Monday, May 4, 2009

Beauty In The Garden~

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********Silence my play list*****

I was on my way home from renting the tiller for the garden on Saturday when what to my wondering eyes should appear?
No not a sleigh!.....better than that!

A truck pulling a trailer full of gardening things.... 40 feet of light weight fencing,a trellis and (6)large buckets with rope handles,(7)small patio containers and 1 large clay pot. It was all headed for the DUMP!

Someone was going to pay to throw it all away! I followed them in to the dump and they loaded me up!
I was praying for some light weight fencing to keep the kids,chickens and dog out of seeded beds until they sprout! God answered my prayer! God also asked me to be faithful to the work in my garden! Not to get lazy about things....I will not be perfect but will certainly stay focused!

God is good to me!

Today is the day the Lord has made rejoice and be glad!



  1. That is just awesome!

    Have a wonderful day! :)

  2. Hi, Georgiann!
    Loving your photos, as usual!
    They brighten my day!

  3. You're so resourceful - love that you were brave enough to get your little garden treasures. Love the picture with your two girls and the dandelions. They look like they were really going to enjoy picking them. I'm not a gardener but this year for the first time I planted tomatoes. If it goes well we'll plant more next year.

    You'll have to show us more pictures soon - the result of all your hard work.

  4. Oh yeah!! God is so awesome!! One man's trash is another man's ("woman's" in this case!!) treasure!! Know what you mean about remaining faithful in the garden. I want so much to use up all that I grow and let no good produce end up in the compost pile cause I didn't get around to doing something with it!!

  5. That makes me want to stalk the dump....


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