Thursday, October 30, 2008

God Shows His Face~

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This video is the story of a beautiful baby named Eliot. He had Trisomy 18. He lived a short life,speaking no words but said much to those that knew him.

He spoke TRUTH!
His body may appear broken but his SOUL is pure and unblemished!

Children are a blessing from God~

(((HUGS))) to Eliot's family!

Peace in Christ,

PS Remember to Vote your conscience in the up coming election~

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween For Christians?

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Gods people are set apart for his glory~

I have been wrong in the past by going trick or treat~ and teaching my children it was OK!
I was being lead, even by the church to go along with it all.
We will still have our FAMILY gathering, we will not decorate or have jack o lanterns. This is our first year with a no Halloween practice.
We will stay home and Praise the Lord! We will have fun being together. Read more about our family's new tradition here.

Peace in Christ,

PS I find myself calling our new tradition a Halloween party... old habit..Does any one have a idea of what we should call it? Its is going to be a challenge to change the children's mind will take some time to undo what we have mis taught our children. What do you do for Halloween? What do you call it? Thanks for any input!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Quiverfull Family Giveaway~

There is a giveaway being hosted by Quiverfull Family. All you need to do to enter,is go over their site and find out all the details.

The prize is a $50.00 gift card for use at the Natural Pod online store.

The Natural Pod online store offers many products that make going green easier and natural mothering a no brainer.

I hope to win!! I would love to get ALL my kiddos those Klean Kanteens and the baby some sippy cups. The cups have a stainless steel core its safer and healthier to use than plastic cups and bottles. Very cool~ go check it out!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Journey ~ Part 1

I was thinking all week...what will my next blog post be about?
I decided I would tell my birth story.
Not only,will I share my story of giving birth to a child...but the journey of birthing a mother.
With each child that joins our family,I become a new and different mother.
I will write about my physical and spiritual journey of becoming a mother and our path to becoming quiverful.
I will write about each birth,one at a time.
I will start with the day I met my first child for the first time.....a moment that changed my life forever.....a moment that thrust me into motherhood! The day we met One Boy,the one that started it all.(that's what we still call him)

A Journey in Motherhood Part 1

Our first child was born in June 1994 at a hospital in the city. I had a very peaceful and uneventful pregnancy. I had no morning sickness to speak of,I sailed right through. Now its D day. We did not find out the gender of our sweet bundle until after his quick labor and delivery. (9hrs and 3 pushes). I was only at the hospital for 20 minutes when the nurse broke my water said,PUSH and out he came,all 8#9oz. Yes,our first child was a boy.

I thought what do I do with a boy?.... I thought for sure,God would give me a girl first!
Regardless,it was love at first sight!!! Our child was beautiful...perfect in every way. The thought of not having a girl quickly faded...besides,I would have more children,so no worries.

The whole birth happened so quickly...there was no time for the practiced breathing.You know,the one that you go to all those classes for??? No time for the massages,I thought I was going receive. No soaks in the fancy jacuzzi tub,while someone fetched me a cold glass of water! I never even had time to play my soft music. I guess,I thought it was going to be a spa experience!!!??? LOL
We did achieve the goal, to have a safe and healthy delivery.

It happened so quick and fast... I was now a mother. Instead of being thankful about how quick it all went,I felt like I didn't get the whole experience, that I was some how ripped off. How naive was I ???
I did not appreciate the ease I was given. I was blind and did not see it then.

The hospital stay was OK,but it was soon time to pack up,and go home with our new baby boy. Once home, breastfeeding proved to be a challenge.It did not help that my mom would not wake me for the 2am feeding. She thought I needed the sleep. Sleep is usually a good idea,but not when you are trying to establish breastfeeding.

My breast swelled so big my baby could not latch on. I did what all the books say, and soaked them in pans of warm water...there was probably an easier way?...I could have just taken a shower,I guess. Well...I was a little sleep deprived so,I guess I wasn't thinking clearly. I'm sure I looked foolish leaning over my kitchen pans filled with water,soaking my breasts.

I tried to hand express some milk and nothing came out....could God have given me broken boobs??? Didn't he know that I had always dreamed of nursing my babies? What was I going to do? Wasn't feeding my baby all supposed to come naturally?

