Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ten things this pregnant lady can't live without!

Well, today marks 11 weeks left to go until my calender D-day.
Baby will most likely be delivered 1 week early due to my history of  giving birth to very large babies!
We are waiting until delivery to find out the gender of our dear little one! It has been fun guessing.
 At first I was thinking BOY because my morning sickness lifted at 11weeks. With my first 3 boys I  zero morning sickness. With my fourth boy I had just a bit but not to bad. With my last 2 (girls)
I had nausea all day long for about 5 months!  But now for some reason I'm starting to thing we might be adding another GIRL????

Today, I'm hobbling around with a very sore calf.....yes, I had my first (for this pregnancy) and worst leg cramp just a few hours ago while still in bed! Its very normal for me during the last 3 months to get leg cramps every few days during my final few months! I have tried eating bananas for potassium, drinking more milk and/or taking calcium supplements, nothing ever works!
If anyone has any ideas keep leg cramps to a minimum let me know!

Well, here are 10 things this pregnant lady can't live without!


There are many benefits to drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea!
You can read here, here and here!
I actually just read RLT is supost to help with leg cramps!
Maybe I need to start drinking more????


I have always loved Palmer's Cocoa Butter......the smell is wonderful and it works great on dry skin and baby belly's

My kiddos and hubby love massage my back and feet with it before bed!

This is not a picture of me!
Leachco Organic Smart Snoogle Body Pillow in Natural Ivory

I have used this pillow for my last 2 pregnancy and this one! I love the support it gives me though the night and my hips have not been sore! I get very good rest!


I can't live without my bathtub!
(this is not a picture of my tub....mine is not this glamorous)

I love relaxing a few nights a week in my tub!



Adams Natural Peanut butter has been a great quick go to throughout my pregnancy!
I could not have lived without it!


Pocket Planner

My pocket planner is a lifesaver. I have a hard time remembering things while I'm pregnant!
Have you ever forgot anything important while pregnant???
A gal I met at the Attachment Parenting group I just joined said,
she once payed $40.00 for gas then drove off without pumping it.
She remembered 10 hours later when she went to drive again!


My belly band is a back saver!
I bought mine for $6.00 at the second hand store!

This is not me and my belly band is slightly different.

                                 I wear my bellyband most days and it really makes a difference!


Lastly I could not live without ALL my wonderful library books!

I really love reading when I go to bed at night!
There is a wealth of info. in the pages of these books!

Also I really love a good birthing ball but this pregnancy I have not had one....
my other kiddos took it into the backyard a few years ago and poped it!
Those darn kids!!!!LOL

What things did you find helpful or not able to live without during your pregnancy???

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  1. I find that magnesium supplements help me get rid of leg cramps. For some reason I tend to be low in magnesium often and suffer leg cramps when I forget to take the supplement for a while.

    If you'd prefer going the natural route pumpkin seeds, black beans, and spinach are a few of the high magnesium foods.

    1. Hi Kari,

      I do have some Calcium,Magnesiun and zink suppliments. It says take 2 and I have only been take 1. I will start taking 2 and see if that helps!


  2. I drink Pregnancy Tea and Red Raspberry Leaf Tea when I am pregnant. Maybe this is part of the reason why I am able to control my gestational diabetes with diet. It might also explain why I didn't even know that I was in labor with my second daughter (this is when I started drinking it) and why I was surprised when my doctor told me that I was 5 centimeters dilated, havind contractions every two minutes and that I better head to the hospital right away. It might also be why a couple of my other children have arrived after 45 minutes of actual labor.

    You and baby are in my prayers.

    1. I too drink Pregnancy Tea! Yummo! I love them both! My labors are short and easy until about 6 cenemeters.
      I had to take the 3hour diabetic test last week. The nurse said, I do not have it but my 2hr draw was high then it came down in hour 3.
      I was told to eat as though I were diabetic to try to prevent growing a super large baby!
      I also started taking a suppliment to help with blood sugar. I can't remember the name but I will post about it soon.

  3. For the last baby I had NO leg cramps - and I had them terribly the rest of the babies. This time I took a potassium suppliment I think that really helped I also took calcium magnesium zinc at night and it really helped me sleep. I think my kids would do the same thing with a birthing ball hahaha! This last time was my first time using a belly band - good stuff - it really helped!! I'm so glad you are doing so well!! We have a house FULL of really sick kiddos today! I hope you family is able to stay away from the flu!!


  4. Well, it's been awhile for me but I had real success with taking the PN6 herbal formula starting 6 weeks before delivery. Made a world of difference for me!!

    Didn't like the Spiritual Midwifery book at all!!! Just felt yucky!!

    Thanks for the updates. I love to read about how things are going for you!! A baby belly picture would be nice too! ;-)

    Blessings and love to you dear friend!!

    1. Hi Kris,

      Thanks for stopping by...alwaysnice to see you! I actually never did get to reading the Spiritual Midwifery book. It doesn't sound like I missed anything!
      I hope all is well with you all!


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