Friday, January 23, 2009

The Comfort Of The Family Bed!

OH the comfort of a bedroom. Its a place of peace after a long day in this World. A place to snuggle and relax.

The kitchen and the master bedroom get the most use at our house! The kitchen is a place to warm up with good food and share what happened during the busy day...we tell stories,pray and get nourished!

After a long day it nice to retreat to mom and dads room! We all snuggle into the cozy Master Suite!
Most nights we have 4 of the 6 kiddos in our room for sleep! The girls sleep in our bed and lately my 9 yrs old that usually sleeps next to our bed on the floor with his brother has asked to sleep in the bed. After he begged and said how scared he was my husband caved. So for the last few nights there have been 2 adults and 3 kiddos in the bed!

The older 2 boys both share a room and sleep there...age 14 and 11 almost 12. At about the age of 10 they choose to sleep in there own room.

All the kiddos have a bedroom (2 kids per rm) and each room has 2 beds! But most of the kiddos choose to sleep in our room! We don't mind....we love our bed time routine! We enjoy the talks. We are not rushed or busy with other tasks...just listening to what is on our children's hearts! Its a time we all look forward to. Bedtime is not a fight. We ALL go up together at the same time,about 8:30 or so.

It is fun to have us all together at night in the same room. We talk,read stories,watch movies and pray. My husband and I cherish our children and we both know they are growing up so quick. These times are not going to last we would wish. We know our house is not the norm but we love our life and our family and would not have it any other way. We give God Thanks and Praise!

I will admit some nights with so many in the bed.... when its more than the girls, sleep for me can be a challenge. I still would not have it any other way! I'm glad to bring such love and comfort to my children so they can rest!

We are a family that loves a good snuggle! The family bed is a good thing! Children are such a blessing from God!

Oh I almost forgot to mention that we allow snacks in the bed...that can be really fun....have you ever tried to sleep on crumbs? LOL My husband uses his pillow to dust off the bed...sometimes the boys on the floor next to our bed get stuff in their eyes. Last night Nick got some in his mouth. Yuck I know,but everyone including Nick thought it was funny.LOL

My husband and I laugh....others probably think we are strange...but our house is a happy home! We love our kiddos and I know they will remember and cherish our night time routine.

Peace in Christ,

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  1. We are sleeping also together with at last 2 from the seven children.
    My husband and I love it, so close!

    What you say about the snacks, dust and crumbs makes my really funny!



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