Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Butterfly Chase~

What a delight........to chase the butterflies
to watch them all take flight..........

Flying from tree to tree
branch to branch
we follow along behind them
waving our arms and squealing
with smiles on our face
Oh, the summer fun we have
giving the butterflies chase!
Oh the sadness we did feel
to watch them fly away
over the fence to the neighbors yard
our beloved butterflies went!
But with summer here
the butterflies
soon they will be back
landing on trees and shrubs
grabbing themselves a snack
When they come we will again give chase
all over the yard we will go
with smiles upon our face
and laughing laughing so!
Written by Georgiann

Monday, June 29, 2009

Look Who's New @ The Bluebird Cottage!

I would like to introduce you to our new ducks, Jon Pier, Cookie (above) and Mrs. Molly! (below)
The breed of our new ducks is called Rouen . The Rouen breed is native to Normandy France dating back to 1750. These ducks were popular with the Victorians because of their coloring and massive size when full grown.
We were hoping to get some Indian Runners but bird season is over at most feed stores.
After asking around about Indian Runners word had it that area breeders of local Indian Runners had a hard time this year with hatching out ducklings. So chances of getting any this year was about a zero!
Hence my decision to get a different breed and a grown flock with genders determined! I only wanted 2 girls and 1 boy!
Nick was so excited when only after one day they were laying eggs! (I don't plan on eating them)
We hope to hatch out ducklings next summer.
My son Nick wants to try to incubate some eggs, but we'll have to see! Two of the ducks are 2yrs old and the other is 1 year! I decided I did not want to care for baby ducks this year so I was able to get full grown ducks!
Yeah....no heating lamps to deal with and trying to keep the kids off them! Last time we had baby ducklings they died....they did not like the cold toilet water (pond) Noah (3) wanted them to swim in! EEEKKKK!
Blessings for a Awesome day!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Today...... I'm trying live to a simple life in a complicated world!



Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Will Miss You Micheal!

Post edit July 11 2009
After MJ's death a old police interview of one of his child victims was shown on TV. (one the jury deemed not convincing back during the trail) The child seemed vary convincing to me!
I believe the child!
Tapes shown of the search done at MJ's house reveled a deeply troubled man. Someone very different than seen on stage. His house was full of stuff strewn around in a creepy fashion. I would hardly call it homey.
Though he was a man who made his own choices to do what he did, I feel for him. He was a child star that I'm not sure was parented and nurtured very well by those closest to him.
He had many enablers in his adult life when it came to his drugs and plastic surgeries!
The people nearest him were greedy and in many ways helped MJ self destruct!
As a child I don't think he ever knew if people liked him for who he was or just liked him because he was famous. I feel he was deeply depressed and felt isolated. He made very poor choices over and over again off stage......crying out for attention.
Though I morned the pasting of a great entertainer and song writer I know God took him for a reason! God knows the plan and what is best!

Though I don't always agree with the choices people make......
I am a lover not a hater!

Micheal Jackson 1958-2009

I will miss you Micheal......you were a Awesome entertainer and brought JOY to my life through your songs and dancing!

I'm sorry you had such a painful life and issues that I'm not sure you ever over came!

You were LOVED!

Thank you for your music.......I will miss you!

My prayers and condolences go out to the Jackson family and his children!

Tearfully a fan forever,

After I posted last night I wanted to write more.......

I remember when I was 8yrs old.... roller skating and twirling my baton to the song
Don't Stop Til You Get Enough (over and over again) with my second grade friend Cindy L. at ST Mary's On The Hill (a Catholic grade school in GA)! The 70's were great!
It feels like part of my childhood died today!
I was looking forward to his come back concert!
I feel so old.....Ed Mc Man, Farrah Faucet and Micheal Jackson gone all in one week....WOW!
Time keeps on ticking......it stops for no one!
I'm not a groupie type person but Micheal Jackson's song have been a part of my life since I can remember!
I am truly heart broken!

Monkey Art~ Part 1

This is the OLD CITY HALL and bell tower.....soon to be made into condos! So SAD!

