Friday, October 30, 2009

Striving To Live Simply.....

one chore...I mean choice at a time~

Hi to all that came by to read my lil ole blog~
Today's to do list:
  • Do 6 loads of laundry~
  • Nurse my toddler
  • Make 2 different batches of apple jelly
  • Build a fort in the living room
  • Run the dishes
  • Snuggle and read a few stories to the kiddos
  • Dye some organic cloth diapers with beet and cabbage juice
  • Play with the Linkin Logs
  • Vacuum and tidy the living room
  • Drink some coffee and watch the kids play
  • Load the bread makers
  • Work with Noah on his church workbook
  • Empty bathroom trash cans
My natural mothering comes first.....then other chores will get done if/when time allows!
I'd rather be snuggling the little ones~
Blessings for a great weekend~
PS....My computer time has been limited...... I maybe taking a blogging break soon!?


  1. Georgiann,
    Great list!!! I'm helping DH in the office this morning but hope to find time for some board games or a puzzle with the kiddos today and trying to get DH to repair my oven so that I can get some much needed baking done!! Blessings!! Kris

  2. Hi Georgiann,
    just popping over for a quick visit and see you are busy too - good busyness - looking after your family!
    I'm busy preparing for Christmas and my new baby - double the work but double the fun. I have had to cut back on computer time - especially reading and leaving comments on a regular basis. My computer time has mainly been spent putting up some posts for Christmas, as I finish each task for Christmas I take photos as I go and then write and publish the post. I have made my crackers and I'm making wreathes at the moment and enjoying my seasonal burst of creativity - the children like to do their crafts alongside me, so there are lots of glue streaks on the table and paper being cut up. If you have time, pop over and visit my Christmas blog.


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