Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two Peas From My Pod!

Editors Note:
{I was very grumpy and tired when I originally posted this last night. So I have come back today refreshed and thinking a bit clearer and wanted change a few things and to write about life.}

These two girls of mine have been quit a pair the last few days! Olivia (20mo) can open the gate to the kitchen,loves to get into my purse, going straight for my lip stick!

Jackie(4)has been leading Olivia into things they both are not to be in!
It seems to be a challenge for me right now to keep the girls busy doing something while I'm trying to get something else done!

Both girls were trying there hands at bloggin' yesterday! They pounded on the key board and moved the mouse around....doing something not so good to my Garden Gate blog. A few windows to the hard drive and discs were open when they got done. I should have looked at them a bit closer before I closed them. Because now my computer acts funny when I try to go to my blog!
My computer will go to my blog then freeze up and say Internet explorer could not find my address aborting mission! I can't scroll or anything. Then the page goes white and the address in the open window has a bunch of letters and numbers and says frame error or something... blah blah blah! And gets stuck in limbo thinking! I could go to my 2 other blogs no problem!

I called my dad and a computer geek for help! I then called Dell for help and could hardly understand the lady on the other end...I was frusterated! Then I turned around to find Jackie(4) and Olivia(20mo) covered head to toe with my last and favorite lipstick! Yesterday seemed very LONG!

So needless to say I have been stressed out today trying to get this figured out! One minute it seems fix then it does the same thing again! It took me all day to get it fixed....I pray this will post and tomorrow I won't have the same problem....or any other problem for that matter!!!


I got a good nights rest and my husband prayed over me this morning at 5:30am to have a better day and it seems to be working! God is good!

Children's development is always changing and Olivia can do more and more. Jackie helps her sister learn what fun things are to get into! They do have fun together!

My parenting and how I structure my day must to change too. I must have a plan that keeps 2 kiddos busy and not fighting or off into stuff if I want to get something done. Its more work on my part right now but the pay off will be high!

Life was easier when Olivia(20mo) was more of a baby! Now its time to be firm but fun with my teaching! Gentle in my training as not to brake her spirit!
I love the challenge! (I'm pretty good about keeping my patience.)

Many people ask me how I do it with 6 kiddos?
I tell them it like the ebb and flow of the ocean. It can be tough when ALL the kiddos are little but then eases off. It goes back and forth that way at different stages in family life! God gets us through the tough times then it gets easier for a while.

If life was always easy we would never grow as a person or a family in Christ!

I pray all are having a blessed and productive day!

We are off to the park and my teenagers Ortho appt. (maybe to Costco too?)

My computer is still acting funny...I probley made it worse by clicking stuff!
I don't feel so stressed today about it!

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  1. Hi Georgiann,
    Every once in a while i visit your blog, and i enjoy it!
    i've become a follower now,
    i'll have to install the language thing on my blog if you'd like to read mine;)
    We have 5 kids and a new baby on the way...1 son and 4 girls, a real blessing (but, lijke you i have my frustrations too, all part of the game)
    Wishing you a wonderfull weekend,


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