Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom~

This is our mom on her 7th birthday~ (mom was #8 of 11 children)

This is Georgiann's sister at the keyboard. I am helping her with her blog post today since she is busy prepping the house for a visitor. We just wanted to wish our Mom a happy birthday today!

Mom, if you're reading this, we wish we could share the day with you. It would be great if we lived closer together. At least we have our fond childhood memories to share and keep the bond strong.

Thanks Mom, for all the love and laughter that you have given to us over the years. As adults, we can now appreciate what a challenge parenting can be sometimes, and we can appreciate the sacrifices that you made to make our lives better. When times our tough, we think back on the happy times and laugh.

We both hope your are having a GREAT day.... you really deserve it Mom.
~Happy Birthday~

With all our love,yours daughters,
Georgiann and Beth


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Mom. Happy Birthday.

  2. Thanks for coming over to say HI~
    I pray all is well with you.

    Peace in Christ,


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