Monday, April 18, 2011

:::Fort Childhood:::

It seems that children have a special way of looking at the world....

they can take ordinary things such as a lawn chair,couch or a stick and magically be someone else
 or be in another world.

I so love to watch my children think and get creative!     sigh****

Here at the Bluebird Cottage we are slowly trading hot cocoa for lemonade.....

We have had much rain and cool weather.....but have been seeing the sun show its face more and more!

I am excited to see us outside a bit more and my kiddos getting their creative juices flowing......

making mud pies
catching bugs
finding snakes
playing with our 6 new chickens
planting and picking veggies
making forts and out door reading lounges!

Flower pedals,leaves and water make a great soup!

Making jumps for bikes and rollerblading out of old boards and a few nails.

Playing for hours in the sand box.....making a river with trenches and water to float their boats and sticks!

The swings become buses to another place :)
Bikes become cars......ah the mind of a child!

Jackie decided it was time to move the retreat center to the indoors!
So after giving her sister the boot.....she packed everything up!

With a little help from the neighbor boy, Jackie transports the reading lounge into the house!
(she actually wanted to take it and all the other stuff to her soccer was a NO!)
I know....mean mom! :)

Well I am very excited for summer.....

I'm known here as Momarotzi
(I take pictures of everything)

Thanks for stoppin' by today!
I hope you will be back tomorrow?

Feel free to say howdy.

Peace and Love,


  1. And we are trading lemonades for hot cocoa and spending more time indoors as the days shorten. My children do the same with outdoor and indoor furniture - though watching Man versus Wild last evening (do you watch that programme? My 11 year old boy loves Bear Gryls!)and he was making a shelter out of banana leaves. I could actually see what my children were thinking - it was 'We have banana trees!' I expect to see huts going up soon with banana leaves on the roof!
    Hope you have a most blessed Easter - have fun!

  2. Hi Ann,

    My kiddos love to watch man VS wild with Bear!
    WOW you have banana trees! Your landscape is beautiful.....full of so many colorful birds,plants and other fun animals!

    You to have a Happy Easter and a blessed Holy Week!

    Peace and Love,

    PS I enjoy really treasure our long distance friendship! Thank you!


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