I wasted no time calling the hospitals lactation nurse. She said, they were having classes in the delivery dept.that night. The nurse there helped my baby latch on correctly. My baby was soon getting his fill of milk! He was slurping away..his tiny head bobbing up and down. I was one happy momma!
Things continued to go well. I was thankful my boobs were not broken,as I had once thought. Life was good!!

At my 6-8 week postpartum visit, my doctor mentioned birth control. What will you and your husband do?

I told her that I didn't really know? I would call her if I need anything from her. I thought to my self,I could never use chemicals in my body. I knew I would never be calling her for the reason of birth control of any kind!

We had been using a rough form of the Rhythm method. Just willy-nilly counting days. I guess it does not work so well. Did I mention God planned our first child?
I guess that can happen when you're willy-nilly. OOPS! LOL

I then learned the Billing method or BOMA from a gal at church. She taught me the difference in my mucus,at the various stages of my cycle. I charted only for a few months. I didn't feel the need to chart after that because,I could tell when it was my fertile time. The teaching was to abstain from intercourse during a known fertile time and use other means of affection, if a pregnancy was not desired at that time.

I knew the BOMA method was not full proof and a pregnancy could result. I was 100% OK with that. I breastfeed my first child until he was 11 mo. and I had regular periods from 8 weeks postpartum.

When our first son was almost 2 year old,we decided to try again for another child. It didn't take long and baby #2 was on their way! Due in February 1997.

to be continued......

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom~

This is our mom on her 7th birthday~ (mom was #8 of 11 children)

This is Georgiann's sister at the keyboard. I am helping her with her blog post today since she is busy prepping the house for a visitor. We just wanted to wish our Mom a happy birthday today!

Mom, if you're reading this, we wish we could share the day with you. It would be great if we lived closer together. At least we have our fond childhood memories to share and keep the bond strong.

Thanks Mom, for all the love and laughter that you have given to us over the years. As adults, we can now appreciate what a challenge parenting can be sometimes, and we can appreciate the sacrifices that you made to make our lives better. When times our tough, we think back on the happy times and laugh.

We both hope your are having a GREAT day.... you really deserve it Mom.
~Happy Birthday~

With all our love,yours daughters,
Georgiann and Beth

Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween~A New Tradition~

This Halloween our family will not be going trick-or-treating....we are starting a new family tradition. We will be staying home and making homemade pizzas,eating candy (chocolate bars and all the good stuff I usually jack from the kiddos bags every year) and watching scary movies (just the older bunch). My teenager wants to rent Children of The Corn !!?? I'm not sure if that will be the choice,I have tried to watch it once before and it was to scary for me....I'm a chicken. We will have to see??

The reason for the change?
Well,God put it on my heart last year to do something different for my family,and with my family. I have never been really into Halloween and it is usually very dark,cold,wet and rainy here in the Pacific Northwest. Last Halloween my youngest daughter Olivia was only 3 weeks old and Jackie was 2,Noah was 5 and Nick was 8 and then we had the 2 older boys 10 and 13. It was hard to watch everyone,even with flashlights and going to a small neighborhood of houses.

The real changing moment for me was the speeding (40mph) car load of teens hanging out the windows yelling ect.. the car would have run my children over had they darted out, even one step. My hubby yelled SLOW DOWN at them , the car hit the brakes and I thought we were goners! Were those boys going to put my hubby in his place some how for yelling at them?? I had a major panic attack!!!!
The car then burned rubber, drove erratically through the neighborhood at a high rate of speed. It soon was back to where we where walking...I was heading for our car as quick as I could,my heart racing,pushing a stroller with 4 kiddos hanging onto it. I had to pass by the car with my whole family.
The car then pulled up behind a boy walking alone. Someone jumped out and started calling him GAY and other similar names I care not to mention. I felt sick to my stomach. I was not sure what to do or what would take place next???

I felt like a sitting duck with ALL her ducklings. I asked myself,what am I doing out here,with my whole family on a dark cold night??? Did we really need "their" candy that bad?? My answer was NO !!!!!

So this year will be differnt! A change!
My hubby thinks I over react,and feels the kiddos will miss dressing up. I told him God was with us that night (he is always there,I know,but I felt him more that night)and HE spoke to my heart to do something different. My hubby knows, I can't ignore the Lord's guiding hand with our family. So this year is the start of a new family tradition.

