Sunday, October 5, 2008

This and That~

Well it is Sunday and Mass was wonderful this morning. I spent the day being thankful for my family and SAD about Olivia turning one. I found my self crying a lot yesterday. I know life has to keep going,the kids will get older,and one day move out... I took two hundred pictures yesterday trying to capture every moment~literally.
Olivia's birthday was fun! We had mac and cheese, steak on the grill, salad and bread. Of course there was cake and vanilla bean ice-cream. The cake was so good,it was from a nice bakery in the city. Olivia ate a whole piece and use a fork for the first time.

Life is like a waterfall,it just keeps moving~it is beautiful,flowing with grace but sometimes goes to fast. Well Pollyanna the old movie is on and my hubby wants me to watch it with him. He is laughing and I need to go....I'll be back tomorrow.

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  1. Hello Georgianna,
    Thanks for visiting me. We love Pollyanna too:-) My girls and I love to watch The Trouble with Angels with Haley Mills too. IT's about her mishaps with a sidekick while in a convent high school--sooo funny!


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