Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Will Miss You Micheal!

Post edit July 11 2009
After MJ's death a old police interview of one of his child victims was shown on TV. (one the jury deemed not convincing back during the trail) The child seemed vary convincing to me!
I believe the child!
Tapes shown of the search done at MJ's house reveled a deeply troubled man. Someone very different than seen on stage. His house was full of stuff strewn around in a creepy fashion. I would hardly call it homey.
Though he was a man who made his own choices to do what he did, I feel for him. He was a child star that I'm not sure was parented and nurtured very well by those closest to him.
He had many enablers in his adult life when it came to his drugs and plastic surgeries!
The people nearest him were greedy and in many ways helped MJ self destruct!
As a child I don't think he ever knew if people liked him for who he was or just liked him because he was famous. I feel he was deeply depressed and felt isolated. He made very poor choices over and over again off stage......crying out for attention.
Though I morned the pasting of a great entertainer and song writer I know God took him for a reason! God knows the plan and what is best!

Though I don't always agree with the choices people make......
I am a lover not a hater!

Micheal Jackson 1958-2009

I will miss you were a Awesome entertainer and brought JOY to my life through your songs and dancing!

I'm sorry you had such a painful life and issues that I'm not sure you ever over came!

You were LOVED!

Thank you for your music.......I will miss you!

My prayers and condolences go out to the Jackson family and his children!

Tearfully a fan forever,

After I posted last night I wanted to write more.......

I remember when I was 8yrs old.... roller skating and twirling my baton to the song
Don't Stop Til You Get Enough (over and over again) with my second grade friend Cindy L. at ST Mary's On The Hill (a Catholic grade school in GA)! The 70's were great!
It feels like part of my childhood died today!
I was looking forward to his come back concert!
I feel so old.....Ed Mc Man, Farrah Faucet and Micheal Jackson gone all in one week....WOW!
Time keeps on stops for no one!
I'm not a groupie type person but Micheal Jackson's song have been a part of my life since I can remember!
I am truly heart broken!


  1. who knows if all the rumor when he was alive was true right?

  2. Right! and some of the runors I heard he started himself! For attention!
    I think fame took him to an isolated place....he was a man in emotional pain!
    A very talented man....I will miss him!

  3. Michael's life reminds us to love our children well..that putting them out there to make money and fortune for the sake of making money and fortune are not God's plan. Yes, he was a great talent and perhaps could have had a brighter life if some others, family had have respected reasonable boundaries, if that makes sense. R.I.P. all those whose lives are cut short due to so many circumstances one can barely begin to weed through. Let go and let God..perhaps Michael will be at peace now. We hope so. Amen

  4. A very nice tribute. Very well said I don't think I can add anything more. I have been enjoying "They Don't Care About Us" on my ipod this week.


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