Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Thoughts~

Playing doll house with my 3yr old daughter IS still as fun as I remembered it was when I was little.

Thank you God for the HEATER on cold fall days and nights~

A hug to my teenage son is a good thing~ even if we aren't seeing eye to eye.

The smell of chicken noodle soup when your sick is enough to make you feel a little better~

You know its time to put laundry away,when everyone has run out of underwear!EEEKKK
(can't I still play doll house?)

I never thought I would like U-TUBE videos. My 11 year old finds the funniest stuff.
Have you seen Craig vs Wild??~

A three year old with messy blonde hair,a squeaky voice and her shoes on the wrong feet really is cute! I know I'm her MOM, but she is CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!!!!~

I really like going to MOPS~

I'm happy my 2 kiddos that are in AWANAS earned patches for their vest...but not looking forward to sewing them on.. now where did I put those straight needles and tread?~

Why is it, that when somebody FARTS, everyone laughs....even if it stinks?~

I am glad Nick is liking his violin lessons~

Why do I like the ~~~~~button on the keyboard so much? What does it mean anyways?~

I really like the sound of my hubby's truck pulling in the drive at the end of the day!!!~ I think I hear him now~

Peace until tomorrow,


  1. I love the ~~~~~ button too. It's curly and cute. Farts are funny. I think it' s because you only share them with your family or if you're that poor old woman at church at your Christmas Mass :) ...and YES what is better then hearing the hubby drive in after a long day!

  2. hi georgiann,
    i like hearing my husband come thru the door after work, makes me grateful that the Lord has shared him with me another day. :o)

    i'm a random thoughts kinda gal myself and you just gave me an idea for my next blog, thanx a bunch :o)

  3. hey georgiann,
    you're a funny woman. first, i like that you added the little "noodles" ~ when writing to me, that was cute. i like them too, and also have no idea what they're used for~ perhaps they're fancy dashes. :o)

    uh, the other thing is, let me see if i can say this in a way you'll understand... ok, here goes~
    my name is angela, not diane :o)

    you wrote to me under my blog titled, 1st day of school. maybe you had diane on your mind while peeking in on angela, oh, well~ no harm, no foul. just a little oops there.

    angela, lol

  4. I am ssssoooo sorry~I was thinking of you Angela~~~~here's what happened,I'm new to blogin' and when someone leaves "me" a comment I'm not sure if I should leave a comment in responce to them in there blog or like I'm doing now!
    When I came over to your blog and the comment box opened I no longer could see your name anyplace... I took a chance about your name, I now no I was wrong.
    Thank you for not making me feel like a total fool. I will be coming back to your blog soon to
    see your ramdom thoughts.
    Again sorry....I had the correct person,just incorrect name.
    Peace and Friendship until later Anglea,

  5. hi georgiann,
    as far as blogging responses go~~~
    when someone leaves a comment on your blog, you answer them on your blog under that same thread that initiated the dialogue. they will check back in to your blog to see if you responded, and the discourse continues there (your blog~where it first began).

    as far as visitors, try not to be dismayed. most people are lurkers and will read your blog without leaving a comment. it's just like the millions of people who read advice columns all their lives but never write a letter.

    as you join in other chats, people will click on your name which will take them to your blog and then they take a little look~see and either comment on something or just visit as a silent guest. i suppose that's why some people get counters; they want to know how much traffic their blog attracts. not me, i'm not into the numbers game. i figure if people respond that's nice but if they don't then i guess it's just not their cup of tea.

    on another note, girl you really hit on something that i'm in agreement with you about and that is sending your previously homeschooled children back into public school. the decision is a personal one between you and your family and doesn't need the approval of the homeschool community. i'm not into clicks because they tend to manipulate people and i HATE being manipulated or made to feel like i have to go along with something to fit in. actually, i started a post on the very same thing and i will eventually put it up. i'm such a procrastinator~i have like, 30 blogs i've started but never posted.
    well so much for my mini epic, lol.

    continue to share and be as creative as you want to be :o) here's to happy blogging!

  6. gosh, i hope i'm not being a nuisance here, but i'm also the kinda gal who tends to be analytical and needs to clarify things so here goes~
    i meant to also say that when you visit someone's blog and respond, they will answer you there on their own blog (sometimes, but not often, they may answer you at yours but for the most part the dialogue remains where it began).

    you probably understood this, but i HAD to get this out, lol. forgive me for being so persnickety.

  7. Thank You Angela for the helpful info. I'm not at all bothered by you coming are welcome anytime. I will be looking forward to your post on the homeschool click thing....I guess you have forgiven me about calling you the wrong name??!!

    Peace in Christ,

  8. oh girl, there was nothing to forgive~ i know an honest mistake when i see one :o)

    blessings & peace 2 u.


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