Thursday, April 7, 2011

Part of my girls night time routine::

Our night time routine for getting ready for bed is not set in stone....we are not a scheduled family.
But more a routine or habit family....we don't have a set time to start our routine for bed time.
Depending on what we are doing that day dictates our bedtime and choice of activity.
We start heading up stairs any where from 8:30-9:30pm. in the winter months...much later in the summer.
The kitchen is closed up, doors get locked.....and lights get turned out on the ground level of our house.
I know it sounds late for my Little's to be up so late.....but my Little's get to sleep in.
Most days not waking until 10:00 or so.
As summer time hits and days get longer they will stay up even later and sleep in til a bit longer.
The sun peaking in the windows will beckon them to rise earlier than the winter months!

Part of my girls night time routine is to either put on PJ's or clean comfy clothes that will be worn the next day. Brush teeth and then decide.....will we watch a movie,do art, or read books and stories?
Bath time here takes place in the afternoons. Our evenings have a different rhythm to them.
As a family of 8 there is a bit of hustle and bustle getting every one settled in.

Once we head up to bed........

There is usually some sort of teeth brushing/bathroom drama. One that puzzles me is when they can't find there tooth brush!???  Did they not have it the night before and in the morning?
Some nights Olivia (3yr old) decides she wants to play in the sink and make a water mess. That usually happens after she has gone potty in private and is washing her hands!
Some nights Jackie feels called to wear the night gown that can't be found! hee hee! Some nights Noah thinks its funny to bother his sisters......making them both squeal! So once the drama that seems to be a natural part of our large family routine settles down....its on to relaxing and unwinding!

Bedtime Prayers::

We all then hold hands and pray together.... 
giving God praise and thanksgiving.
We pray for our friends,relatives and other special intentions.

Then pick our bedtime activity.

Doing art in bed at night started when I was pregnant with Olivia (now 3yrs old). I would relax to music and draw what ever came to mind......doodles and sketches. Bonding with my baby within. As labor got near I would draw things that bring me peace.  After baby Olivia was born I stopped......I had a new baby to take care of!

When I found out I was pregnant this past Christmas I started drawing at night again....... but abruptly stopped when I miscarried Christian Alexander in January of this year (2011). at 8weeks 4 days.
My daughters would draw at this time as well but stopped when I did.
They very much enjoyed the bonding it gave us. I did too.
But after losing Christian I did not feel like doing my bedtime drawings.

Last month when I was at Borders looking for miscarriage grief books (none to be found in the store)
I bumped into my best friend....she was meeting another of her friends there for coffee.
We talked and got caught up on things.

At Borders I saw a coloring kit with markers and decided to get it for Jackie......Noah and Olivia had each already talked me in to getting them a toy. Noah asked for Lego helicopter and Olivia wanted a Olivia the Pig doll. You would have thought it was Christmas or something.

Notice the broken lampshade....sometimes my girls routine includes jumping on my bed and knocking
my lamp and books every place! ***sigh!

So as part of my girls bed time routine lately Jackie colors at one end of her book and Olivia draws at the other end. During the day Noah can be found coloring the pages Jackie has rejected and gave him permission to color!! lol
 I on the other hand am usually reading a book or novel and sipping herbal tea in the bed just beside them.
 Sometimes we play soft music, sometimes we just have it quiet, sometimes we start the fountain.
Some nights we quietly read from our own books or watch a movie together. It seems we always talk during the activities....even the movie!
 Some nights my novel reading happens at a snails pace as I answer question about life,friendships and God from, my three Littles. Talking and listening to my children is so important and
I will always cherish these nights as we share our family bed!
Soon the day will come when my kiddos want to sleep in there own bed. :(

Some nights I get a head start and head to bed at 8:00pm some nights sooner. (before the girls come up)
On these nights I eat cake or a sweet treat and sip tea in quiet, then read from one of many books.....have I told you I'm a book hound? We will soon be adding more book shelves......***sigh!
 The girls are usually downstairs getting read to by daddy before coming up.

My Scentsy warmer is always going so my room and smells so good! Aroma therapy!

Our bedtimes are for the most part peaceful, relaxing and full of love!

What does your night time routine/schedule look like?

Are you a scheduling family or a routine family?

Peace and Love,


  1. our bedtime schedule starts around 7pm, when our kids choose a bedtime snack. then they brush and floss their teeth, get pj's on and get read to or just talk to us until 8pm, then they are put in bed and we say prayers. for our special needs daughter, we give her sleeping meds at 8pm and she is usually asleep by 8:30-9 (she can't fall asleep on her own, part of her disease)... then hubby and I spend a hour or two together, doing whatever (watching a show, reading, talking, eating) and then head to bed by 9 or 10 usually!

  2. I am a bit more scheduled than you but i love how relaxed you are about the evening routine. My kids are vry early risers not matter what time they go to bed so if we have late night my afternoons are not so fun the next day hahahaha!! But still - we love the long, leisurely summer evenings - we don't worry so much about bedtime when we can play late!!!


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