Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Backyard Fun!

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I pray everyone had a safe weekend!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Many Hats!

My computer is still throwing fits! I hear that the problem is coming from the blogger end of things. It is not my computer or any thing I or my girls(as I was suspecting)did to it!
Its a miracle that I was able to keep my blog on and from going to a white screen so I could post today. My Garden Gate blog is the only one of my 3 that has been effected with difficulties.
It took me 5 attempts to keep my blog from going to a white screen. When I go to post this,it will probably not let my view my blog.
Then the frustrating cycle seems to begin again! Its not just my blog that has been doing this, a few other have reported the same difficulties!
I pray it gets resolved soon once and for all!

Many Hats.....

I have been wearing many hats being the mother of 6 and wife to one. Cooking,cleaning, keeper of the clothes, teaching,chauffeur,listener,helper,entertainer,gardener,
scraped knee fixer and the list goes on!

There are baths to give,diapers to change,kiddos to snuggle,stories to read,naps to give....and take(boy that sounds good)

The kiddos are nearing the end of school so there will be one last violin concert for Nick(9),a bike parade for Jackie(4) and many other field trips and parties at school with the rest of my arrows!

I have a busy schedule for the next few months.
We have out of town family coming to visit this summer,a messy house that needs cleaned before they get here,camp outs to attend,2 VBS (vacation bible school) to attend and volunteer,a bridle shower to through for my sister and a her wedding to attend at the end of summer!

We have baseball,BBQ's,trips to the lake for swimming and using our boat!
There are berries to pick in our secret mountain spot by the pond!
There are zoos and a wild life park to go to.....we are members of both.
There are beaches,street fairs,farmers markets and antique shops to see.
The list goes on and on!

I have a garden to tend and swimmers to watch in the backyard pool! (with a toddler and a 4yr old plus ALL the other kiddos,I will be like a hawk out there....and not in at the computer.)
There is sweet tea and lemonade to drink and a few books to read!

There are things to paint and home improvements to do while the weather is nice!

There are sunsets to see, night stars to watch,bikes to ride and walks to take!

With much to do and a blog that does not always work correctly I will be in and out with my postings. I only have about 20 or so minutes each day for the computer.
It might be hard for me to read all my friends blogs. But I'm still here and will visit when I can....I love you all!

I am taking time to slow down for what is important like....tea or coffee with a friend! Conversation with those I love! Picnics with other families. Prayer with Jesus and church on Saturday.(we now go to Saturday 5:00pm).
Relaxation and quality family time on Sunday!

So many hats to wear so little time!

My comments go to my email so if you are able to view my blog and want to say hi! Please do!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two Peas From My Pod!

Editors Note:
{I was very grumpy and tired when I originally posted this last night. So I have come back today refreshed and thinking a bit clearer and wanted change a few things and to write about life.}

These two girls of mine have been quit a pair the last few days! Olivia (20mo) can open the gate to the kitchen,loves to get into my purse, going straight for my lip stick!

Jackie(4)has been leading Olivia into things they both are not to be in!
It seems to be a challenge for me right now to keep the girls busy doing something while I'm trying to get something else done!

Both girls were trying there hands at bloggin' yesterday! They pounded on the key board and moved the mouse around....doing something not so good to my Garden Gate blog. A few windows to the hard drive and discs were open when they got done. I should have looked at them a bit closer before I closed them. Because now my computer acts funny when I try to go to my blog!
My computer will go to my blog then freeze up and say Internet explorer could not find my address aborting mission! I can't scroll or anything. Then the page goes white and the address in the open window has a bunch of letters and numbers and says frame error or something... blah blah blah! And gets stuck in limbo thinking! I could go to my 2 other blogs no problem!

I called my dad and a computer geek for help! I then called Dell for help and could hardly understand the lady on the other end...I was frusterated! Then I turned around to find Jackie(4) and Olivia(20mo) covered head to toe with my last and favorite lipstick! Yesterday seemed very LONG!

So needless to say I have been stressed out today trying to get this figured out! One minute it seems fix then it does the same thing again! It took me all day to get it fixed....I pray this will post and tomorrow I won't have the same problem....or any other problem for that matter!!!


