside!

In case this is your first time to my blog little sister just got married and ALL my kiddos (and my brothers kiddos)were in or got to help with the wedding! There are a few post about the festivities!

Noah was the official bubble boy....he handed out the bubbles and programs!
Olivia was a very tired flower girl!

My hubby and oldest son fighting with....I mean trying to pin on the boutonniere! (trying to spell it was just as hard,thank goodness for spell check!)
A princess can't be with out her white gloves! or Crown!
Olivia and Jackie were the cutest flowers girls!

Nick was the ring bearer.....the rings were pinned onto the sun flower!

Jarett,Jacob and Noah in line for cake! Don't they look just handsome?
I still have a few more pictures of the wedding I might share later in the week!
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Loyal Friend Blog Award~

I wanted to thank Suzanne from Suzanne's Shorelines for giving me a Loyal Friend award!
Suzanne is a real sweet lady that comes to my blog and gives me nice comments! She was the one that gave me my first blog award last fall! Suzanne has been a great blog friend and made my first year of bloggin' special!
Every ones blog is great in one way or the other!
Blog awards are just a way of giving a pat on the back to a friend or encouraging blog.
A way to let a fellow blogger know you enjoy their blog and friendship!
Some people (like me) choose to but the award on their sidebar....some chose not to!
The way blog awards are suppose to work:
1. Thank the person that gave you the award! (even if you decline)
2. Post about the award on your blog.
3 Pick 10 or less blogs to give the award.
4. Go to their blog and let them know!
5. Copy and Paste the Award on your blog if you wish!
Sometimes when you are given an award you might be in a busy spot in your life ie: just having a baby or sick child. So if for what ever reason you are unable to "PASS THE AWARD" on....thats ok! You can still except if you wish thats perfectly OK!
It is meant to be FUN....not to STRESS peolpe out!

If you don't "believe" in awards that is ok ....just be flattered, not upset with the giver!
Since this Award is called the Loyal Friend Award I would like to give it to the people behind the blogs that have made my first year of bloggin so special with all their wonderful comments!
Blogging is funner when people comment on your stuff!
I give the Loyal Friend Award to:
Trudy is a very sweet gal that leaves the best comments!
I would love to meet you one day!
Christine has been one of the first few to come by and read my blog giving me such wonderful comments...she also gave me my Kreativ Blog Award! I so much would love to meet her one day too and see her BIG red mixer!
Amy has been with me this first blog year! Amy is an awesome writer....everything she writes about comes to life! So go check out her blog! I want to meet her too one day!
Joy Of 8
Christine has been coming by my blog for the past few months and always has something nice to say!She lives the closest to me so maybe I will get to meet her in person!
Seeking the Ancient Paths
Kris has been leaving comments on my blog since I started blogging last Fall! She is awesome!
I would love to meet her one day a see her veggie garden!
Adriana has been a great blog friend with much in common! She is a wonderful gal from Germany and always warms my heart with her lovely comments! I have a tough time reading her blog but love to go visit and see what she's up to!
Ann is a new blog friend...we have a lot in common! She lives in Australia and I would so love to go visit her and meet her family one day!
I hope I did not forget anyone.....I love everyone that comes to my blog!
Thanks for making bloggin fun for me!
There is still time to enter my to ALL! Just scroll down!
Blessings All,

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Stroll @ Edgefield

There were many cute little buildings nestled on Edgefield Winery grounds! The spread holds 5 restaurants,a cigar room,pubs and pool halls,golf greens,veggy gardens, fields of wine grapes,a park,banquet halls,spa and pool as well as a small inn! The place is loaded with paintings....some in frames some just murals right on the wall! The place was full of people the night life was hoppin'! You could here music and laughter of a few wedding receptions taking place!

My sisters room at the inn was located in this hall, the same building as the Black Rabbit Restaurant and the Barley Room where the rehearsal dinner was held! Just a quick walk through this cute library lounge and you were to her room!

Here is a look out the library window.......

There were courtyards with patio seating for the many restaurants guests!

We took a quick walk up to the Blackberry Meadow and Hall to see where the BIG event would take place! (This was the front of the Black Rabbit Restaurant as I was walking away up the hill)

It was starting to get dark the night of the rehearsal dinner so some of these pictures were taken the next day when I when to help my sister make the boutonnieres and bouquets for the wedding!
What a cool entrance to a garden! My heart skipped a beat when I saw this red door!

It beckoned me to enter and follow the path.....until my dad called to say I need to make hast back to Best Western! I needed to retrieve my kiddos so Mom could get her hair done for the wedding!
The garden was huge and I only had time to snap a few more pictures before heading back!

The place was just lovely!
I hope I didn't bore you with my pictures? favorite picture is the one of the red door!
Stay tune for pictures of the Wedding...maybe next week sometime?.....ALL my kiddos were in it and looked very stunning!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Roasted Corn.... Fresh From The Garden~

The corn in my garden did not get to big but the ears got mature enough to eat!
I planted 5 kinds of corn but have no idea what was what when we ate bad!
One of them was really good but I don't know what kind it was!? Lesson learned!

