Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day Of Rememberance...

to those whom lost their lives protecting our country, that we might live a life with many freedoms!

Don't take either for granted!

My prayers to those who have lose a brother, mother, father, sister,son or daughter in the line of service!

Thank you,

Saturday, May 29, 2010

~Rainy Day Comforts~

Peace and Love,

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Real Deal!

I wanted to post a few pictures of this really cool dress before my tot wears I'm not sure how white it will be after.

After eating at the Old Country Buffet last weekend with our family of 8 plus 2 of my kiddos friends....we all walked together around the mall.
 As we walked girls and I stumbled into the Gymboree store when I saw this cute little dress and bloomers on the clearance rack.
As I quickly ripped  gently pulled it off the rack, the clerk said, the dress is another 20% off the last price! Soo the $32.00 dress was marked down to about $12.00 ......20% off that would bring the price to about $9.00.

SOLD to the lady with the BIG smile!!!!!

Can you believe I only payed about $9.00 for this dress?
Me either, but I did!
I pray little Miss Olivia will get to wear this sweet dress more than once....after all did I mention its white?

Look at the fabric....its real thick and textured!

I love love the color green and daisies yell,"simple summer"!

Peace and Love,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Through Daddy's Eyes~

We had fairly nice weather over last weekend.
We cooked out and planted much of the garden.
As I was in blogging about my Zesty Zinnia, dad was out trying to catch his warm fuzzies with my camera. If the girls could stay little forever he would dream~ sigh***
OK maybe guys don't sigh....but you know what I mean!

The girls were outside reading one of our many copies of my all time favorite childhood book!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carl

Last year was our first year of a BIG garden....and as much as I love loved last years garden design I wanted this year to be fresh and new. I can hardly wait to show you around! soon as things start to grow, I will give you all a FULL tour! I felt like an artist with my red garden gloves on and pink clogs.... Looking at my blank slate of freshly tilled soil, I let the earth speak to me! Then sculpted the dirt like clay into a garden masterpiece!  Once we I decided the placement of things little miss Jackie planted to her hearts content!

Peace and Love,

Monday, May 24, 2010

Planting Peas and My Giveaway Winner!

Gardening is a delightful way to add fun to homeschooling....
even for the youngest of the bunch!

Jackie learned what 5 inches and 2 inches looks like.....the planting distance for corn and peas!
She knows the Sugar Peas will need something to climb and helped carry then tie the chicken wire up for a trellis! She has practiced team work and following directions. There are to many things to learn in the garden for me to list them all.

We still need to build our life size tee-pee fort for our Telephone Peas to climb! The kids will get great enjoyment out of a real fort in the garden....I can hardly wait! (the photo opts will be endless) I can just see it now...a blanket with a picnic dolls and toys all stuffed in. Hum.....I better build BIG! lol

In last years garden we grew a tall grove of Cosmos and a forest of sunflowers. We used them as our outdoor classroom for our fall home school lessons. It was peaceful sit on a blanket nestled  behind the cabbage and under the watchful eye of tall cosmos and towering sunflowers! You can read more about it here!
I would like to thank everyone who joined in my Surprise giveaway in honor of my little Jackie!
I love all the  birthday stories you all shared.....I wish you could ALL be the winner.....but there is only one prize package (of a few things).

And the winner is.........

 Jessica from Shower of Roses you are the winner!


Little Miss Jackie drew the name this morning!

Since it is a Surprise giveaway I will wait to post a picture of the prize package for about a week after I mail it!
It would not be a true surprise if I showed Jessica what she is getting now would it?

Have a great and productive day!

Peace and Love,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mommas Little Earth Baby~

Jackie (who just turned 5 last week) loves to help in the garden.

She is my total little earth baby~

Dressed like a zesty Zinnia...Jackie relished in planting and sifting her tiny fingers in the cold black dirt!

The weather here has been cool and breezy,though the sun did try to peek through the clouds on and off!

My earth baby spent much of today cultivating our main garden bed! (with minimal help)
Peas,corn,flowers of all sorts and 2 kinds of onions went in.
Seeds and bulbs were gently place in there trench and lightly covered with rich soil!

A beautiful day with my beautiful girl!

We still have our beans (green beans 3 colors and cranberry beans used for drying)left to plant.....then it will be time to sit back and watch the garden grow!