My friend Sue invited me to go to a event called Monkey Art!
What is Monkey Art you might ask?!
Well not knowing to much about it Sue and I headed into the Big city to find out!
Here is what we found.....
Monkey Art is a group of people(anyone is welcome) that meet every other month to promote the arts!
Here is how they do that......
Artist are welcome to bring and display their art....even hand out business cards! (No sales)
The gatherings are held at a different spot each time. (as planned by the winner of the lottery)
The gathering we went to was held at the
OLD CITY HALL with bell tower that will soon become condos!
The building was vacant and we were able to walk all over the inside and go up into the bell tower and even ring it!!
I will show pictures of the inside in my Monkey Art PART 2!
What happens at the event you might ask?
Its open to the community! and FREE! Running for 2hrs!
Everyone brings and food or drink to share (potluck style)......there was beer and wine too, all FREE!
There is always some sort of entertainment. Last night it was a Irish Band called Jug Of Punch!
When you arrive you make a name tag for the front of you and a tag for your back with what kind of artist you are! Or if you are just a art lover! The event is for meeting people and other artist!
Here is the real fun part of the event....
$4.00 gets you a Monkey Art souvenir tile
and a chance to * hostess the next Monkey Art party! (1 in 100 chance)
When you pay you draw a paper with a number 1-5.
There are 5 artist (the hostess finds) to make 20 tiles or small pieces of art each.
(totaling 100)
Each artist is at a numbered table 1-5 with their tiles. Each tile is numbered 1-100.
I drew #5 so I went to table #5 and the artist there had blue blown glass balls. The one I chose to keep had a #20 on it so I wrote my name and phone and #20 on my drawing ticket for the chance to hostess the next party. (with the help of the committee of course!)
The hostess has to find the 5 artist to make the monkey souvenirs (donated) and the band or entertainment!
Anyone wishing to bring and display their art can and hand out business cards.....but no sales at the event!
Someone said, last event an artist made glass bananas!
It was fun to be in the city and to walk through the historic old building!
Many of the people go to all the Monkey Art events collecting their monkey souvenirs and.....building community friendships!
So cool!
Tomorrow I will have Part 2 of my Monkey Fun!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Rambling Garden

These are the girls.......Penny,Caper and Marsala!
They each give us about 1 egg everyday!

The kiddos love collecting the eggs and feeding them in the morning and early evening!

Other goings on out in the..........
The Rambling Garden!
Several of my cauliflower plants have crowns growing on them....so it was time to close them up with cloths pins to keep the heads from turning yellow while they finish growing.(staying white)

Another fun surprise has been the asparagus that I found in the garden from the previous home owners! (when we moved here 5 yrs ago I pulled what I thought was weeds from the garden spot....come to find out it was asparagus that had bolted) eeekkkk!

I'm glad I didn't manage to pull it ALL up! I have about 5 plants and have gotten 3 clippings so far!

This is our sweet bunny Polly! Polly put the kettle on we'll all have tea! Chamomile tea!.....yes, my chamomile has sprouted.....I just needed to be patient!

We have been waiting for these daisies to bloom for quit a while now!

Like all good things......they are worth the wait!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun In The City!

This weekend my oldest son Jarrett had baseball both Saturday and Sunday. (2 games each day) So while hubby was with Jarett I decided to take the kids to the zoo....both days! hee hee

The zoo is in the city and sits nestled along the ocean. With its breath taking views and much to do we were so there! The zoo and surrounding area is filled with parks,rose gardens, a five mile drive, a beach and a marina with a ferry dock among other things!

The zoo has fun shows watch and interesting animals to see! We are members so why not do 2x!

We always see wild raccoons on the 5 mile drive! Its totally thrilling!

Noah's favorite animal was the scorpion!

The parakeets that you can feed and have land on your hand was a BIG hit for all of us!

The sharks and the peacock we saw were a good time too!

The peacock did not like Jackie's brightly colored dress! It came at her with his full headdress open and a few hisses! It was very entertaining and she was not at all scared!

I liked walking through the Asian Forest.....it is filled with bamboo and lovely flowers!

We got to listen to a talk and watch a tiger get fed.....that was cool!

I love the elephants!

For a cheap souvenir we were on a mission to collect all the different flattened penny things!

It takes 2 quarters and a penny. The penny gets flattened and stretched and indented with the zoo name and a animal picture on it! There were 3 machines spread thought out the park and each had 3 designs!

There are several of those machines at the wild life park by our house! So we have found our selves a cheap new hobby! So now anytime we go some place we will be armed with quarters and pennies!

After our trip to the zoo we met up with hubby and Jarett for dinner out both nights! Yes! Dinner out two nights in a row in the BIG city!

We went to the Spaghetti Factory the first night and to the Rock Pizza the second night! Yummo!

Now today will be spent recuperating and cleaning house! I must weed the garden, do some laundry....ok a lot of laundry(hee hee), bake bread, and cook a nice dinner!

