Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Noah~

I love you so much're just what I need!
God knew I needed you! Thanks for being you! Happy Birthday son~
This song is for you!

Noah, you too are my bowl of cherries!

Noah is baby #4 and my 4th boy! He was my first home birth and weighed 10#8oz! ouch!
He was born in the early morning hours as the sun came up!
I still have yet to share his birth story.
Maybe soon I will write about it?

Jacob 5, Jarett was 8 with Nick almost 3! Noah is just hours old nursing so its hard to see him snuggling his momma!

I love my Noah who turned 7 today! I am very excited to be home schooling him next year! We will do many field trips!

Well I'm off to figure out his birthday cake....I'm not much of a baker. Maybe I will make brownies instead of a cake?
Tonight's dinner is BBQ pulled pork sandwiches...the pork is going in the crock pot!
I will make a salad fresh from my garden...2 kinds of lettuce,radishes,beet and tomatoes with a fresh herb vinaigrette dressing! (I can't wait til I have cucumbers and peas!) Yummo!

Today is going to be very I will post more pics and write something nicer tonight or tomorrow?!


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