I planted Bodacious,Honey Sweet,Spring Treat,White Pearl and a Ruby Red!

I put some corn seeds here then some there....the crows got some seeds and the chickens got some, so I put some more corn seeds there then get the point! This was my learning year!

What is your favorite corn?

If you would like you can go here to read ALL my Garden Adventure posts!

Happy Harvesting to all!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Garden Beef Stew~

These two beautiful and very talented girls of mine were so excited to gather the veggies from our garden on their quest to make Garden Beef Stew!
In the garden they found carrots (of many colors) some potatoes,tomatoes,bell pepper,zucchini,onion and a few herbs.....parsley, thyme and oregano!
I also added a sweet potato and some celery...from the store;(

They looked so cute trotting across the yard with there full baskets of vegetable finds!

Clean and chop all the veggies! Put in a big pot and stir......add 1 box of French Onion stock,
some tomato paste and a dash of Worcestershire Sauce (War sauce)......

Brown up some stew meat and add some flour to use as a thickener!
Put veggies and meat together and cook all day! (I usually start off using my crock pot for this kind of thing but my counters were full) I then HAD to get it out because my cast iron pot was not big enough! Messy Messy!

You can't have Garden Beef Stew without homemade bread!Here is Olivia keeping a close eye on the bread going in the bread maker I bought from our neighbors garage sale for only $5.00! (I already have one but wanted another) With a large family one bread maker was just not enough and now 2 kiddos can help without bickering! (I think Olivia calls the new one) hee heeI also bought a battery powered lantern for $1.00 and the batteries still work! I'm ready for winter when the power goes out!

Thanks for coming by!
If this is your first time here WELCOME! I'm having a giveaway to celebrate my first year of bloggin' to enter scroll down to find the giveaway post!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner was held in the Black Rabbit Restaurant Bar and Grill at the Edgefield Winery in Portland Oregon!
The grounds are set up like a private town with 5 different restaurants and a small old fashion style inn (my sister stayed there)! There was a golf course and gardens every where!
My sisters wedding would be held on the grounds in the Blackberry Meadows the following day with the reception in the Hall located next to the meadow!

The Edgefield Winery is located at the mouth of the Columbia River Gorge at McMenamins Edgefield on the site of the historic Multnomah County Poor Farm (ca. 1911).

The site was just beautiful! I love old places and things with history, I was on cloud nine!

I love rabbits and gardens and they were every where! So felt magical (a true beauty from God!)

Jackie(4) will be a flower girl,Nick(10) will be the ringbearer and Noah(7) will be a greeter, handing out bubbles and programs.

The dinner was wonderful and a awesome time was had by all! The minister finally arrived so everyone practiced and went over the plans for the next day!
After going over the plans we ALL took a stroll around the grounds and up to the Blackberry Meadow! (there was a reception going on in the hall that night.)

Jackie was tired....she had swam all day back at the hotel! She is enjoying a rest on Jacobs(12)lap! Jacob was one of the ushers!
Jarett(15) my oldest son was also an usher.
My daughter with my nephew JR (above)
My sister (bride) with my other daughter (below)
My sister gave all the people in the wedding a special gift!
A few of my boys got an engraved harmonica (their name and date) and my oldest got an engraved money clip! My girls go a ladybug stuffed animal and I got a handmade necklace (my sister made for all the bridesmaids and I)

Olivia(23mo) was a flower girl with her big sister Jackie!
I will post pictures of our stroll through the grounds, our hotel stay and then some of the BIG event over the next few days!
Thanks for stoppin' by and don't forget to enter my giveaway!

Monday, August 24, 2009

My First Giveaway!

August 24-September 7@ Midnight

Today is my one year blog anniversary!
So to celebrate I'm hosting my very first giveaway!

I will be giving away ALL to one lucky (blessed)person!

A blank Mothers Journal -with quote on the inside
Burt's Bees Peppermint Shower Soap (my favorite)
Small Bag of Ghiradelli Double Chocolate Coffee
1 Apple Dish Towel (with my favorite thinks written on it.)
1 Tea Dish Towel (with tea cups and stuff on it.)

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Winner will be chosen Tuesday(Sept.8) or Wednesday(9th)and posted on my blog!

To get a second entry become a follower and let my know!
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Be sure to leave me a way to contact you in case you are the BIG winner!

Thank you to all who stop by to enter and say hi!
I love to meet new blog friends!

Thank you to all my friends I've made this first year bloggin' it has been fun to have you come by and read my blog and say hi! I love the friendships I've made! You ALL have made it a great year for me!

A BIG shout out to Amy from Raising Arrows,Trudy from The Grasshopper and Suzanne from Suzannes Shorlines they have been such Loyal Blog friends making my 1st blog year just awesome! I have an Award for you...I will post it later this week!


Post edit: I will be closing the giveaway on September 7 @ midnight NOT on September 14th like I originally posted. I had my dates wrong....I wanted to leave the giveaway open for only 2 weeks not 3!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Taking Time To Regroup.....