Pork chops with onions and apples in a cider gravy with mashed potatoes (sweet potatoes are not here now or I would use them) Its a nice FALL dinner and we have had overcast cool and rainy weather for the past few weeks so I was in the mood for it!

My garden is lovin' the weather especially my cabbage and cauliflower!

I will post some pictures of my Rambling Garden tomorrow!

Now I'm off to work and deal with a stray dog the neighbor just dumped in my backyard!

Oh I almost forgot I have a prayer request. One of the boys on my sons baseball team was hit in the back with a ball last night and could not feel his legs. He was taken be ambulance to the children's hospital and I'm not sure how he is?

So please pray!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sunshine In The Garden!

I have never seen a zucchini flower looking so beautiful!
The kiddos and I love to walk through our "RAMBLING GARDEN"
as we like to call it!

Look at the detail.........WOW!

Find the beauty in your day!

Blessings for a wonderful weekend!

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Snuggle In Day~

Thank you Lord for my daily bread....

Today we had a bit of rain and it felt like a snuggle in day!
The aroma of fresh bread and homemade chicken noodle soup filled the air!
AAAhhh.....a day of comfort food!

Life is good.......I love being and wife and mother!

Have a blessed day!

The Joy Of The Harvest!

God provides us with food......so far we have harvested:

basil (1 of 5 kinds)
thyme (1 of 3 kinds)
beets (1 of 2 kinds)
radishes (1 of 3 kinds)
lettuce (2 kinds)
Swiss chard

The herb garden is spilling over with about 12 kinds of herbs in many varieties.
mint (4 kinds)
thyme (3 kinds)
basil (5 kinds)
oregano (Italian)
fennel for seeds
cilantro seeds are coriander

Some are in need of a pruning back (harvested and dried)!
I will save that for another post!

We also have a ton of other produce that will not be ready to harvest until the end of summer or early fall!

potatoes (3 kinds)
carrots (4 kinds)
cucumber (2 kinds) I had 4 but 2 got killed in our late frost!
yellow long neck squash
egg plant
onions (2 kinds)
corn (4kinds)
pole peas
bush beans (3 kinds)
horticulture bean (for drying and making bean soup)
pumpkins (2 kinds)
bronze fennel
tomatoes (5 kinds)
peppers (6 kinds)
edible flowers (10 kinds)
and berries (7 kinds)

We also have a few fruit trees!
apple (2 kinds)
and a pear

My cherry tree died and my peach tree was hit by a flying skateboard so I must dig them out!

I planted some broccoli rabbi but it bolted so I fed it to the chickens. (3 kinds)
We get about 18 eggs a week from our 3 girls!


beauty of


Jackie was so excited to use scissors to cut the tomatoes from the plant!
The tomatoes were ready for harvest so we decided to make a small bowl of salsa!
We have been letting the garden decide whats for dinner!

What is ripe?

How can I use the 20 or so herbs I have growing in my garden?

Tonight for dinner I will make homemade chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on homemade bread!
So bye for now...there is cookin' to do!

You can go over to The Rustic Kitchen (my other blog) to see the salsa we made! (and other yummy recipes!)

Blessings for a wonderful day!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Backyard Breakfast~

A beautiful morning......breakfast straight from the garden!

The awesome satisfaction of tasting sweet strawberries fresh from the backyard.

Hidden beneath the leaves of the berry plant..... lays a sweet treasure!


Watching my girls in the garden....working together....brought sweet JOY to my heart!

God is good.......just look around!
Today is the day the Lord has made! Rejoice and be Glad in it!

Have a terrific day!



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busyness or Fruitfulness?

Life can be like an unkempt rose...... if not pruned back each year, it will not get as many buds and flowers!

In order to have a Fruitful Harvest one must prune back activities that are dead in ones life and do not bring JOY. (and only keep us busy)

One must pull the weeds and get nourished.

What feeds you?

What do you do with your time?

Do you do things out of obligation?

Did something that once brought joy to your life now feel like a burden?

Life is to short not to prune back schedules and activities that are not bearing fruit!

Are you just busy?


are you




Monday, June 15, 2009

The Rewards Of Gardening~

We are finally reaping the rewards of fresh veggies from the garden!
Jackie has enjoyed picking the ripe produce....and running our juicer!
She actually drank 2 glasses of juice made from carrots,celery,apple and beet with the tops! Very healthy!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Birthday Dinner~