We will snuggle in with the lights off(no answering the door and handing out candy).
We will eat homemade pizzas and eat candy.
We will watch scary movies and be thankful for each other.
We will be warm and safe.
We will have fun!!!

The message I would like to give you all is, never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and do something different.....especially if you know God is putting it on your heart to do so. I will write another post later this season on "Traditions In The Home" so check back.

Peace in Christ,

Saturday, October 18, 2008

How La Leche League Started

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The video tells of how the LLL got its start by 7 Catholic women seeing a need to help and support ALL mothers choosing to breastfeed.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Thoughts~

Playing doll house with my 3yr old daughter IS still as fun as I remembered it was when I was little.

Thank you God for the HEATER on cold fall days and nights~

A hug to my teenage son is a good thing~ even if we aren't seeing eye to eye.

The smell of chicken noodle soup when your sick is enough to make you feel a little better~

You know its time to put laundry away,when everyone has run out of underwear!EEEKKK
(can't I still play doll house?)

I never thought I would like U-TUBE videos. My 11 year old finds the funniest stuff.
Have you seen Craig vs Wild??~

A three year old with messy blonde hair,a squeaky voice and her shoes on the wrong feet really is cute! I know I'm her MOM, but she is CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!!!!~

I really like going to MOPS~

I'm happy my 2 kiddos that are in AWANAS earned patches for their vest...but not looking forward to sewing them on.. now where did I put those straight needles and tread?~

Why is it, that when somebody FARTS, everyone laughs....even if it stinks?~

I am glad Nick is liking his violin lessons~

Why do I like the ~~~~~button on the keyboard so much? What does it mean anyways?~

I really like the sound of my hubby's truck pulling in the drive at the end of the day!!!~ I think I hear him now~

Peace until tomorrow,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cloth Diapers and EC

EC is short for elimination communication. Many people have the wrong idea when they hear of you putting your infant baby on a potty. They think you are trying to "potty train them" in the traditional sense. Babies are very smart and give off cues that they are about to eliminate, or as we call it "go pee" or "poop". ECing is a way to respect your baby and her natural body function.

The whole idea is to let your baby recognize the sensation and the wet result,that going potty brings. What I do, is make the sound PSSSSS when I know she is going.I also use the sign for toilet with my hand. She will soon associate the sound (PSSSS) with the sensation of going. I then try to whip off the diaper to CATCH the pee by putting her over her potty chair. Showing her where our pee is suppose to go. It does take commitment on your part.
Even if all you do is make the PSSSS sound and show her the sign when she is going,then change the wet diaper,you are still respecting your baby and her NATURAL body function. Baby is still learning.

I also put my baby on the potty chair before and after naps. She wakes up dry most of the time. When you make the PSSSS sound your baby will release her pee. Babies are smart and easy to train. It is fun for mom to see the delight on baby's face. If a puppy can learn, don't you think your baby can?

There are many books out there on the subject, I have Infant Potty Training by Laurie Boucke. I found it to be very informative. Packed with info. She has several other books out on the subject,I have not read any. There is also one called Diaper Free,I don't know the author but you can go here. to find books for purchase on Amazon.

There are many types of cloth diapers out there. The cost can very. Some are called all in ones~ they have the liner and the waterproof shell together as one,hence the name. Some styles like FUZZI BUNZ have a opening in the back to insert the "CORE".Those are called pocket diapers.
I own a variety of styles. I have about 4dozen diapers in all.

When ECing at home,I like to use the SNUG TO FIT brand. They are one size fits all,so you can use them as baby grows. I also like them because you can feel when your baby is wet. YES, baby will need her clothes changed, but keep in mind that when you are ECing you hope to "CATCH" her before she goes or while she is going. I keep the little potty close and use leg warmers (BABY LEGS) and dress baby in a t-shirt or dress to make CATCHING her pee easier.

When we are out for the day I use my waterproof diapers( my all in ones). Those can cost about $12-16.00. I also like to use my waterproof zippered bag for carrying the dirty diapers home. I found if I use plastic shopping bags for them,I run the risk of accidental throwing them out. Not very cost effective,at $16.00 each,lets hope there wasn't 2 in the bag?. OOPS!!