Well I'm back and the wedding went great! (I will post pics next week)
It was so fun to see everyone and get to visit...we all stayed at the Best Western! The family booked 17 rooms! With many bunking together to share expenses. It was quit the POW WOW!
I've been home for only 2 days but my uncle Cy and his son(11ys) followed us home from our trip to the wedding/family reunion. So we had impromptu house guests to entertain for a few days. We took them to the wildlife park near our house and they left this morning. It was a JOY to have them....Uncle Cy lives in Canada and is my favorite uncle! He is ssssooo COOL! I hope to go up to Canada for a visit this fall!

I now must pack up to go on a 2 day boyscout camping trip with our family of 8!
We leave tomorrow! Pack....unpack.....pack.....eeekkkk!

Next week things will hopefully slow down a bit so I can post pics of the wedding and other stuff as well as post my 1 yr. blog anniversary giveaway!

I pray all is well with everyone!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nothing Better Than.....

coffee and visiting with family!

These past few weeks have been just awesome!
We have had a lot of family in town to visit with on the account of my sisters up coming wedding. Much of the family(relatives) has left town (here) to travel to the wedding site a few hours away.
Many more relatives have been arriving from back east(PA),up from California and down from Canada to watch the BIG event!
I can hardly wait to travel down to the wedding site and see the rest of my Aunts,Uncles,cousins and their kids! My mom is from a family of 9! Many of my Aunts and Uncles had 3-6 kiddos each that are now grown and have there own kids!

Well there is much to do and a car to pack up so we can join the rest of the relatives for coffee and visits!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Continuous Beauty!

This is a picture of my first Sunflower to bloom here in my Rambling Garden @ My Bluebird Cottage!
This flower reminds me of my Mom.....though it looks old it still has its beauty! The sunflower will be food for the winter birds much like my Moms love and wisdom feeds me!
Thanks for stoppin' by my blog and stay tune in the next week or so for my first blog giveaway!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Porch Party~

Porches have been a gathering spot for centuries!
Down south people can be found shelling peas and sipping sweet tea!
People wait for and welcome guest into their home from the porch!
Front porches are a place to gather with the neighbors and visit to catch up on news! (No gossip allowed)
Welcome to my porch and my blog!

I'm participating in a porch party over @ Lynnette's blog
Barefoot On Weathered Ground.

Go over to her blog to check out other porches and to participate!

Here are 10 things about me to get to know me better!

1. I love to cook (not bake)
2. I love to vacuum the therapeutic!
3 I'm married to a wonderful man who is in the construction trade.
4. We have 6 kiddos ages 15-1 and would love to have more if its God's plan for us!
5. I love to shop thrift stores and antique shops! I love old things!
6. I love going to MOPS! (Mothers Of Preschoolers....its a christian group!
7. I love dinners! A day of total rest!
8. I collect tea cups and hostess a friendship tea party at my house once a year!
I make tea sandwiches and stuff. Its a sit down lunch so only 7 people can come each year!
9. I love to take pictures!
10. I love walking through my Rambling Garden! I love to watch the progression and growth! I enjoy watching my kiddos exploring the bugs and seeing their delight at finding ripe produce that needs picked!

Bonus things about me:

I love being a Mom and Wife.....I will be homeschooling Noah my 2nd grader in the fall!
I love old houses and barn....I love history!
I'm glad my boy Nick (10) will be taking a 2nd year of violin lessons!
I've been good about returning my library items on time all summer! Hee Hee!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Hands Of Time.....

One generation to the next.....sitting on the porch shelling peas! Gramdma shelling peas and sharing stories from the past as only a grandma can do! Its been a JOY to have my mom in town......passing down the domestic arts with my girls and I!
I plan to bake a chicken pot pie with some of our sweet peas and freeze the rest!
The weather here has cooled and we are due to get some rain soon! So I figure a little comfort food is in order!
Here in the Pacific Northwest the smell of fall is upon us! There is a certain crispness in the air! Only 4 weeks until the State Fair! (I keep telling myself not to rush things.....I will miss summer)

Well, I have a bit of laundry to catch up on book calling my name so I'm off!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Living A Fruitful Life!

My mom and daughter in the garden sharing a love of watering on a HOT summer evening!

Harvesting the produce in a timely manner has been a challenge for me these past few weeks!
The garden waits for no one!
With out of town guests, 2 weeks of VBS and a garden that needs watering nightly in all the hot weather we have had lately.... I have been very tired!
The garden has been giving us a BIG bounty during my full schedule! I have been busy picking and storing peas, beans,beets,zucchini,peppers and chamomile! (after a full day of VBS)
I have yet to deal with my carrots and cabbage!

My calender for the next 2 weeks is going to be crazy! I have my sister's out of town wedding to attend,more out of town company coming and a camping trip to go on!
I'm so not use to this fast pace schedule, but the kids are loving all the trips and visits from family! Things should start to slow down the last week of August!
I want to do a giveaway to celebrate my 1 year blog anniversary! (Aug.24)
So stay tuned to see what I'll be giving away.....and tell ALL your friends! My blog traffic has been very slow this summer! I hope this fall when everyone is in snuggle-in mode things will be different!
I pray all is well with everyone! I have not had much time to blog or read you'lls blogs! I will be back soon!