Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All American......Baseball and BBQ's

OK....Paul Dean if you are out there...this ones for YOU! lol
We had 2 saucers of butter on the table for our BBQ!!
Everytime we use our butter we think of you!
We love you by the way!

The sun was finally out again after a few day respite!
So what better way to celebrate but with a day of cleaning up the yard and BBQin'

Of couse with baseball season in full bloom there where games all weeked!
We have 4 games more today!

Life here at The Bluebird Cottage has been busy...very busy, but oh so exciting as we dream and plan our summer activities.


Recently God has put people in my life to help me find natural faith filled answers to some medical issues.
 I have several appointments in that regard....many involve travel!
It just so happens that my son has several baseball tournaments in the far off places I have my appointments! Everything is just falling into place. God has answered my prayers!
I feel so refreshed.....after trying to find a Dr. that would listen to me....there is hope.
I have now found (Catholic) doctors with faith and understanding in God design of our bodies and the natural way our bodies work helping to find answers!

Please keep me in your prayers!

Peace and Love,

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The busy but fruitful life of a large family....

Hi all who come read my blog.....and the lurkers that read my stuff and never comment!
I pray all is well with all of you.
Here at The Bluebird Cottage life has been busy but fruitful!

I was mentioning to a friend that my May and June are the busiest time for our family.
With 4 kiddos in baseball (11 games in 1 week at times) and all end of the year parties for all the extra activities.
There are band concerts to attend, 2 Scout ceremonies, church activities and parties.
 Birthdays (3 of my kiddos) and 5 fundraisers for my oldest sons football and 2 baseball teams he is on.
I had to help bake things and attend! There are Track and Field days (and evening)
to attend, school award assemblies, graduations and teacher conferences......my list can go on and on!

My sister and I took my daughter Jackie (6) to the Cheesecake Factory and to see the Production of the Disney Mary Poppins play in Seattle last week! It was Jackies birthday gift. I also bought her the souvenir carpet purse/bag and parrot head umbrella. (pictured above) She wanted to see the Ifel Tower (Space Needle). We did drive by it and wanted to go up...but it was closing by the time we got there.

This weekend we will make time to visit the cemetery where our son Christian is buried!

I pray everyone will have a safe and enjoyable Memorial weekend!

Peace,Love and Prayers,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Book Review:: Framing Faith

Framing Faith Synopsis:

Framing Faith tells the story of the faith of immigrants and their descendants, spotlighting ten Catholic churches in the Diocese of Scranton that were closed due to restructuring. The churches, SACRED HEART, MAYFIELD; ST. ANTHONY OF PADUA, SCRANTON; ST. JOSEPH, SCRANTON; HOLY FAMILY, SCRANTON; ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST, SCRANTON; ST. MARY OF THE ASSUMPTION, SCRANTON; ST. MARY CZESTOCHOWA, SCRANTON; ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST, TAYLOR; IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, TAYLOR; AND ST. MICHAEL, OLD FORGE have rich ethnic heritages. They are Polish, Slovak, Italian, German, and Lithuanian parishes with long traditions and deep roots. Each church was founded by immigrant groups who came to the coal fields of the Lackawanna Valley with little more than their faith in God. Their churches served as the center of the community and touchstones of the Old Country. Framing Faith traces their histories from small beginnings through baptisms, weddings and funerals to their final celebrations. Throughout the text are images from each church, visual reminders of what was for many an important part of their lives.

Sarah Piccini Bio:

SARAH PICCINI graduated from the University of Scranton with a degree in History and Communications. In 2010, she received a Master’s degree in History focusing on the ethnic and labor history of the Lackawanna Valley. She collaborates with the Lackawanna Historical Society on many projects and programs, and serves the Vice President of the board for the Anthracite Heritage Museum and Iron Furnaces Associates.

