Thursday, January 8, 2009

Whats Under Your Bed?

Well I found 1 bag of trash and 1 bag of Goodwill under my bed!
Out of my room I also got rid of a very large mostly broken stereo (the only thing that worked was the CD player). I also parted with a swiveling TV stand that was housing books and had a really dusty fan on top! I am also giving a friend of mine my black book case.

I will also be taking out the toddler that Jackie was supposed to be sleeping in... her and Olivia both sleep in our California King! My bedroom is starting to feel really BIG!
Now you know why I'm not taking sound bad enough!

Tonight for dinner we are having mini meat loafs with brown gravy and mashed cauliflower (instead of potato's) and green beans.



  1. Good for you!!! I've been working on cleaning out closets and "corner" areas that are cluttered. It feels really good to lose some excess "weight" in the home, does it not? Keep on keeping on!! Blessings! Kris

  2. Hi Kris~
    Its good to see you! How have you been? I pray that your holidays were good! feels Awesome cleaning my house our! Last night my oldest son said,"Mom why are you giving all our stuff away!?"
    I responed "its just stuff and its holding us back from where we want to go." I want to bless others with what we don't need or even use. God will bless us more than you can imagine....he all ready has!



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