Friday, October 30, 2009

Striving To Live Simply.....

one chore...I mean choice at a time~

Hi to all that came by to read my lil ole blog~
Today's to do list:
  • Do 6 loads of laundry~
  • Nurse my toddler
  • Make 2 different batches of apple jelly
  • Build a fort in the living room
  • Run the dishes
  • Snuggle and read a few stories to the kiddos
  • Dye some organic cloth diapers with beet and cabbage juice
  • Play with the Linkin Logs
  • Vacuum and tidy the living room
  • Drink some coffee and watch the kids play
  • Load the bread makers
  • Work with Noah on his church workbook
  • Empty bathroom trash cans
My natural mothering comes first.....then other chores will get done if/when time allows!
I'd rather be snuggling the little ones~
Blessings for a great weekend~
PS....My computer time has been limited...... I maybe taking a blogging break soon!?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Christain Films~

After I posted yesterday, I got a email from Rich Peluso Affirm Films/Sony Picures...

I was so delighted that Mr. Peluso wrote and shared links for veiwing other CHRISTIAN based FAITH filled movies.

Here is a copy of the letter and the links.....I wanted to pass them along to my readers~

His letter reads:

Dear “Faith Like Potatoes” supporter,

Affirm Films extends to you a sincere "Thank you” for your recent mention/coverage of our film!

Your interest and willingness to include information about the “Faith Like Potatoes” DVD in your blog/website truly helped us exceed all
expectations in creating awareness and impacting far more people than we ever imagined. Thank YOU!

Affirm Films' mission is to present quality entertainment that encourages, uplifts, challenges and entertains by providing family
films, thought-provoking documentaries, children's entertainment and timeless stories that will move and inspire viewers and deliver on the
promise of wholesome and trusted entertainment. Thank you so much for spreading the word about “Faith Like Potatoes” as you have become a valuable extension to our efforts.

Family Christian Stores also joined the campaign this year by creating the “Faith In Action: Angus Buchan Story” DVD for their James Fund ministry, "to look after orphans and widows in their distress" (James 1:27). This special DVD raised tens of thousands of dollars destined to directly benefits orphans through the James Fund and Angus Buchan’s Shalom Ministries.

In helping to provide additional content for your blog, we thought you would especially be interested in accessing the NEW channel in which you may more easily access all of the Affirm Films trailers and embed those of your choice into your blog when you share information of these new films with your readers. We trust this new tool along with the below social media lists will prove helpful to you as well!
Be sure to join the Affirm Films Facebook fan page for the latest updates!

Thanks again for your support and interest in Affirm Films projects!

Rich Peluso, Affirm Films/Sony Pictures

I can hardly wait to snuggle in with my family and watch many of these wonderful films!

I can just see it family...lots of blankets, lots of kids and quilts, popcorn......and maybe some Raisinettes? Yah... for sure some Raisinettes...oh and some cola to wash it all down!

The movie The Note looks like a really good movie.....A Old Fashioned Thanksgiving was on TV a few years ago. I really like that one. I truly enjoy Christian based movies!

The films I believe can be down loaded from the link (site)....I'm not sure if there is a cost.

I hope you will go over to the link and check out these wonderful christian based movies..

then leave me a comment....

What movie would you like to see first?

What are your favorite movie snacks?



Monday, October 26, 2009

Faith Like Potatoes~

When you PLANT a potato...... must have FAITH in something you can not see!

Deep down you must TRUST that things are growing.

It is not until HARVEST time...... that the Truth is revealed!

****Remember to silence my music before starting the clip****
I saw the movie and the message was very powerful.
It is a tear jerker though.....someone dies so just beware if you are already grieving.
The begining of the movie was slow moving.....but once the story got going it was pretty good. I give it 3 1/2 stars!
I hope you enjoy ~

Friday, October 23, 2009

Opportunity Is Aways Falling ~

As a mom....seeing my oldest son working together with my youngest son to get the front yard raked up was nothing I've ever seen before!
It was nothing short of a miracle!

Cooperation and no complaining at the same time~WOW!

My boys worked very hard to get the leaves raked up......but by the time their dad got home from work that evening, it did not look like they had done a thing! Though my boys raked and even bagged up the leaves, the leaves kept falling and piling up!

Raking leaves is like life....the chores keep falling like the leaves on the trees, some days they feel like they are all piling up! We must do the same chores and tasks over and over again just like my boys will have to do with the leaves out front!

Looking at the bright side of life though, each time you do a task over and over, you are given the chance each time to do it in a whole new way! Better than before! Maybe with more kindness and love? Maybe the chore or activity can be done in a more creative or efficient way?
As a Christian mom and follower of God I rejoice in the fact that God gives me so many chances to grow. Not be stuck as the person I was 5 years ago or even the person I was yesterday~

Doing my routine, same old same old daily chores and tasks, over and over again gives me the opportunity to grow and change! For that I am truly thankful~

I wish I had some great biblical quote to insert here but I don't~
So for now, I'm off to figure out a new and creative way to organize our over stuffed shoe closet....with out complaining!