I got a good nights rest and my husband prayed over me this morning at 5:30am to have a better day and it seems to be working! God is good!

Children's development is always changing and Olivia can do more and more. Jackie helps her sister learn what fun things are to get into! They do have fun together!

My parenting and how I structure my day must to change too. I must have a plan that keeps 2 kiddos busy and not fighting or off into stuff if I want to get something done. Its more work on my part right now but the pay off will be high!

Life was easier when Olivia(20mo) was more of a baby! Now its time to be firm but fun with my teaching! Gentle in my training as not to brake her spirit!
I love the challenge! (I'm pretty good about keeping my patience.)

Many people ask me how I do it with 6 kiddos?
I tell them it like the ebb and flow of the ocean. It can be tough when ALL the kiddos are little but then eases off. It goes back and forth that way at different stages in family life! God gets us through the tough times then it gets easier for a while.

If life was always easy we would never grow as a person or a family in Christ!

I pray all are having a blessed and productive day!

We are off to the park and my teenagers Ortho appt. (maybe to Costco too?)

My computer is still acting funny...I probley made it worse by clicking stuff!
I don't feel so stressed today about it!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cooking With Garlic

Remember to silence my play list!

I love to cook with garlic! I thought others might enjoy watching and learning a few tips on all the fun ways to cook up the yummy bulb!

I find garlic to be delicious on and in just about any dish! My favorite way to serve garlic is to roast it and make my own white garlic sauce for homemade chicken pizza. Garlic is just divine in mashed potatoes and in herb roasted potatoes!

I use garlic in much of my cookin' here in my Rustic Kitchen!

Hope you are all having an Awesome day!

Post edit 5/24/09
I just went out into the garden and planted some garlic! I hope it turns out? I think planting time for garlic is in the fall? just like other bulbs!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Celebrating Goes On~

The past few days have been beyond busy and I have not had time to post or read other blogs! With the sun showing its beautiful face more and more, the out doors have been calling my name!

Thursday-Saturday's Busy Events....

Jackie's Birthday Dinner
Snack for Jackie's pre-school
Nick's orchestra concert
Lunch with Auntie (to celebrate Jackie's B-day)
MOPS bunco nite out
Baseball games then team pictures
Gardening...planting more seedlings,weed and water
Saturday Mass with Arch Bishop residing
Backyard BBQ (at 8pm) dinner is always good!

Of course there is the daily:
3 loads of dishes
3 loads of laundry
3 meals to cook
Baths,diapers changes,stories to read and decluttering!

Well I have had a very blessed and FULL day...so I'm off to bed!

I pray all of you are having a productive weekend!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Jackie~

This is a picture of her last year on her 3rd birthday!