Ivana Pavelka Bio:

IVANA PAVELKA is a co-founder and co-manager of the photographic gallery Camerawork in Scranton and is a professional photographer who has had many solo and group shows. Her professional career includes teaching in the art department at Keystone College (La Plume, PA), giving workshops and residencies as a rostered artist in schools, and working as a commercial photographer. She is also a professional bookbinder who was trained in European methods in Prague, where she grew up. When she came to the United States in 1980, she free-lanced as a bookbinder for such institutions as the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She has lived in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, since 1991.

Framing Faith is a wonderful book! This book is bittersweet but needed to be written and photos taken! As a Catholic it is sad to see an era of traditional style churches being torn down!
This book Framing Faith is a true treasure and did a awesome job to preserve forever, history of early Catholic immigrants with beautiful photos.
This book is a must have for all Catholics and non Catholics alike! Well done!!!

Review by Georgiann

You can read excerpt from the book here!

Book web site:

Book Facebook:

Sarah Piccini Facebook:

Ivana Pavelka Facebook:

Tribute Books website:

Tribute Books Facebook:

Tribute Books Twitter:

Have a great week!

Peace and Love,

Friday, May 13, 2011

Beautiful Things That Start With B

Birthday Girl!
Happy Birthday!

Bouncy Balls!


More Baseball!

Bubble Gum Bubbles!

Birds (our baby chickens)
Basking in the backyard!

Border Collie With Baby!
She loves her dog!
Bunk bed, Border Collie and The Bed Bunch!

Have a blessed weekend!

Peace and Love,

Monday, May 9, 2011

Most Precious Gifts......

are my children and time with them!

One of the most precious gift I received this mothers day was........a bouquet of dandelion stems.
It seems they had already been wished upon.
My 3yr old Olivia handed them to me with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye.
She said, "mom I wished God would give us a bunch more babies!"
She has been giving me wished on stems all last week! I love it! (sadly no baby on the way as of yet!)
Keep us in your prayers!

Another gift I received was time with my son Jarett.
My oldest son Jarett just got his learners permit last week.
He is enrolled in drivers class and needs to get 50 hours of driving in
with either me or hubby. That equals about 1 hour a day! So anytime the other kiddos have to go some place
Jarett is our chauffeur!
It has been nice to spent so much time with him!
He will be a Senior in High School next year! :( sigh***

On Friday my 3 youngest kiddos and I went to daily Mass, Benediction, Adoration, Anointing Of The Sick and
to meet a Nun from the St. Faustina order of the Divine Mercy.
We had and veneration of a relic.....it was very cool! :)

Jackie, Olivia and Noah
(My youngest 3)

My oldest son Jarett was confirmed last Thursday......
He is pictured here with Arch Bishop Peter Sartin.

Another gift I received the last few months is more time with my son Jacob!
You see Jacob has a girlfriend....but our rules are that  he can NOT stay home alone with her.
And they both also had to stay in the living room or on the yard when she is over.
No privacy!
So the both of them are often with me as I run the younger kiddos around.
I love this precious time with my son and his girlfriend (both 14)
He and his girlfriend go every where with me and the younger kiddos.
Before he had a girlfriend he would just stay home in his room.

Jacob, Jarett and Nick!
(My oldest 3)

This weekend my girls got to learn about horses all day at a local horse ranch!
I will save those pictures and that post for tomorrow. :)
Or so is my plan today! hee hee!

I pray you all had a wonderful Mothers Day!

Peace and Love,

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Be sure to quiet my play list and grab the tissues! sigh*

Sorry the video is chopped off...after the video is over if you click on it it will take to to YOUTUBE to view again and see the part of the screen that has the share code....that really is all that is choped off.

I hope you enjoy the video..... Katrina Kenison a mom and author speaks of family and growing children.......encouraging us to enjoy ordinary days!

I made my teenage son and hubby watch it.....

Hubby and my 16 year old son (my oldest of 6 kids) were very moved by what this mom had to say childhood mothering and letting go to the next stage of growing up.....:(

Even my hubby almost put his sniffle on~

Love and Blessings,


Friday, May 6, 2011

Impromtu Afternoon At The Beach and More!