As for the boys.....
well, they will be thinking of a faster way to rake up the leaves!

Have a great weekend~



Monday, October 19, 2009

Creative Writing 101

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Check back soon for my next exciting post! hee hee

In the mean time go see Amy for some writing 101!

Class is now in session!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Bit Of Etiquette Training~

On Friday we had our pretend baby shower/ tea party! Jackie came running down stairs and the first thing out of her mouth was "Ok,its time for the baby shower"! She was so excited!
Yes, I let my kiddos have candy,cookies,brownie bits for breakfast! But lets not forget there was some cream cheese,celery,walnut tea sandwiches there too! lol~

Our tea pot was filled with apple cider, the table was set.... the girls had on their party dresses......and every things was in place.

A quick prayer and it was time for the food and presents!

There is always a lesson to be taught....we talked about table manners and other party etiquette as we sipped our cider from our tea cups!
Noah chose to play in the other most guys, he was not into the "fluff" of a pretend baby shower! He was only interested in the "stuff" ie:food and goodies!

The party offered a great opportunity to talk about how to respond to a gift we may not have "wanted" or did not really like! We never want to hurt the givers feelings!

Oh... if your wondering what kind of gift could created such a response on a 4yr old face?

It was 3 wooden blocks and a wooden eggplant that Velcros into 3 parts! lol

Baby Alive (that's not really alive ) got many nice things at her shower! A quilt,books,slippers,rattle and water proof pads to name a few! The blocks were a last minute thing! heehee

What was the worst present you ever received?

How did you respond?

Did your face tell the story so you did not have to?

We all had a really fun girls will make great mommies someday~

After the party Jackie wanted to carry her doll in a sling! I need to make a small one for her that fits,but in the mean time I let her use one of mine! Its so cool to watch my girls mother their dolls the way I mother them!

It feels good to see the reflection!



Friday, October 16, 2009

We're Having A Baby Shower~

No, the baby shower is not for me!
(I do keep praying to need one again***sigh:)Its not even for a real live baby~

Its for Olivia's Baby Alive (that's not really alive as Jackie always likes to point out.)
This doll was a present from hubby and I to Olivia last week for her 2nd birthday.
Adopted from Fred Meyers~lol
It is a "get well"baby that has a few gadgets that came with it. Olivia really liked her new present.....but so did her 4yr old sister Jackie! This doll pees!
All evening you could hear Olivia screaming for Jackie to give her the doll back!
Its not like we don't have other fun dolls that do stuff Jackie could play with!

After a while Olivia gave up and just let her sister play with the doll. The 2 girls sleep in our at bed time the doll came to bed too. As soon as Jackie fell asleep, loosing the grip on the doll (11:30pm), Olivia who was wide awake (waiting for her chance) got her doll and purse full of all the baby stuff back! She played with her birthday doll until about (12:15am). She had the purse on her little arm all night! It was a funny night of nursing....yes, I still nurse Olivia. Rolling Olivia..... purse, doll and all, over to switch sides to nurse during the night was really quit comical!

A few weeks have passed and.....
Olivia has given up the fight to be this dolls mommy~
Jackie plays with this doll almost daily. We have other dolls that Olivia likes to play with!

By now you might be wondering about the title of my post...."We're having a baby shower!"

Well the other night I stayed up to watch the Duggar show....I really wanted to see the new GrandDuggar! I normally don't stay up so late nor do I usually watch the Duggar show or even have the TV on for that matter.

My little Jackie(4) stayed up with me! She watched as the Duggar family decorated for Anna's baby shower! Jackie was mesmerized by the whole thing. She really payed close attention to the part when one of the boys took a bunch of candy off the table on his way out to the car. Dad and the boys were going off to do guy things during the party!

After watching the show, Jackie decided that her baby(doll) needed to have a baby shower too! So being the fun and really cool mom that I am, lol we will have a mock baby shower today~

This baby doll needs cloth diapers! I can't afford disposable.....for a doll that pees every 30 seconds!

Jackie wanted to have the party yesterday but our day was FULL. Having this baby shower has been ALL she talks about! Yesterday Jackie wrapped some "presents" for the baby(doll).

Today we will decorate and set the table all nice! I will serve tea and treats!

Well I hear Jackie coming downstairs now.....I know the baby shower will be the first thing she asks about! So off I go! We're having a baby shower!



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do you ever.....

have a day that you feel that life is driving off without you? Or really fast with you in the front seat? Does it leave you feeling off track? Feeling like things are piling up at a high rate of speed, all at once?