In the beginning I just used prefolds laid on a waterproof shell. That was the least expensive for me. You can find organic cotton prefolds for about $2.25 each. I bought about 2 dozen to start. You then need about 5 or so waterproof covers they cost about$7.00 or so. I now own all sort of diapers, I have been collecting for about 12 years. ~I got most on Ebay or The EC Store.

I also like to use polar fleece,cut to fit inside the diaper,as a washable liner (there is no sewing). I have found it easier to clean poop off, just peel it out and rinse. (to see a picture click the red X above). It saves on the diaper dunking. I hear they make a thing called a diaper duck for that,I still have not gotten one.
Many EC related things can be found here at the EC store.

I also found that making my own diaper wipes was a good thing. I use small pieces of cut up flannel (and old receiving blanket cut into squares works well). When using regular wipes, I was having to pick out the disposable wipes from the diapers. Yucko!! Now I just wash the wipes with the diaper.

~ Homemade Wipes Recipe~

3 cups boiled water (boiling it keeps the wipes from getting moldy)
1 tablespoons liquid baby soap
5 drops lavender oil
1 tablespoon oil (it can be olive,jojoba,almond,baby ect.) what
ever you have on hand.

I just mix all ingredients with the boiled water and pour over the
flannel squares (about 30 or 50)in recycled wipes container.

I sometimes make the wipe solution and put it in a squirt bottle. Its
handy for those sticky messes that need that extra moisture.

Note:you can also make throw away wipes using a roll of paper towels cut in 1/2. and put in a tub with the homemade solution.

I hope you feel encouraged to give cloth diapers a try. Your baby will benefit greatly...not having to sit on all those chemicals and plastic for 2 or 3 years of her life. Even if you do not EC,cloth diapering is a good thing.

If you decide to EC, you will truly be amazed at what your little one can learn so fast. It is truly rewarding. If at anytime EC is not enjoyable,stop! Babies do go through stages where the world seems more interesting.They seem to "forget" what they have learned for a while and are not at all interested in their potty. That is OK! If mom is stressed out,babies can feel that too,not good,so stop,EC is not right for you, at least not as this time.

There are no rules,its not a club your in or a status thing. The main purpose of ECing is to show respect to your baby ,and should ALWAYS be done in the loving manner, in which it was intended. ECing is NOT the ONLY way to show respect to your baby~ its only one of many. So if its not for you,that's OK!
When I'm not ECing, I still am a good mother! Its not something I do to "make" me a better mother. Its something I do to enhance the relationship with my child!

I will honestly tell you, that I EC and cloth diaper on and off.
If we will be gone all day or if baby is sick and has not been sleeping good ,I will use throw away diapers. I like to use chlorine free paper diapers made by Seventh Generation.You can often get coupons.

Remember to enjoy your baby~ that's most important!!!
Children are a BLESSING from GOD!

You can read more on the subject here~ at Natural Birth and Babycare.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Patch~

Well it was a fun weekend. Saturday we went to the neighbors birthday party at Round table pizza. I love that place... yummo! The kiddos enjoy the play ground and arcade.
Pop is a special treat... getting to pick what kind you want..mixing the flavors...getting to get up countless time to get more!!!!

Sunday~Hubby took the older 3 boys to early church. Then came home to winterize the boat and put it away until next summer. He cleaned up the yard and did laundry.
I on the other hand went to the 10:30 church service with the younger 3, and then we went to see my friends new fixer house. She will move in Nov.1 so she is getting it ready... paint,new carpet ect...

The afternoon was sunny, so I took the kiddos to the Pumpkin Patch. They have FREE everything...corn maze,plastic toys to ride down a sawdust hill.(it often looked like a suicide mission, but the kids had fun, as long as they didn't flip over).There was putt-putt golf stuff and hula-hoops.
There were a ton of animals,goats,pigs,turkeys,chickens donkeys,cows,sheep,horses and ducks.
We usually just buy a few apples for our snack while we are there.(I only spent $1.50 or so). A cheap fun day~ yes,they still exsist.

On the way home we spotted a Pumpkin Festival so we just HAD to stop. I bought the kiddos pumpkin churros and let them play in the park. All that pumpkin fun and we came home pumpkin less.

I did bring home 2 Papa Murphy's Pizzas. Dinner was done....check~. Bath time started shortly after and went smoothly,not much water on the floor and no loud screams from soap in the eyes...yeah!!!!

