Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Trip To The City~

We had a fun time going into the city for the FREE Friday at the Children's museum!
We park FREE by my favorite bakery then take the FREE trolley to the last stop and then walk a few blocks!

The kiddos made some art,played make believe at the fruit stand, sandwich shop and Indian village!

Nick read some stories and made a movie!
Jackie played with the Indian baby doll and fishing boat!
Olivia had fun playing in the sink!

Art is always the favorite with my kiddos!

I liked stoppin' in at my favorite bakery!

My hubby was concerned about my taking the kids to a crowded place with all of the swine flu stuff in the news! I almost did not go.

I'm glad I decided to go because there was only one other family there! The place was empty! The employees were cleaning and wiping every thing since there was nothing for them to do!

This weekend will be full of kids baseball games,a Cinco de Mayo party,spaghetti dinner fundraiser and church. I will also do a little work in the garden and relax out back!

Have a blessed weekend~ see ya on Monday!


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  1. Looks like a very fun museum! I wish we had more places like that in our area!


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