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Cloth Diapers and EC

EC is short for elimination communication. Many people have the wrong idea when they hear of you putting your infant baby on a potty. They think you are trying to "potty train them" in the traditional sense. Babies are very smart and give off cues that they are about to eliminate, or as we call it "go pee" or "poop". ECing is a way to respect your baby and her natural body function.

The whole idea is to let your baby recognize the sensation and the wet result,that going potty brings. What I do, is make the sound PSSSSS when I know she is going.I also use the sign for toilet with my hand. She will soon associate the sound (PSSSS) with the sensation of going. I then try to whip off the diaper to CATCH the pee by putting her over her potty chair. Showing her where our pee is suppose to go. It does take commitment on your part.
Even if all you do is make the PSSSS sound and show her the sign when she is going,then change the wet diaper,you are still respecting your baby and her NATURAL body function. Baby is still learning.

I also put my baby on the potty chair before and after naps. She wakes up dry most of the time. When you make the PSSSS sound your baby will release her pee. Babies are smart and easy to train. It is fun for mom to see the delight on baby's face. If a puppy can learn, don't you think your baby can?

There are many books out there on the subject, I have Infant Potty Training by Laurie Boucke. I found it to be very informative. Packed with info. She has several other books out on the subject,I have not read any. There is also one called Diaper Free,I don't know the author but you can go here. to find books for purchase on Amazon.

There are many types of cloth diapers out there. The cost can very. Some are called all in ones~ they have the liner and the waterproof shell together as one,hence the name. Some styles like FUZZI BUNZ have a opening in the back to insert the "CORE".Those are called pocket diapers.
I own a variety of styles. I have about 4dozen diapers in all.

When ECing at home,I like to use the SNUG TO FIT brand. They are one size fits all,so you can use them as baby grows. I also like them because you can feel when your baby is wet. YES, baby will need her clothes changed, but keep in mind that when you are ECing you hope to "CATCH" her before she goes or while she is going. I keep the little potty close and use leg warmers (BABY LEGS) and dress baby in a t-shirt or dress to make CATCHING her pee easier.

When we are out for the day I use my waterproof diapers( my all in ones). Those can cost about $12-16.00. I also like to use my waterproof zippered bag for carrying the dirty diapers home. I found if I use plastic shopping bags for them,I run the risk of accidental throwing them out. Not very cost effective,at $16.00 each,lets hope there wasn't 2 in the bag?. OOPS!!

In the beginning I just used prefolds laid on a waterproof shell. That was the least expensive for me. You can find organic cotton prefolds for about $2.25 each. I bought about 2 dozen to start. You then need about 5 or so waterproof covers they cost about$7.00 or so. I now own all sort of diapers, I have been collecting for about 12 years. ~I got most on Ebay or The EC Store.

I also like to use polar fleece,cut to fit inside the diaper,as a washable liner (there is no sewing). I have found it easier to clean poop off, just peel it out and rinse. (to see a picture click the red X above). It saves on the diaper dunking. I hear they make a thing called a diaper duck for that,I still have not gotten one.
Many EC related things can be found here at the EC store.

I also found that making my own diaper wipes was a good thing. I use small pieces of cut up flannel (and old receiving blanket cut into squares works well). When using regular wipes, I was having to pick out the disposable wipes from the diapers. Yucko!! Now I just wash the wipes with the diaper.

~ Homemade Wipes Recipe~

3 cups boiled water (boiling it keeps the wipes from getting moldy)
1 tablespoons liquid baby soap
5 drops lavender oil
1 tablespoon oil (it can be olive,jojoba,almond,baby ect.) what
ever you have on hand.

I just mix all ingredients with the boiled water and pour over the
flannel squares (about 30 or 50)in recycled wipes container.

I sometimes make the wipe solution and put it in a squirt bottle. Its
handy for those sticky messes that need that extra moisture.

Note:you can also make throw away wipes using a roll of paper towels cut in 1/2. and put in a tub with the homemade solution.

I hope you feel encouraged to give cloth diapers a try. Your baby will benefit greatly...not having to sit on all those chemicals and plastic for 2 or 3 years of her life. Even if you do not EC,cloth diapering is a good thing.

If you decide to EC, you will truly be amazed at what your little one can learn so fast. It is truly rewarding. If at anytime EC is not enjoyable,stop! Babies do go through stages where the world seems more interesting.They seem to "forget" what they have learned for a while and are not at all interested in their potty. That is OK! If mom is stressed out,babies can feel that too,not good,so stop,EC is not right for you, at least not as this time.

There are no rules,its not a club your in or a status thing. The main purpose of ECing is to show respect to your baby ,and should ALWAYS be done in the loving manner, in which it was intended. ECing is NOT the ONLY way to show respect to your baby~ its only one of many. So if its not for you,that's OK!
When I'm not ECing, I still am a good mother! Its not something I do to "make" me a better mother. Its something I do to enhance the relationship with my child!

I will honestly tell you, that I EC and cloth diaper on and off.
If we will be gone all day or if baby is sick and has not been sleeping good ,I will use throw away diapers. I like to use chlorine free paper diapers made by Seventh Generation.You can often get coupons.

Remember to enjoy your baby~ that's most important!!!
Children are a BLESSING from GOD!

You can read more on the subject here~ at Natural Birth and Babycare.



  1. Fascinating topic. I think I would like to live more like this and then I look at all the other areas about me that need improving, and I get exhausted.

    Very impressed that you are doing this - you definitely seem to put your faith and family first. Great job.

  2. Hi Trudy~
    Thanks for stopin' by
    Like I said,I only do EC some times. The cloth diapers really don't take that much more time to wash up and its so good for baby.

    I thank you for you the compliment.
    I to need improvement in other areas of motherhood. Keeping GOD first seems to make things fall into place, but I still have weakness and need for improvement in other areas too.

    Thanks again~ Peace in Christ

    PS Happy late Annivasary and prayers to you for your loss 6 month ago.


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