Sunday, July 31, 2011

Created by His hands~

                             "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you."
                                                                 Jeremiah 1:5

Children are a blessing.....the supreme gift of marriage!

We are His Masterpiece!

I pray you all have a very blest Sunday with your families!

Peace and Love,

Friday, July 29, 2011

Broken crayons made new again~

For our family the end of July/beginning of August is when we take inventory of our school supplies.
Do we need more paints,crayons,pens or pencils?
With school supply sales at the local stores starting to make their way onto sales flyer's. And some unadvertised sales I have been seeing while grocery shopping. Its time to make a game plan and a list of what we will need in our upcoming school year.

After taking inventory I discovered that we had many broken crayons. 
(scattered through out the house none the less)
 I  decided the other morning to have my girls peel the paper off the old broken crayons so we could melt them down into a new round swirly ones. My daughter Jackie (6) only lasted 10 minutes with the task. It seemed the paper was to much of a chore for her. Olivia on the other hand sat there at the dining room table for about 1 1/2 hours peeling the paper off the crayons. 
After she had been there for 45 minutes I told her she did not have to
finish the job. Though she looked tired.....because of being on our summertime/dad has been home bed time schedule Olivia continued on.
(We will be getting our fall bed time schedule in order soon......that's another post.)

Olivia has always really liked to sit and work with her hands...

This year I will only have Olivia (almost 4) home for "home school".
Her and I are now planing and going over what we want our school year to look like together.
I can't wait! The two of us are going to have a great time together.

The rest of my kiddos will be attending our local schools.
That being said, our family has a home school way of life when they are home.

What do your kiddos do with their time when they are home?
What do they view on TV? What music do they listen to?
What do you talk with them about?
Do you spend quality time with your kids?
Learning happens all the time......
There are all sorts of teachable moments in daily life.
Do you seize the moment or keep waiting for the next one to come around before deciding to jump in?

I hope to post again over the weekend.

Next week I will be quite busy with yet another VBS and probley to tired to post??? We'll see?

I forgot to mention after the crayons were in the tray we warmed them in the oven at 225 for about 10 minutes or so.
We put them in the freezer to cool. It made them easy to "pop" out of the mini muffin tin.

Peace and Joy for a productive day~


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day One and Two::: Ritzville City Park


Here are the pictures I promised....I know you have really been waiting on the edge of your seat for them......hee hee sigh****
Oh come on humer me!!!
I know that I am the worlds worst writer and my post are not always that interesting but I'm working on it.
(I am now laughing and rubbing my eyes. Tired from getting up with hubby....his first day back to work after being layed off. I only have 10 more minutes to post before quickly getting ready to meet my sister for breakfast in small town USA. I will do my best to make this interesting)

My son Jacob is climbing the city water tower.....I guess a 14yr old likes the big climby toys!

Nick and Noah



This picture was taken on the 2nd day......We were packed up to leave Riztville. We had an hour to kill before leaving to pick up Jarett our oldest son (that is rarely in my pictures). He was at football camp an hour drive away but could not get picked up until 12:00 noon.
Then we had a 4 hour drive after that to get to Libby MT.

Back to the story.......

Jacob thought it would be funny to spin the merry go round fast enough to have his brother Nick fly off into the very large and deep mud puddle. (pictured above) 
Did I mention we had already checked out of our hotel???
Clean up was real fun in the small metal sink at the park.
His shoes were FULL of mud on the inside!!!!

Jacob swinging high so he can kick the branches of the tall oak!

Stay tune for more vacation pictures!

Peace Love and Joy,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wildlife Park

A quick pre-post note::

My dear hubby has been unemployed for the past few has been calling him back for the past few days. He has asked for a few more days off to finish a few things around the house that need to get done. Hubby got bit by the oh I can do that tomorrow bug some of the time he was home. I get bit by it all the he knows what staying home all the time is like! 
I have enjoyed having him push me to clean out and get rid of things......we will be pushing hard today to finish a few loose ends. He has wanted breakfast most mornings and complains if I sit in front of the computer to long.  My computer has been slow to load my pictures or will not even let me so I have not even bothered until to day.  I know I promised more of my vacation pictures but they will have to wait.

