Monday, October 6, 2008

Take a look at this COOL urban homestead~

Remember to silence my music before starting the video.

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WOW~ powerful,makes you want to dig in the yard. Very inspiring~
Let me know what you do in the garden.
Up here in Western Washington it is hard to garden all year round,it seems the weather does not allow,but am now feeling inspired to figure out a way!
To learn more go here!



  1. Dear Georgiann, my apologies I added an a on the end of your name! So sorry and certainly post the video--isn't it inspiring what they have done:-)

  2. Amazing! We live on 6.5 acres and now I'm wondering how many families could I feed if I dig in the dirt? I need to work harder at my garden for my family. Thankx for the inspiration!

  3. Hi Kristina~
    You could feed a ton of people~
    Do you have any fruit trees? I live on 1/2 acre and planted some last year. They are not very big yet and one I think is dead? My peach tree did not survive the ball throwing and skateboards launches at it! O well I will keep tring! LOL



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