Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ten things this pregnant lady can't live without!

Well, today marks 11 weeks left to go until my calender D-day.
Baby will most likely be delivered 1 week early due to my history of  giving birth to very large babies!
We are waiting until delivery to find out the gender of our dear little one! It has been fun guessing.
 At first I was thinking BOY because my morning sickness lifted at 11weeks. With my first 3 boys I  zero morning sickness. With my fourth boy I had just a bit but not to bad. With my last 2 (girls)
I had nausea all day long for about 5 months!  But now for some reason I'm starting to thing we might be adding another GIRL????

Today, I'm hobbling around with a very sore calf.....yes, I had my first (for this pregnancy) and worst leg cramp just a few hours ago while still in bed! Its very normal for me during the last 3 months to get leg cramps every few days during my final few months! I have tried eating bananas for potassium, drinking more milk and/or taking calcium supplements, nothing ever works!
If anyone has any ideas keep leg cramps to a minimum let me know!

Well, here are 10 things this pregnant lady can't live without!


There are many benefits to drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea!
You can read here, here and here!
I actually just read RLT is supost to help with leg cramps!
Maybe I need to start drinking more????


I have always loved Palmer's Cocoa Butter......the smell is wonderful and it works great on dry skin and baby belly's

My kiddos and hubby love massage my back and feet with it before bed!

This is not a picture of me!
Leachco Organic Smart Snoogle Body Pillow in Natural Ivory

I have used this pillow for my last 2 pregnancy and this one! I love the support it gives me though the night and my hips have not been sore! I get very good rest!


I can't live without my bathtub!
(this is not a picture of my tub....mine is not this glamorous)

I love relaxing a few nights a week in my tub!



Adams Natural Peanut butter has been a great quick go to throughout my pregnancy!
I could not have lived without it!


Pocket Planner

My pocket planner is a lifesaver. I have a hard time remembering things while I'm pregnant!
Have you ever forgot anything important while pregnant???
A gal I met at the Attachment Parenting group I just joined said,
she once payed $40.00 for gas then drove off without pumping it.
She remembered 10 hours later when she went to drive again!


My belly band is a back saver!
I bought mine for $6.00 at the second hand store!

This is not me and my belly band is slightly different.

                                 I wear my bellyband most days and it really makes a difference!


Lastly I could not live without ALL my wonderful library books!

I really love reading when I go to bed at night!
There is a wealth of info. in the pages of these books!

Also I really love a good birthing ball but this pregnancy I have not had one....
my other kiddos took it into the backyard a few years ago and poped it!
Those darn kids!!!!LOL

What things did you find helpful or not able to live without during your pregnancy???

Leave me a comment!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Right Now

These are just a few books I could round up for a  picture!
The rest are here and there in my favorite reading spots!

Right Now::

I am feeling baby kicking and smiling big!

I am thinking about what to wear to MOPS today!

Excited about going to a Light and Life Banquet tonight put on by CareNet to see Abby Jonhson speak!
She's the auther of the book UnPlanned!

Praying that my 3 hour gestational diabetic screen I had done yesterday comes back nornal.

Thinking about what to make for dinner since I will not be here later! (I still have to feed the herd!)
Dear Hubby called and said, he would pick something up for the kiddos and him to eat for dinner!

Glad that our soccer practices are over! (I am the coach) We do still have 2 games!

Glad my lower back is feeling better. I had misplaced my belly band for a week or so! I have been wearing it again for the past few days! It really helps!

Wondering where SPRING is! We have had rain, wind and snow! (thats why I'm glad soccer practices are over!)

Relieved to have purged many things from our house! Toys, clothes, household goods and more that we don't need or use!

Happy that Hubby helped with the project so it would go quick!

Nesting! I have already washed and packed my "bring baby home bag"!
I have some blue and purple things in my bag!

Dreaming of a little baby butt in these cute cloth diapers! (this is only part of my stash! :)
You can go here to see more of my diaper stash!

Thinking about wheather we will add a boy or a girl to our family?

Enjoying my library books on birth and such! (I have about 7 books checked I really think I can read them all) lol hee hee!

Looking forward to my 7th grade son's band concert this week! He plays flute!

Enjoyed my 4th grade son's orcastra concert last week!

Thankful for daily naptime,for Olivia and I!

Loving to watch Olivia sleep! She is just precious! I don't want to move her and her sister out into their room! :) It makes me sad! But we need to when the new baby arrives!

I love waking up with her near by....I love to stare at her long dark eye lashes and the curves of her face! She is just beautiful! sigh****

Thrilled that my OB is really caring and has gone above and beyond for me!

At peace knowing my NaPro Doc has my progesterone managed! I get a blood test every 2 weeks and my levels droped, so he put me on a higher dose! The week prior I thought I was in preterm labor!
Maybe thats why I wanted to pack my baby bag!???

I'm not due until mid June! I have about 12 weeks left. It has really gone by fast!

Have a wonderful day!

Peace and Love,