Friday, May 14, 2010

Beautiful.....and a Birthday Giveaway~

Today was just beautiful.....I teared up while taking pictures this morning of my sweet girl before the party!

Thank you Lord for such a beautiful girl....she is smart,funny and caring! I'm am truly blest to be her mom and I don't take that for granted! We had an awesome day with friends and family!
A tea party....slippin' slide,snow cones and swinging on the swing set!

To celebrate her birthday I'm having a small giveaway~

The prize is a SURPRIZE!
(A few very cool things for summer)

To enter:

Leave me a comment about a favorite birthday moment/story or a birthday wish for my darling Jackie!

Giveaway ends........May 23 (Thursday   Sunday at Midnight)

If you are a follower or become a follower you will get a second entry...but leave me a comment saying so!

I pray everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Peace and Love,


  1. You already know you are one of my and all of your happy family photos! God bless you..there is a little award on my blog for you. :)

  2. I think me favorite birthday moment is the blowing out of the candles. I love the look of the birthday childs face as they bow as hard as they can, and the kids all around mimicing the blowing face! Priceless!
    Happy Birhtday Jackie! 5 is a great year! Such a big girl! :)

  3. My favorite birthday memory (so far) is my daughter's third birthday this year - she finally "got it" that the fuss was for her and she loved every minute, and keeps asking for another birthday.

    What a fun giveaway - thanks for the chance!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and saying hello! :)

    What a fun birthday party! Happy Birthday to Jackie!! One of my little ones just turned 5 last month, and it is such a fun age! God bless!

  5. What a wonderful tea party!!!

    Lets see, my favorite birthday memory was my 21st bday. My husband took me to a beautiful old house turned into a restaurant. It was snowing and we were the only ones there. We sat right by the fireplace and enjoyed the live music!

  6. I thought I was a follower but you are not showing up in google reader... and it looks like I've missed several weeks of posts! That Pioneer place looks really neat!! Anyway, I'm following now :0)

  7. Georgiann! That picture of you is gorgeous!
    Birthday memory...hmmmm...probably all the years I had a birthday party/Super Bowl party. It was fun to have all those people there and ice cream cake to boot! :)
    oh, and I'm a follower. :)

  8. What a beautiful little birthday girl you are!!! I do not know you but seem to have awsome parents, and how nice to be doing a giveaway in your honor.


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