Jackie is 4 today! May 14,2009
She was born on a warm Saturday afternoon 6 days after mothers day in May 2005.
She was a planned home birth (my 2nd) Jackie was our first girl after 4 boys.
The smell of roses filled the room and everyone was all eyes to see her birth.
The kiddos all had their own camera to take pictures.

~~~~~~~ Jacqueline Rose

This is her birth story~

Jacqueline Rose was 4 days late and gave us quite a scare when she stopped moving 2 days before her birth! We were filled with fear but a ultra sound gave us some reassurance things were going ok! She barley passed the test, but there was a heart beat and some movement, that was good news for us. It was difficult but we tried to rest easy.
My water broke(Fri.)at about 8pm a few hours after my ultra sound. Painful contractions started later that night but never took on a regular pattern until about 11am the next morning. My midwife came over about 10 am and stayed through the birth (about 4:30pm Sat.)

Jacqueline Rose was born May 14 at about 2pm in the afternoon. She was 9#11oz

She was beautiful! Her eye were open...the soft music was playing. Then the neighbor boy yelled up to the open window...when can Jacob(8) come back out! Hee Hee
After all it was a warm Saturday afternoon and there was playing to do!
The joys of a home birth!

My mother in law made me a nice lunch and a fruit smoothie! She made some steak soup to have for dinner later if we got hungry. Hubby thanked her for all her help and said, she should go home for the night. He thought he could take care of the rest of the night until she came back in the morning. Boy was he wrong!

The birth was physically hard on me and I was relieved when it was over.
We finally had a girl in the family (God planned her for us). We always left the door open to more kiddos, but she took us by surprise. God knew what we needed!

Everyone had gone home...it was just me,hubby(Carl) and the kiddos. Carl was trying to give the boys their bath.....when trouble began to show its ugly face. Things started to go wrong. Nick(5) was right by my side the whole time!

The next day(Sun.)I had plans! It was to be a fun day bathing the baby and taking pictures. I wanted all the kiddos to help and have fun getting to know their new sister. I knew they would enjoy helping with her first bath! The plan was to get a good nights rest and feel refreshed in the morning! Then have a relaxing day with family and good food! And ooggle over the new baby! That never happened.....
little did I know what was going on in my body and what was about to happen just 6 hrs. after Jackie's birth!

Hubby with Nick(5) and Jackie a few hours old!
I looked terrible so I cropped myself out! Nick was by my side through labor ,delivery and after! He got to cut the cord! He was curious about the whole thing and was the most excited about having a baby in the house! (Nick has a orchestra concert tonight and wants to have the group do Happy Birthday for his sister)He brought me a banana to eat after the birth and summoned his dad when I was going into shock and in need of a
911 call!

I started to hemorrhage at about 7:30pm that night while in the bathroom. We called the midwife to see what to do. She told hubby to massage my uterus. We thought all was good! But...
About 1hr later Jackie was crying and would not latch on so I sat up get in a better position to feed and I felt a BIG gush. I heard a REALLY LOUD WHISTLING in my ears...... fell back and blacked out for a second then went into convolutions!
I was in FULL shock!
I was hot one minute then cold and shaking the next! I told my husband to call 911 and get me an ambulance!

My hubby was in disbelief! Yes...his wife needed a ambulance!
His mom had gone home for the night and things were not calm!
911 was called and he tried to sound calm as the kiddos were all watching.
Carl my husband then called his mom to hurry back over!

My husband,baby and Mother in Law followed in hubby's truck. (the sun roof glass broke and caved in all over the three of them before they drove off). The glass must have had a fracture? No one was hurt...Jackie was wrapped in her blanket. It was just a big mess and slowed them up from following the ambulance!

I was given a double IV and pumped with fluids and pitocin to contract my uterus and get the bleeding to stop! It was like being in labor all over again!
I tried to breastfeed my crying baby but it was not working! Jackie just flailed around and was very upset!
The nurse said, my body is not giving food for the baby right now because it was in survival mode! Jackie was put on a bottle. I was sad! This was far from the peaceful night I had planned with my new baby!

The nurses kind of snubbed me for "having a home birth gone bad". They kind of snickered at me as though this would not have happened if I had be in the hospital the whole time! This could have happened in a hospital too. Having a home birth did not have anything to do with it.

The doctor and I decided she would not give me a blood transfusion but let my body do the work to rebuild my blood supply. There is always a risk when getting someone elses blood.
My crit was 24 so....
I should expect to be extra tired and dizzy. Not to drive the car for a few weeks!
I was in tears as I hurt every where and had a baby I could not feed! I felt helpless!
I stayed on the labor and delivery floor for 2 days. I pumped my milk and got back on track with breastfeeding.
