Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jelly Beans........

                   Happy Easter!

Olivia was waiting for breakfast this morning after Mass......The glass of jellybeans were oh so tempting!
She was told the candy was for AFTER breakfast!
She did not realize I was taking her picture until the next to the last picture! :)

Yummo...I love colorful jellybeans!
Oh wait....I think MOM said to wait until after breakfast?
I better stuff some in my mouth before she sees me!
And hide the rest in my lap!

I forgot one......and my hands are FULL!
I wonder if MOM knows what I have done?
If I don't look over at the jellybean I forgot to hide maybe she will not know?

OH NO!!!!!!
I'm busted...........

The jellybeans she had in her hands started droping to the floor under the table!
It sounded like marbles as they hit.

The gig was up!

Peace and Love,

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