The night before last we had a thunderstorm blow in after a few hot days of 85 or so. We cooled back off to 50-65 yesterday and today with a breeze and rain. Very overcast. With a just a few more weeks left on my Trek membership I decided yesterday we should all pile in 2 cars and go. We don't all fit in one car if we take friends.

It did start to rain while we were riding the tram at Wildlife Park. With the windows off and no rain gutters......the seats by the windows got 2 inches of water on them. The animals really like the cooler weather and were out in forces even in the rain! The driver of the tram said, the hot weather we had the few days prior caused the animals to go in hiding. We came on the perfect day!

Can you see the rain?????

Well hubby has just came in to boss  help me get motivated and wrap up our cleaning out mission!!!! hee hee
Hubby has also just informed me his new job will be 25 minutes from the house....not 1 1/2 hrs. 
that he thought. They put him on a closer job!!!   Yippee!

Well I am off to get things done and tend to my dear hubby!
I will really miss him when he goes back to work! :(

Peace and Love,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My vacation journal......looking back.

Family picture....minus hubby (he's taking the picture)
and our oldest son Jarett (17)
is at football camp.

Day one::::  We drove to Ritzville about a 4 hour drive from the house.
We stopped and had lunch at this really cool rest stop and got to see these huge wind power turbine things. The kids got a kick out of seeing these monstrous spinning power makers!

I think they are 350 feet tall?
The hillside were covered with these extra large windmills.

Once at our hotel.....we swam for a while, then got cleaned up and headed out for dinner.

After some Mexican food we took a nice walk around the quaint little town.
My kiddos really enjoyed the historical little town.

Family picture with Mr. Ritz (the rusty art statue)

After a nice stroll through the town streets.....
we drove over to the city park and let the kiddos play for a bit.

I had a few more pictures I wanted to share but my computer is acting up.
I hope you are not bored with all my pictures?

So I bid you farewell for now......

Peace and Joy,

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The infertility rollicoaster!

I know a few of you have been waiting to hear how my NaPro appointment went.
It went very good! Doctor O is a wonderful christian man and DR! He did a pap and an exam.
It was discovered that I have a tipped uterus and my cervix is behind my pubic bone.
We are not sure if that is part of the problem?
My DR prayed with me and seemed to genuinely care. He ordered a series of blood tests that will be carried out over a months time. (the 24 hour 7 day a week lab is a 40 minute drive one way.) I will have blood draws almost every other day for the next month. All the samples will be saved and sent on dry ice to Nebraska at the same time for analyses. After the results are in Doctor O will call me and go from there.

Part of infertility that really stinks is the emotional rollicoaster!

The "2 week waiting period" is the hardest for me. Its the longest 2 weeks of a women's life as she waits to "test" for pregnancy.
During this time I try to remain hopeful.....every little pain or "feeling" makes me think "this could be the month" month!!!! (I'm going through that right now as I type)  I try to figure out my possible due date and what would be going on in my life then. Part of me wants to test 5 days before my period is due so I will know......the other part of me does not want to "know". I like dreaming and hoping! Many months I have tested to only wipe after and discover Aunt Flo has come to visit once again. Then I get mad at my self for not just waiting.
No matter if I test early or wait to test......disappointment always seems to find me. There is no hiding from it. Some months I don't test at all......I just wait for Mr. Disappointment to show up!
(he's pretty reliable) and always shows up with his wife FLO!

Over the past week I have wondered....Do I have a souvenir from my trip? I joked with Doctor O.....I sure hope the twins Court and Alene are on their way! (We went to Coude Alene ID).

I won't let my mind think there will be no more babies....but I do know that that is a possibility.

I have another week to go before I can test~
At least I will be preoccupied with VBS this week.

I had been trying to lose weight but only kept with it for 3 weeks......I did not lose any! :(
At church 4 weeks ago, 2 people thought I was 8 months pregnant ( I did look like I was the skirt I was wearing) One lady rubbed my tummy and said "how much longer did I have?" I came home and cryed!

Did I tell you that I am in a emotional funk? 

I have a real nesting urge even though I'm not pregnant (that I know of)!

I have been pondering giving my whole house a makeover.
So after I eat this Red Velvet cupcake and drink my tea...I'm going to the store for paint sample chips!
I want to paint my whole house all new colors!

And I know the cupcake is not helping with the weight loss program~ grrrr!!!!

Peace and Love,

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lots to share......

Well I must say I am glad to be back to my blog. It has been a very long 2 weeks.