Prayers and Bedtime.... day over~

Thursday, October 9, 2008

God Help Us All~

Please remember to silence my music play list before starting this
Powerful and Moving video~ This country is is need of prayer...please read my other blog entries on the subject and join me in a HOLY FAST and PRAYER day every Tuesday up until the election.

Please Watch~

You can go here to find out more.

Please Vote NO on I-1000

Respect all life from conception until natural death~
Death is a process that God is in charge of. It should
happen naturally, not at the hands of another person.

Peace in Christ,

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Quick Someone Is At The Door !!!!!!

[I was just thinking the other day about my messy house and 6 kids,it seems when you have a big family all eyes are on you,especially if you home school. Often times when our house gets really bad, we use the term we are looking "Ghetto".
It does not matter if you live in a mansion,average house,apartment,mobile or tent,if you rent or own. It does not matter if you have money or no money,these tips are meant to be a guide to put your best foot forward.
Sometimes my house gets really bad after the birth of a child. I'm tired and put things off. When I do decide to clean I get so overwhelmed,I never know where to start,so I don't.... Sometimes I don't do anything, because it seems it will just get messed up again why bother? Things can look "Let go". If someone is coming over and there is not time to clean the whole house, here are a few places to start that have a big impact.]

Here are 10 quick tips to keep your house from looking totally Ghetto!

1. Make sure your porch is clean.

Your front entry is a first impression of whats to come. Its should be
swept and free of cobwebs,leaves,pine needles... and shoes with spiders
in them. The WELCOME mat should be shook off,and clean. The door itself should be clean too,not filthy from the dog pawing at it.

2.Fold blankets and fluff pillows on the couch.

Self explanatory~ It will feel like a new room. The clutter in the room won't seem quit so bad now....Don't be tempted to nap at this point LOL, there is more to do!

3.Vacuum rugs and sweep floors (especially the kitchen).

Getting the bits off the floor instantly make the house look cared for. It is kind of therapeutic to watch something go from dirty to clean. It can look like I haven't cleaned the floors in a month,when really it has only been a week. With 6 kids it doesn't take long for things to get out of control. Some people with just 1 or 2 kids don't always understand!... WOW!the hum of the vacuum cleaner,watching the dirt "go away".... DIRTY....CLEAN,I can see it now. Beautiful!!!!

4.Take out the trash,both in the bathroom and kitchen.

Not only does it usually smell,it looks gross. When you have a large family, trash cans can fill quickly. A FULL can of trash can make the whole bathroom seem dirty even if you wiped it down. The kitchen is where everyone seems to visit,to eat crumpets and have tea. No one wants to smell your rotten food. Yucko! LOL!

5.Wash the Smudges off the mirrors and windows.

Lets face it with a house that is full of small children,who can keep up on this daunting task? Not me. I do this chore ONLY when I know people are coming over. Dirty windows,with handprints all over make a home look run down.

6.Clean the babies highchair tray.

Even if the sink is full of dirty dishes,it seems weird to have old food on a baby's' tray. I like to keep ALL the baby's things clean and wiped down.I know that even if things aren't clean all the time or even some of the time,I am a wonderful mom and you are too.

7.Make your bed.

A made bed can really make a messy bedroom that is filled with clutter shine like a star. OK maybe I'm exaggerating.... but my hubby likes it when I make our bed,especially if I launder the bedding....I'm hoping I get pregnant soon so I launder with a happy heart and do so often. LOL

8.Bring in fresh flowers from the yard.

Even if it is just a stick with berries on it. Some sort of nature that GOD has made brought in can lift a room to new heights. Who doesn't like fresh flowers?

9.Make sure there is not trash in the front or back yard.

We have 6 children and ALL their friends come over to play in the back yard. There seams to be tons of cups,juice pouch wrappers,Popsicle sticks,dishes and clothes that never get carried in. WE all clean the yard once a week,but sometimes to others it make look like every 2 months.

10. Make sure the screens on the house are in good repair.

It can save a child from falling out a 2ND story window. It also looks super tacky. Our house has fallen victim to ripped screens waving in the breeze. TACKY.