Some how today, my procrastinating ways has left me feeling that way and with many things to do! Fruitful things of course, but for some reason I'm dreading them and feeling overwhelmed none-the-less!
I have many phone calls to make....appointments to set up....and a few bills to pay!
The paper work side of motherhood! EEEKKKK!

I rather wash the windows~LOL

I know tomorrow I will be back to normal. Feeling more on track! I suppose this is the price I must pay for procrastinating!
When all is done.....I will feel a big weight lifted off me.....and God revealing Himself to me a bit more!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Doing What I Love~

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The weather in my neck of the woods:
is cool and crisp.....the mornings have been frosty!

One of my simplest pleasures is:
nursing my 2 year old while sitting in my favorite chair! My coffee is good too!

On my bedside table:
is a bunch of gardening,canning and homestead books I think I will read! (hee hee)
Actually I do flip through them with great glee but have not had the chance to really sit and ponder over the wealth of info. with in them!
On my TV today:
Nothing during the day~
CD of Seventh Heaven season 3 @ bedtime in my room!

On the menu for tonight:
Horseradish mashed potatoes
Garden Salad with fresh herb vinaigrette
Homemade wheat rolls

On my to do list:
harvest the potatoes
3 loads of laundry
clean my bathroom
declutter my daughters room

New recipe I tried last week:
a semi homemade cookie (I don't like to bake)
To make Cookies
Mix 1 box of chocolate cake mix, 2 eggs and 1 cup apple sauce (or oil), 1/2cup toffee bits and 2 tablespoons of a coffee drink powder. Spoon cookies on a cookie sheet and bake 12 min. @ 350!

In the craft basket:
some sweaters I bought last week to cut and sew into pants for the baby. Look here to see how!I think that they might be in there for a while as I am to afraid to get started! I don't want to mess up....I don't think sweater material seam rips very well!

I'm looking forward to: in laws are coming out to visit!
MOPS in 2 weeks! I love the breakfast casseroles!

Homemaking tip for the week:
Take time to sit in the easy chair and watch the kiddos play....maybe even join them!
The housework can wait~

My favorite blog post this week:
was over @ Yet He Abidath Faithful~

Danielle is a momma of 5 boys and 1 new (girl) bundle of JOY! Her family is just beautiful! She has posted the most wonderful pictures the past few days of her newest little darling~so go take a peak but make sure you're quit the baby might be sleepin' lol!

My favorite photo from last week:

was the kiddos(3 of my 6) in the corn maze! We had a great time playing in the saw dust pile,looking @ the farm animals and buying apples! We got a few small pumpkins too for home canning!


Lessons I learned this week:

To just stock up on bath towels because no matter how much I lecture about not wanting to find bath water all over the still keeps happening! (I have 6 kiddos) Plus God knows how much I enjoy and love the smell and feel of warm towels right out of the dryer! (no shortage here @ our house!)

Oh~and the up side of down is that my bathroom floors are always really clean! LOL

On my prayers list:

My family and many of my blog friends in need of prayers

(many are due to deliver another blessing soon!)

Scripture reading, devotional or key verses:

In everything give thanks- 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Have a great day~



Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playing House~

As a young child playing house was one of my favorite things to do!
Now as a momma of 6 kiddos and a wife to one great guy~

I get to do what I love every day~

Living a very full and blessed life!

God is good~

Have a wonderful weekend~

Friday, October 9, 2009

Enjoying Autumn......

In all its glory~

Thursday, October 8, 2009

These Still Are The Good Old Days~

This is not my house~ its just a really cool old house along one of my favorite country drives!

I love to remember back.... when the west was won~

The pioneers that paved the way for us~with hard work and dedication!
Mothers that cared for their children and families during the harsh and sometimes unforgiving winter months. Men that labored hard to provide food for their families!
Somethings still remain the same today~just not as hard!

I feel their SPIRIT......when I see old things from yesterday~

Sometimes we forget how easy we have life today, in the 20th century!



Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hands On~

The first Friday of the month is FREE Friday @ the hands on children's museum in the big city!
Jackie loves to paint in the art studio! She is really good at it! I love her work~
There was much to do and see! The kiddos liked tracing story characters at these cool light-up desks!
Noah liked to fish for salmon.......and Olivia liked playing the drum! The Indian exhibit was very fitting for the Pacific Northwest! The whole thing put me in the mood for grilled cedar plank salmon! (so guess what we had for dinner?)

We like to grill out all year long....even in the snow or rain!
We had a fun and fruitful Friday last week and the salmon was yummo~
I love living here in the Pacific Northwest!
What do you love about where you live?
Do certain activities make you crave a certain food?
Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Few Hidden Treasures~

Beneath the weeds of our over grown garden lays some hidden beans,cabbage and a few tomatoes! I still need to over turn my potato buckets and see what we have!

