Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Dresses,Church Shoes,Brunch and The Thrill of The Hunt!

Aren't they cute? sigh*****

Noah trying to stuff his feet in the church shoes.
No tennis shoes today buddy!

For brunch we dined on eggs Benedict, hash browns and fruit!
Sparkling lemonade added a festive touch!

Fellowship with family was the best part!
Jacob our 14yr old was quarantined upstairs with the stomach bug! :(
So sadly he is not in any of my pictures!
My sister and her hubby came over to eat and help with the egg/money hunt!

It has been a few year now that we do not do baskets for the kiddos.
We did not like the cost and ALL the candy plus the fighting that would always happen when the little one took what was not theirs from there siblings basket when heads were turned.

So this was what our large family Easter candy supply looked like.
I bought 2 bags of our favorite candy for the table and my sister brought us each all a chocolate bunny!

My sister and I put money in plastic eggs......most had change or $1.00, some had a $5.00 and one had a $10.00!!!!!! (the red egg)
The girls had their own section of the yard to hunt in......they got the
Tangled movie and a book to share.

Teenagers + hidden money= eager family participation.

Since we don't do baskets anymore each child had to find their own egg collecting container!
Nick used his hard hat he wears when he goes to work with his dad sometimes.
Olivia found and old decorator box, Jackie had a gift bag.
Jarett our oldest son (almost 17yrs) found the grand prize egg!
Boy was he thrilled!

Thanks for stoppin by.
I pray you all had a wonderful Easter!

Life has been busy and I have not had time to post as often as I would like.
Sorry my pictures are late.
My girls are now chanting PANCAKES.... PANCAKES.....PANCAKES!
So I guess that's my cue to finish up on the computer and make breakfast!

Peace Love and Joy,

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  1. If you have been over to my blog you will have seen that we chose to do something different this year too. We had a similar hunt without baskets - for one golden ticket tucked in one of the chocolate bars that I had wrapped in newspaper. This saved us quite a lot of money. And yes, my teenagers joined in the mad dash around the house - it was too wet and soggy outside for a garden hunt.
    Your breakfast sounded delicious!
    Blessings to you and yours Georgiann.


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