In closing I would like to say,the things mentioned above individually don't seem too bad,but together its not pretty. Add all that with the crusty micro-wave,scribbles on the wall, the 1/4 inch of dust everywhere,6 kids with the sniffles,a 2 year old that WILL not keep her clothes on(she is now 3 and the phase is PJ's everyday all day.) and a dog that stinks. Things can seem bleak. Most of the time I let visitors in after my quick tidy-up. My house will never look perfect. I ask,will you be a Mary or a Martha? and I don't mean Stewart!

My house is full of love and laughter~a place people always feel Welcome. I know people feel Gods love here. Its hard not to with 6 kids running around joking with each other. Most of my closest friends understand the mess,some even help me with it. Thank you God! Sometimes I may be to hard on myself. The visitors that come have something to give,even if they seem to be coming in need. Sometimes I really need the company(other than my children) LOL. Let's face it people need each other. We are ALL GOD children and he works in mysterious ways.

Well,I hope you have enjoyed my list. I had fun putting it together,lots of giggling at my computer today... remembering all the times when things got bad or Ghetto around here.
Remember to keep the humor~

Peace in Christ,

If you can think of any tips you would like to share leave me a comment!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Today I will pray and fast~

I will not be a blog watcher tomorrow~ so I'm posting this a day computer on Tuesdays. I know I can do it!

Wednesday I will post 10 quick things you can do so your house won't look getto,you won't want to miss it,so come back tommorow.


Take a look at this COOL urban homestead~

Remember to silence my music before starting the video.

Please leave me a comment...what did you think?
WOW~ powerful,makes you want to dig in the yard. Very inspiring~
Let me know what you do in the garden.
Up here in Western Washington it is hard to garden all year round,it seems the weather does not allow,but am now feeling inspired to figure out a way!
To learn more go here!


Sunday, October 5, 2008

This and That~

Well it is Sunday and Mass was wonderful this morning. I spent the day being thankful for my family and SAD about Olivia turning one. I found my self crying a lot yesterday. I know life has to keep going,the kids will get older,and one day move out... I took two hundred pictures yesterday trying to capture every moment~literally.
Olivia's birthday was fun! We had mac and cheese, steak on the grill, salad and bread. Of course there was cake and vanilla bean ice-cream. The cake was so good,it was from a nice bakery in the city. Olivia ate a whole piece and use a fork for the first time.

Life is like a waterfall,it just keeps moving~it is beautiful,flowing with grace but sometimes goes to fast. Well Pollyanna the old movie is on and my hubby wants me to watch it with him. He is laughing and I need to go....I'll be back tomorrow.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Baby Is One~

Happy Birthday~Baby Girl! You are a joy to have in the family,all you have to do is sit there and look at me and my heart melts.I hope you had a good time at the Children's Museum yesterday.I had a great time watching your face light up,trying to decide where to crawl much to see and get into. You are a blessing to this family~thank you for who you are!
Love MUM~

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Call For Prayer~

As we all know, our country is going through rough times right now. We have about 5 weeks until the BIG election. There are lots of things to consider when making a choice. My head keeps going back and forth as to who to vote for.
So I will PRAY. I will invite God to help guide me in my decision.
I will also be fasting every Tuesday leading up to election day. Fasting means one full meal and 2 small snacks for the day. The day is filled with quiet meditation and prayer, as best you can with duties of taking care of a large family.

I am writing this post to ask others to do the same, PRAY and FAST. If you could,leave me a comment and let me know if you will be participating or if you have something that you are doing and want to share.

I know many people in this country think that the phrase "In God We Trust" does not mean anything. Well, many of us do know the POWER of God. WE know this country was founded on the Bible and its teachings, now is not a time to forget that! Those of us that believe in the POWER of GOD need to band together,pray and ask GOD to put in office the persons that will lead this country to a better 4 or 8 years. Someone that will not forget the promises he makes to acquire the christian vote. Someone that will not bait and switch. Someone that has the know how to lead this country out of the doom that seems to be ahead.

God has the power to have that person win know matter what box I check.
As for me and my family.....IN GOD WE TRUST~.

Peace in Christ,

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Family Unplanning~

There is a little time left to enter to win a signed copy of the new book "Family UNplanning" by Craig Houghton. The book was published in 2006 and has a foreward by Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies. You can check out Craig's site Family UNplanning.
To enter go to
May you find power in the Word to live life for Gods Glory!
Peace in Christ,