I managed to retrieve this large bowl FULL of beans!
Over the next week I will be giving the garden the weeding it long deserves and getting some of the ground ready for next years planting. (In just a few short weeks we will be getting frost and the ground will be unworkable for the long winter here!)

What treasures do you have in your life waiting to be unearthed?



Sunday, October 4, 2009

Look Who's Two~Today!

I don't normally like to post on Sundays....but today is SPECIAL!

Olivia is two today.....and there is much to do! A few years ago I would have said, "I have a busy day".....but the way I view my life and family today I now say....I have a very fruitful day!
The kiddos and I will be making a carrot cake....and doing other fun things together!
Sowing the seeds of love!

It would be great to put together a really cool post of her birth story or a bunch of pictures of her when she was a baby.....but today I will spend living life......embracing the day and my children!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl~


Saturday, October 3, 2009

What? A Pumpkin Shortage?

Yes, you heard me right! There is a canned pumpkin shortage in the stores up here!

This past week I sent my hubby to the store for some canned pumpkin.(my garden only gave me 2 small ones so far and I can't remember what one was the sugar pumpkin?) My hubby even got the store manager and was told there was a shortage at all the store chains!

Tis the season for pumpkins right? So why the shortage?

Last week I bought a cute dish towel with a
Pumpkin Scone Recipe on it.
(I will be giving one away soon! So keep checking back)

I wanted to make the scone recipe that was on my new towel!

A several days later I was at the store to pick up a few things and tried to find some canned pumpkin to no avail! Hubby was not joking when he said canned pumpkin shortage!
So I made a decision.....I would roast and can my own pumpkin!

I was going to take back my FREEDOM!

There were boat loads of small sugar pumpkins over in the produce section meant for baking pies and such! They were grown locally a few towns over!

The guy working in the produce section said, the stores might have sold out of last years stock and the factories have not processed this years crops? But who know? Do you?

The bottom of the pumpkin had a sticker with the "how to" instructions for roasting them up!

Pumpkin Puree Tutorial:

1.Cut pumpkins in 1/2 and seed.

2. Place cut side down on a lined cookie sheet and bake @350 for about 1 1/2 hrs! Its done when its fork tender!
3. Let cool for about 20 min. or so! Then scrape the pumpkin meat out of the skins in to a bowl! If your pumpkin flesh is wet or soupy it will need to be strained or run through a mill. (I just pored the liquid off mine)

5. Put pumpkin in freezer safe containers....I just used my wide mouth jars! I ended up with 4 pint jars plus 2 cups I left aside to make a double batch of pumpkin scones!

My scones turned out a bit heavy.....but I think it was because my towel recipe did not say to add baking soda and/or powder! I think next time I will go ahead and add some.....that should make them lighter and rise a bit!
Also I added some ingredients to the pumpkin puree that I used for the scones....pie spice,cinnamon,salt and 3 teaspoons brown sugar. (store bought canned pumpkin has similar things in it)

Happy pumpkin season to all~

There is no shortage @ my house!



Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just Beyond The Cosmos~

Just beyond the cosmos (the tall purple flowers).....we made a fort!

Yes, we did! We laid out a blanket on the garden floor and made our "classroom" for our daily home school lessons!

Our beloved garden has fed our family for the past 6 months and has be a source of great JOY for us!

As the days get shorter and air gets colder, I am reminded that we will soon be staying indoors most of the time!

I wanted to spend one of the last few remaining halfway decent days out in the garden!

So I came up with my idea for perfect place to do our afternoon lessons!

I just had Olivia (2 on Oct.4) and Noah (7) home yesterday afternoon. So I grabbed a blanket,science workbook,a toy clock and a box of rhyming tiles! I then told the kiddos to follow me!

My kiddos were help set out the blanket on the garden floor!
Noah was eager to flip though his book and pick what he wanted to study! He chose spiders and sharks! We read and talked about the pencil needed! We then practiced telling time with the toy clock and played a bit with the rhyming tiles! Olivia loved to play with them too!

We spent about an hour out there in our garden fort nestled under our towering sunflowers and cosmos! The sun began to fade a bit and it started to get a tad chilly. We decided to go inside to grab some hot cider and a quick snack. We then piled onto the recliner for our read a loud (bible story) and sat on the floor to play a board game (5 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed)!

Time flew by and it was soon time to pick up Jackie from preschool! She goes 3 afternoons a week for 2hrs. During the time she is gone, I use to give Noah extra attention and to do special projects with him. Noah loves to use my camera and took some wonderful pictures of Olivia and I in the garden!
Noah could hardly wait to share our garden classroom with his sister Jackie!