I want to thanks everyone that came and left me a comment.....and a BIG thanks to my new blog friend...Lisa......I think we are kindered spirits and I am thankful for our new friendship!

While on my break our family actually went on a trip to Libby MT were we camped in cabins. We then headed to Post Falls/ Courde Alene ID and stayed in a hotel right on Lake Courde Alene. On our trip we got to visit some friends in Sand Point ID and ride the rides at Silverwood theme park. I love the log ride!!!! We also attended Mass every Sunday that we were gone! I have a few stories to share about that! It was a fun time!
Jacob and I also spent a night in East Wenachee and the day in Leavenworth (a German theme town) and Cashmire WA (where they make the famous Applets and Cotlets candy). I have so many pictures I want to share.....
But it will have to wait...I have to round up all my photo chips and get the pictures downloaded!

Since getting home on July 5th I have been very tired.......the heat has really has knocked me back!
My husband and I drove separately.....he took most of the kiddos home on July 4. Jacob and I stayed in East Wenachee for my NaPro DR appointment. (more details on that soon) We came home a day later on the 5th.
It has taken a few long naps over the past few days to finally feel good again...and the drop in the temp has helped greatly. It was 90 degrees when I left Wenachee! And 75 degrees here when we drove over the pass. I was hoping for the cooler weather we are all used to 60-70 ish.
On our trip and since coming home I have been getting to bed at about 11pm
(falling asleep around midnight) and waking with the sun at 5am! Then taking a 2 hour nap in mid afternoon.

Since being home life has been full speed ahead!

We have added a new cat Daisy to our family......a free stray cat a friend needed a home for.
After some research on line I think she is a Ragamuffin breed.
I have not always had good experiences with cats but for the kids sake decide to give it a try. Plus I feel like I am in an emotional funk....ever since my miscarriage in January I have wanted to dye my hair blond and get a tattoo.
OK.....JUST KIDDING! But have you every done weird things to feel better about things?????
I was due with Christian Alexander Aug. 28. the miscarriage in January still makes me sad! :(

Our Border Collie Jasper is not to happy about our new cat......
We are gently trying to get them acquainted.

We have also come home to discover we have a rooster in our mix of hens. I love love roosters but we can not have them here. We don't have enough property. So we will soon have to find him a new home, leaving us with only 4 hens. We are left with a Buff Orphington, an Americana, a Black Australorp and a Silver Lace Wyandotte. (Our Rhode Island Red did not make it past the 3 month mark)

My very small garden did well despite not being watered while we were gone.

~Celery and Lettuce~

We also had an abundance of strawberries that my girls ate very quickly ....they were almost gone before I could get a good picture of a FULL berry patch!
My chamomile is going very well but some of my herbs did not fair as well.
With a bit of pruning back and a little some time and water I am hopeful my herbs will make a full comeback!

Since coming home 2 days ago, I have had a VBS meeting.
Vacation Bible School starts next week 11-15th.
If my kiddos are not in the program they help out....I run the snack kitchen.

Last night I went to my best friends house and got to swap vacation stories with her.
She just got back from an Alaskan Cruse with her son J.
Her pictures were breathtaking!
After getting caught up, we went to a Ladies Night Out at a local car dealership.
It was a free event.....catered Mexican food, free $40.00 spa gift card for test driving a new car,
and door prize drawings.
There were many local vendors at the event, Scentsy, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Jewelry, Purses and More!
About 15 vendors in all!
The guys from the dealership gave mini talks on how not to get ripped off by Jif.f.y L.ub.e
how to change a tire, what to in case of an accident etc....
Very Very FUN!!!!!!

My diet has gone out the window while on vacation..... :(
and since coming home. I need to get back on track!
{after I eat my Red Velvet cupcake from Costco!}

Today I have to finish unpacking the my van from the trip then later today I will go look at a bunkbed and 2 dressers for sale from a gal in our homeschool group.
I want to get the girls sleeping in there own room by fall.

Tomorrow hubby and I are taking the kids to a local Lavender Festival!

I have a craving for one of these cupcakes!!!

and maybe a bit of Lavender Lemonade to wash it down!

You can go here to my other blog....
The Rustic Kitchen
for my recipe.

Well I better get going, the day is getting away from me.
I send you all Peace, Love and Joy for a great weekend!