Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busyness or Fruitfulness?

Life can be like an unkempt rose...... if not pruned back each year, it will not get as many buds and flowers!

In order to have a Fruitful Harvest one must prune back activities that are dead in ones life and do not bring JOY. (and only keep us busy)

One must pull the weeds and get nourished.

What feeds you?

What do you do with your time?

Do you do things out of obligation?

Did something that once brought joy to your life now feel like a burden?

Life is to short not to prune back schedules and activities that are not bearing fruit!

Are you just busy?


are you





  1. Awesome post! I wonder if I can get it to print with all the fun fonts and colors so I can keep it on my refrigerator?! (would you mind???)

  2. Yes Amy you can print it if you want!

    I just dicovered the color button...can you tell? hee hee

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  4. Very good reminder and picture to go along. Sometimes you can feel guilty cutting something out but it's just like taking time to sharpen the saw - you'll be much more productive after. Great encouragement.

  5. Pruning back can be very scary...
    like for example:
    a moms group that once nurished you but is now full of gossip and catty women or doing hospitality on Sunday for donut hour.
    It seems doing that activity would be the "right" thing to do.
    But God wants us to do things with a loving heart!
    Sometimes we are scared to change up our life..... so I dare ya...get that SAW out and prune away the dead stuff!


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