Yesterday was not our usual day in our home. Daddy had a day off.....other than the normal Sundays he has off! Yes, he works 6 days a week. Not for the money, though its nice, but because the project he is building is nearing an end and there are dead lines. My hubby also has today off but has left to go fishing/camping with some friends until Sunday! Hubby was assigned to bring oysters to the campout. So as he was leaving to go buy some (a 45minute drive away) I invited myself and my 3 home schooled children! A field trip with daddy....yippee! After buying oysters we ended up walking down on the beach. The tide was way out and there was no one else there. (I told the kiddos daddy reserved it (the beach) just for us!)

It was very quiet and peaceful! The air was salty and the birds were singing and looking for food!
We saw an eel, crabs and found some really cool shells!
After about an hour walking the beach collecting seashells, it was off to the Catholic Holy shop in town to buy a gift for my oldest son Jarett, then to Chevy's for Tex-mex food to celebrate Cinco De Mayo!

Jarett was Confirmed last night (Thursday May 5th).
 The gift hubby and I gave our son was a St. Joseph Catholic bible with his name embossed on the front!
Our new Arch Bishop Peter Sartin was presiding! My son Nick was an alterserver and I was an EM.
It was a beautiful night! I will post some picture over the weekend!

Our birthday girl!
Well May 14th....

The kiddos watching the tortilla maker. This machine makes them fresh in 55 seconds!
The small dough round is placed in the top of the machine where it is pressed and the grilled in a conveyor style oven to cook!

I will post pictures from my sons Confirmation sometime over the weekend!
That the plan anyways....sigh***

Today the youngest 3 kiddos went to daily Mass and got to meet a Nun from the St. Faustina order
of The Divine Mercy. She had a 3 generation relic with her and we were able to bring in medals that touched that relic and are now 4 generation relics. I also received the sacrament for the anointing of the sick.
After Mass I bought the kiddos lunch at Mickey D's ....we took the lunch to Nicks school and dined with him! I was surprised to see us! It has been a awesome 2 days!
Very special!

Happy Mother's day weekend!

Oh that reminds me......I have a special rerun post for you all tomorrow!
I hope you will come by and view a Mothers Day video....you might remember seeing it on my blog before but its so worth watching.

Peace and Love,

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Dresses,Church Shoes,Brunch and The Thrill of The Hunt!

Aren't they cute? sigh*****

Noah trying to stuff his feet in the church shoes.
No tennis shoes today buddy!

For brunch we dined on eggs Benedict, hash browns and fruit!
Sparkling lemonade added a festive touch!

Fellowship with family was the best part!
Jacob our 14yr old was quarantined upstairs with the stomach bug! :(
So sadly he is not in any of my pictures!
My sister and her hubby came over to eat and help with the egg/money hunt!

It has been a few year now that we do not do baskets for the kiddos.
We did not like the cost and ALL the candy plus the fighting that would always happen when the little one took what was not theirs from there siblings basket when heads were turned.

So this was what our large family Easter candy supply looked like.
I bought 2 bags of our favorite candy for the table and my sister brought us each all a chocolate bunny!

My sister and I put money in plastic eggs......most had change or $1.00, some had a $5.00 and one had a $10.00!!!!!! (the red egg)
The girls had their own section of the yard to hunt in......they got the
Tangled movie and a book to share.

Teenagers + hidden money= eager family participation.

Since we don't do baskets anymore each child had to find their own egg collecting container!
Nick used his hard hat he wears when he goes to work with his dad sometimes.
Olivia found and old decorator box, Jackie had a gift bag.
Jarett our oldest son (almost 17yrs) found the grand prize egg!
Boy was he thrilled!

Thanks for stoppin by.
I pray you all had a wonderful Easter!

Life has been busy and I have not had time to post as often as I would like.
Sorry my pictures are late.
My girls are now chanting PANCAKES.... PANCAKES.....PANCAKES!
So I guess that's my cue to finish up on the computer and make breakfast!

Peace Love and Joy,