My baby was not a patient so the nurses did nothing to help take care of her. Jackie was 4 days old before she got her first bath! She was beginning to smell funny!
I was traumatized!


I was only home for 10 days when I was having collar bone pain and difficulty breathing when I was laying down. We called the OB doc that I was assigned to in the hospital.

She told me to go straight to the ER as I was having a PE...pulmonary embolism. That blood clots were the #1 killer of women that have just had a baby!

I was scared and full of fear! I was in a lot of PAIN! My symptoms been going on for 36 hrs and getting worse before we called the doctor.

I was admitted through the ER and stayed in the hospital for 5 days in the critical care unit! The pain was unbelievable and I had a high fever. My body was twitching with pain.

I did not have the strength to even hold my new baby! The whole right side of my body was swollen. I could not lift my right arm! Breastfeeding was out....for now at least!

My husband stayed in the chapel(because the lights were dim for sleeping). He tied the string from his sweat pants to her carrier. I told him nobody better steal her while he was sleeping or else!
He and the baby could not sleep in my room because I had to share it with a old lady.
So he and Jackie stayed the entire 5 days I was there sleeping nights in the chapel! My husband is an Awesome man!

My husbands mom and dad were back at the house taking care of the rest of the kiddos.
They were a life saver! We were truly thankful for them. My mom was not able to fly up from Arizona because she was recovering from surgery. This was the only birth she had to miss! :(

I was put on 6 months of Coumadin (blood thinner) and had to get my blood numbers (CCI&R) tested every 3 days. I had to get a full blood draw each time at the hospitals lab. I was waiting for an opening at the Coumadin clinic (8week wait). At the clinic its like a diabetic finger prick! My veins were getting so sore!

I was told by the lung doctor breastfeeding my baby was out! (because Coumadin is rat poison). But the lactation consultant checked her books and said,it was fine. I was relieved. It did take hard work to get back on track with breastfeeding but I did it. I would not except anything else!
I rented the hospitals double pump. It cut my time in half...it was $26.00 for the month and was so worth it. I only needed it for that first month!

We have all come a long way from the day I lay in a hospital bed wondering if I would live!
Wondering who would watch my daughter grow up I it were not me? Who would watch her twirl in her dress when she was three? Who would teach her to cook and play doll house with her?

I cried out to God that night.....I don't want to die! I don't want to die! The nurses had to come in and comfort me. I could here my new baby down the hall crying for her momma. Hungry with no bottles or food! My husband in shock of what to do.
I sent the nurses down to help him! They took him over to labor and delivery for some help.

I truly thank God every day for my life and for the life of my kiddos and husband. God can take us at any time! I treasure every moment with them.
Jackie is a true delight to this family and is often featured on my blog! i just love her so much...words can't really describe the great JOY she brings to me and this family!

(pictured is Noah(2) and Myself with Jackie(1 week old)

Well it has been 4 years and another blessing later (Olivia Oct.07) and life is good! Jackie has 4 brothers and a baby sister to play with and love.

With all that I had gone through after the birth of Jackie in 2005,family and friends were very shocked that we would have yet another child (Olivia Oct.07).

We believe children are a blessing! We are happy with our family but would gladly welcome anymore blessings God would like to give us!
We were happy God blessed us with Olivia in 2007 ....I told Jackie God gave her this sister! They will have each other through life if I'm not there!
That is comforting to me and makes me happy!

Happy Birthday Girl!

You are truly a blessing to this family!



Wordless Wednesday

The Joys of a great backyard BBQ!

Good food and good friends!

Have a Awesome and productive day!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

What I Love About Sundays~

Pictured is a very small Catholic church in the town we used to live in...we went there occasionally. The big church in the next town had more going on for the kiddos.
So we went to the big one as our main church.

I love Sundays! Our family takes a laid back approach to the day!
I just love Mass and visiting with my church family afterwards!
I love to sing at church and as I like to say...get the Spirit on me!
I'm not the best singer...but I sing with all my heart!
This song....says it all!

Other things I love about Sunday is:

Praising God for ALL our blessings
singing songs at Church
spending the day as a family...with no where to rush off to except church
the smell of bacon an pancakes
watching the kiddos catch frogs at the church grotto
long family walks and bike rides
working in my garden
sports games in the backyard
a call to my mom & dad
watching old movies
reading a good book
the smell of dinner in the slow cooker
and bread in the bread machine
clippin' coupons I will never use...while taking a bubble bath!

Oh the joy of Sunday! Sunday is by far my favorite day!

That's What I Love About Sundays!

What do you love about Sundays?
Leave me a comment!



Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Blessed and Very Full Life~

My days have been getting very busy! I'm trying to balance indoor cleaning with outdoor play and gardening! The dishes and the laundry are the hardest for me to keep up on with a large family! I say that is why God invented doors...so we can close it and the mess is gone! That theory only works for so long! EEEKKKK!

The kiddos baseball schedule is getting a bit crazy at times but we seem to manage! (some of the games were canceled because of rain...thank you God!)

Today I had a friend over for lunch....we had grilled cheese sandwiches on homemade bread with homemade tomato soup. For dessert we had banana bread....yes I made that too!

I have been going through a earthy phase or some thing....I think its all the digging in the dirt I've done lately?

There are so many things I would love to blog about but it seems to take me about 3hrs to put a post together. I have a hard time concentrating long enough to put my thoughts down on the computer. I seem to get tired early in the evening and my bed, books and a cup of warm tea call my name real loud!

I have been reading : Garden Anywhere by Alys Fowler $18.00 at Fred Myers.
and a cookbook called: Almost Vegetarian by Diana Shaw. it was $1.00 on the used book table at Safeway!

Tomorrow Hubby and I are going to a dinner party and awards for Hubbys work.
Hubby was nominated for Team Player of the Year! I pray he wins! There were only 4 people nominated! There will be a raffles and games with really good prizes after dinner.

Saturday 3 boys have baseball games and then we are going to a BBQ at a friends house. Our oldest son has a tournament (Sat.& Sun.) that he will have to find a car pool for Saturdays games!

Sunday is church,gardening and relaxation! Hubby will have to take our oldest son to his tournament baseball games!

Have a great Mother's Day weekend if I don't post tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Some how telling our kids "DON"T TOUCH A THING IN THERE.....AND I MEAN IT" makes us feel a little better!?
It helps if you say it more than once....while your kid is in there bumpin' around!

You're not in there touchin stuff are ya?

There are more Wordless Wednesdays over at 5 Minutes For Mom!


Monday, May 4, 2009

Beauty In The Garden~

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********Silence my play list*****

I was on my way home from renting the tiller for the garden on Saturday when what to my wondering eyes should appear?
No not a sleigh!.....better than that!

A truck pulling a trailer full of gardening things.... 40 feet of light weight fencing,a trellis and (6)large buckets with rope handles,(7)small patio containers and 1 large clay pot. It was all headed for the DUMP!

Someone was going to pay to throw it all away! I followed them in to the dump and they loaded me up!
I was praying for some light weight fencing to keep the kids,chickens and dog out of seeded beds until they sprout! God answered my prayer! God also asked me to be faithful to the work in my garden! Not to get lazy about things....I will not be perfect but will certainly stay focused!

God is good....so good to me!

Today is the day the Lord has made rejoice and be glad!


Rainy Day Baseball~

Saturday was a rainy day of baseball!

Noah did a AWESOME job with the bat!

The girls had lots of friends to play with and plenty of pine cones to collect from under the trees!

I had to miss Nick's game as it was at the same time different place. Dad and I will have to swap off. The schedule is like that all season!

I did get to go to my oldest sons double header on Friday! He is playing JR high ball and is on a select team! The sun was out for his game and I got the cutest pictures of the girls picking mini daisies!

Today I will be out to finish planting my garden! We tilled the ground this weekend..after baseball(and between the rain showers).
I will post about the cool thing that happened to me after I rented the tiller from the garden place! I can tell you though....GOD IS GOOD!

......after one more cup of coffee its off to the garden...then into a hot shower. The weather here is cold and over cast....no rain yet! I pray it will hold off until I'm done outside!

Have a Blessed and Productive day!

Tomorrow I have MOPS in the morning and its my tables turn to cook so I might have to post late!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Trip To The City~

We had a fun time going into the city for the FREE Friday at the Children's museum!
We park FREE by my favorite bakery then take the FREE trolley to the last stop and then walk a few blocks!

The kiddos made some art,played make believe at the fruit stand, sandwich shop and Indian village!

Nick read some stories and made a movie!
Jackie played with the Indian baby doll and fishing boat!
Olivia had fun playing in the sink!

Art is always the favorite with my kiddos!

I liked stoppin' in at my favorite bakery!

My hubby was concerned about my taking the kids to a crowded place with all of the swine flu stuff in the news! I almost did not go.

I'm glad I decided to go because there was only one other family there! The place was empty! The employees were cleaning and wiping every thing since there was nothing for them to do!

This weekend will be full of kids baseball games,a Cinco de Mayo party,spaghetti dinner fundraiser and church. I will also do a little work in the garden and relax out back!

Have a blessed weekend~ see ya on Monday!