Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who Says Breakfast Can't Be Fun~

This is a happy face breakfast! Noah used his toast for the ears! I made a BIG breakfast Monday for the kiddos as there was no school. Cooking for 8 can be a challenge at times. Trying to find pans big enough for the job used to be tricky ex specially at breakfast!

For the past few years I have cooked my bacon in the oven on a cookie sheet. I can cook the whole package at once!

The whole package of hash browns cooks on my Large Black and Decker Grill that sit in the counter. I also use it for pancakes. I can make 5 pancakes at a time!(I used to use a frying pan and could only make one at the time!)

I have a egg poacher that cooks 4 eggs at the time..they do make a 8 egg poacher I think?...but I don't have one. Sometimes I do fried eggs on my large grill. I can make 4 sets of and easy,once the hash browns are done.

I also have a large pan with high sides that has a lid. I use it for scrambled eggs. I can cook an 18 pack of in it!

I still make toast in my 4 slot wide mouth toaster....but toast can be made in the oven for really large crowds...but needs constant watching,so you don't burn it!

Well happy breakfast making! Now that I'm done writing my post for today...its coffee I'll talk to you later. Have a great day. And remember God loves you!


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  1. Suddenly I'm hungry. Your breakfast sounds wonderful...lucky kids, lucky husband!


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