Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Birthday!


Our oldest son turned 15 years old today! I can hardly believe it! Time has gone by so fast!

I'm such a cry baby.....I'm crying right now! It won't be long and he will be out of the house and into the BIG world! He is already so busy in sports it seems he is hardly home! (Dad takes him to most sports things)

I gave him a tray of muffins to take to school to share with his friends and a balloon. (the balloon stayed home of coarse!)hee hee

These pictures are of the same boy! The picture below is of the 11 year old boy I once knew...still looking like a child!
The above picture is of the same boy but growing up! I'm not ready for this! I want them to stay little! He is my first so I think this has been the hardest for me!

Tonight's schedule is busy and hectic for everyone!
We are all going to Jaretts JR. high baseball awards. The BBQ dinner starts at 5 and goes til 8.
Jarett and I both have to leave within the first hour.
Jarett has another baseball practice to go to for another team he is on. (1/2 the team will have to leave 20minutes into the awards to attend this other practice.)
My hubby will stay with ALL of our other kiddos and eat and collect the awards!
Jarett has a ride to his practice with another teammates parents.
I have to leave to go to a Safe Environment class over at the church from 6-9. (required to work at VBS this summer.)
Post Edit: Jarett ended up staying for the whole awards BBQ! I was glad. He got VIP, awarded by the coaches!

This is a picture of Jarett with Jackie back just 3 years ago. He used to read her books and enjoy being around her.
Now Jarett acts to busy for his sister and thinks she's annoying. I do my best to facilitate a relationship and remind him how important it is to build a good relationship with his sister. To give her childhood fond memories that include him in them. She loves her biggest brother!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday son....I love you!

We will have his "special dinner" on another night....and he wants a Dairy Queen cake! I will make him brownies for today! (he does not like regular cake.)


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