Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween~A New Tradition~

This Halloween our family will not be going trick-or-treating....we are starting a new family tradition. We will be staying home and making homemade pizzas,eating candy (chocolate bars and all the good stuff I usually jack from the kiddos bags every year) and watching scary movies (just the older bunch). My teenager wants to rent Children of The Corn !!?? I'm not sure if that will be the choice,I have tried to watch it once before and it was to scary for me....I'm a chicken. We will have to see??

The reason for the change?
Well,God put it on my heart last year to do something different for my family,and with my family. I have never been really into Halloween and it is usually very dark,cold,wet and rainy here in the Pacific Northwest. Last Halloween my youngest daughter Olivia was only 3 weeks old and Jackie was 2,Noah was 5 and Nick was 8 and then we had the 2 older boys 10 and 13. It was hard to watch everyone,even with flashlights and going to a small neighborhood of houses.

The real changing moment for me was the speeding (40mph) car load of teens hanging out the windows yelling ect.. the car would have run my children over had they darted out, even one step. My hubby yelled SLOW DOWN at them , the car hit the brakes and I thought we were goners! Were those boys going to put my hubby in his place some how for yelling at them?? I had a major panic attack!!!!
The car then burned rubber, drove erratically through the neighborhood at a high rate of speed. It soon was back to where we where walking...I was heading for our car as quick as I could,my heart racing,pushing a stroller with 4 kiddos hanging onto it. I had to pass by the car with my whole family.
The car then pulled up behind a boy walking alone. Someone jumped out and started calling him GAY and other similar names I care not to mention. I felt sick to my stomach. I was not sure what to do or what would take place next???

I felt like a sitting duck with ALL her ducklings. I asked myself,what am I doing out here,with my whole family on a dark cold night??? Did we really need "their" candy that bad?? My answer was NO !!!!!

So this year will be differnt! A change!
My hubby thinks I over react,and feels the kiddos will miss dressing up. I told him God was with us that night (he is always there,I know,but I felt him more that night)and HE spoke to my heart to do something different. My hubby knows, I can't ignore the Lord's guiding hand with our family. So this year is the start of a new family tradition.

We will snuggle in with the lights off(no answering the door and handing out candy).
We will eat homemade pizzas and eat candy.
We will watch scary movies and be thankful for each other.
We will be warm and safe.
We will have fun!!!

The message I would like to give you all is, never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and do something different.....especially if you know God is putting it on your heart to do so. I will write another post later this season on "Traditions In The Home" so check back.

Peace in Christ,


  1. Sounds like a wonderful evening and great start to a tradition the children will remember. Your experience sounded very scary. Your warning to not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to follow the prompting of God is something I needed to hear. One of my favorite "prayers" is what JPII said at the beatification of St. Teresa of Jesus (de los Andes)

    "Do not be afraid of the demands of the love of Christ.
    On the contrary, be afraid
    ~of being faint hearted,
    ~of taking things lightly,
    ~of seeking you comfort,
    ~of being selfish:
    ~of everything that seeks to silence the voice of Christ"

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  3. Hi Georgiann,
    Nice to "meet" you. Thanks for visiting.

    What a beautiful family. You are blessed.

    We have never participated in Halloween activities. However, we do make it a fun and special evening as a family. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  4. Hi Ashley~
    Thank you for coming over to "meet" me. I forgot to say, what a really cool logde for people to gather! Your family put in a lot of hard work!
    We when to a freinds Wedding this summer in a lodge a man built in our state for church events.

    Peace in Christ,

  5. Georgiann,
    Your new halloween tradition sounds wonderful! Attending our church carnival each year allows the children the fun dress-up and candy treats. We also have a grandpa and grandma hosted harvest party at their home in celebration of God's bounty. I am happy to skip the scariness of halloween and the trick or treating too, but I still enjoy the silliness of dressing up! Here's to you stepping out!

  6. Hi Kristina~
    Thanks for stopin' by! Your plan for Halloween sounds wondreful! I wish I had extended family close.
    I tryed to hop to your blog but you have it locked~

    Peace in christ,


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