Monday, June 29, 2009

Look Who's New @ The Bluebird Cottage!

I would like to introduce you to our new ducks, Jon Pier, Cookie (above) and Mrs. Molly! (below)
The breed of our new ducks is called Rouen . The Rouen breed is native to Normandy France dating back to 1750. These ducks were popular with the Victorians because of their coloring and massive size when full grown.
We were hoping to get some Indian Runners but bird season is over at most feed stores.
After asking around about Indian Runners word had it that area breeders of local Indian Runners had a hard time this year with hatching out ducklings. So chances of getting any this year was about a zero!
Hence my decision to get a different breed and a grown flock with genders determined! I only wanted 2 girls and 1 boy!
Nick was so excited when only after one day they were laying eggs! (I don't plan on eating them)
We hope to hatch out ducklings next summer.
My son Nick wants to try to incubate some eggs, but we'll have to see! Two of the ducks are 2yrs old and the other is 1 year! I decided I did not want to care for baby ducks this year so I was able to get full grown ducks! heating lamps to deal with and trying to keep the kids off them! Last time we had baby ducklings they died....they did not like the cold toilet water (pond) Noah (3) wanted them to swim in! EEEKKKK!
Blessings for a Awesome day!

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