Thursday, May 13, 2010

Little Miss.....

Jacqueline Rose will be 5 tomorrow~

~~Happy Birthday~~

Though I have said we don't celebrate birthdays with BIG parties anymore....
I had always dreamed of having a tea party for my girl when she turned 5.
That day has finally come!

We will be having a FANCY NANCY inspired tea party!
(I will share the book at a later time!)

I only allowed her to invite 5 friends.
She invited 4girls and 1 boy~
Little Miss Jackie wants to play sack race, drop the clothes pin in the Mason jar, blow bubbles along with a few other games!
She wants to serve lemonade and apple cider!
Chocolate covered strawberries and goldfish crackers!
We will also have PB and J's on crust less white bread and chicken salad on mini potato buns!

Well I have loads of getting ready to do for I need to go!
I will post pictures of the party next week sometime as I have a busy weekend with baseball and gardening.
No time for blogging!

First things first!

God....Family....Friends....then Blogging!

I still have a few more pics of the Pioneer Farms I want to share....I am so behind!

Warm Blessings,

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