Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Before and After

This is the After!

This is the before!

Well I have had a really busy day and I'm typing one handed....as the baby is nursing to sleep. This is a before and after of the kids bathroom. The color is not the blue I was expecting but o well!



  1. Love the blue and beige together. I think the kids aren't going to want to move. Your cute little model must of been asleep for the 'after' shot. Are you getting close to putting it on the market? You'll be just in time for the Spring house hunters.

  2. Good morning Trudy~
    I am a long ways from putting the house on the market....or so it seems. We still have to sheet rock and finish out the 8x16 foot laundry room. (Its full of cloth and stuff) The room would need emptied out and hubby would need the time to do the task.
    We also need to put new flooring in the master bath and paint it. I want stone tile (instead of linolium)...in case we stay and not move. The list goes on and on...I'm just taking things one day at the time....using my time wisely and remembering to keep moving foward and it will get done!

    Thanks for stopping by...what a fun way to start my busy day. Thanks for your suport and reading my blog!

    Peace in Christ,


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