Stay tuned......for more garden pictures and the announcement of the winner to my birthday giveaway!

See ya tomorrow!

~Peace and Love~

Friday, May 21, 2010

More Pioneer Farms Pictures

Cabin Fever

I pray everyone has a great weekend!

Hubby and I are going to finish tilling our main garden bed.
 It has rained all week here making it hard to get done.
Jacob and Hubby build my berry bed a few weeks ago and finally got the dirt in!
I planted my strawberries,blueberry,and thornless blackberries in the rain!....but its done:)

We will watching many baseball games with the boys over the weekend unless its a rain out!

Hubby and I will also be attending a Faith based Homeschool Leadership Dinner in the BIG city over the weekend!

Peace and Love,

Friday, May 14, 2010

Beautiful.....and a Birthday Giveaway~

Today was just beautiful.....I teared up while taking pictures this morning of my sweet girl before the party!

Thank you Lord for such a beautiful girl....she is smart,funny and caring! I'm am truly blest to be her mom and I don't take that for granted! We had an awesome day with friends and family!
A tea party....slippin' slide,snow cones and swinging on the swing set!

To celebrate her birthday I'm having a small giveaway~

The prize is a SURPRIZE!
(A few very cool things for summer)

To enter:

Leave me a comment about a favorite birthday moment/story or a birthday wish for my darling Jackie!

Giveaway ends........May 23 (Thursday   Sunday at Midnight)

If you are a follower or become a follower you will get a second entry...but leave me a comment saying so!

I pray everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Peace and Love,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Little Miss.....

Jacqueline Rose will be 5 tomorrow~

~~Happy Birthday~~

Though I have said we don't celebrate birthdays with BIG parties anymore....
I had always dreamed of having a tea party for my girl when she turned 5.
That day has finally come!

We will be having a FANCY NANCY inspired tea party!
(I will share the book at a later time!)

I only allowed her to invite 5 friends.
She invited 4girls and 1 boy~
Little Miss Jackie wants to play sack race, drop the clothes pin in the Mason jar, blow bubbles along with a few other games!
She wants to serve lemonade and apple cider!
Chocolate covered strawberries and goldfish crackers!
We will also have PB and J's on crust less white bread and chicken salad on mini potato buns!

Well I have loads of getting ready to do for I need to go!
I will post pictures of the party next week sometime as I have a busy weekend with baseball and gardening.
No time for blogging!

First things first!

God....Family....Friends....then Blogging!

I still have a few more pics of the Pioneer Farms I want to share....I am so behind!

Warm Blessings,

Monday, May 10, 2010

Honored To Be.....


Many people think Catholics don't have a relationship with Jesus.....we do!
ALL the words of the Mass we celebrate daily and on Sundays are taken from the bible!

We are not a religion full of RULES. The bible is the outline of our faith.
Words taken from Christ himself!
Like any one with Faith.....we are all at a different spot in the journey.
The greatest command He gave us is to LOVE one another.

Not Judge~
I love and accept people of all faith backgrounds~

My faith is steeped in tradition and utter love for my Lord~

I hope those of you that come to my blog will watch the video clip and understand a bit more about the Catholic Faith!

Love and Blessings,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day~

Today was a wonderful day.....

We went to Mass this morning. Jacob our 13 yr old stayed home with the girls as they are sick.
I love to cook so it was my pleasure to cook pancakes from scratch topped with organic wild blueberry compote and homemade whip cream! Served with sausage and bacon!
I put away some laundry with the help of Nick and Noah~
(I also got rid of 1 trash bags of clothes for Goodwill!)
Jacob did the dishes and helped hubby build my berry bed!
Nick and the girls got my starts planted!
Daddy and the girls made me some hanging baskets!
Hubby and Jarett our oldest son cooked the burgers!

After helping out around the house the boys and Jackie rode the go cart, practiced baseball and played tag! Olivia took a she is still sick! (She has be having to use her "nebbie" (nebulizer).

OH did I tell you...... as part of my Mother's Day gift, my hubby hired my friend to come and clean my house from head to toe! She was here for 8 hours! I had worked for the past 2 weeks purging the cutter and was just needing a good clean. I managed to get rid of 5 more bags this past week and 7 bags the week before!

Peace Love and Joy~